Masks of love
18 Send her to cooking school
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Masks of love
Author :ely_n
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18 Send her to cooking school

It's been three weeks since Jack came back. Bree kept preparing everyday the lunch boxes for her, Lance and Jack. But someone kept eating the food from Jack's lunch box when he came to eat. She made the food too salty, too sweet spicy. But it was no use. Someone was kind enough to make the food disappear. She tried to catch the food thief hiding behind the sofa, but no one came. It's like the food thief knew her every move and that's why he was able the steal the food when she didn't pay any attention.

- I must set up a trap for the thief. This can't go on forever. It's a good thing that it's Friday, that way I have a whole weekend to set up my trap. Said Bree to herself as she got up from behind the sofa, but because she was staying in the same position for over half an hour her legs gave up and she fell down. Bree started laughing at her self so hard that she didn't notice someone coming in, until he lifted her up in a princess style.

- Do you intend to take me to the hospital? Bree asked Lance as she put her arms around his neck.

Lance knew she was joking but when he wanted to answer her back, they heard a voice saying:

- I don't know who you are, but you better put Bree down. You have no right to hold her.

It was the voice of Irene's brother, Jack.

- Oh, and you do have the right, brother? Irene walked in as she said that.

- Believe me, he has more rights than you, brother to hold Bree. Said Irene with an angry look on her face.

- It's not likely that he is her boyfriend to do that.

- Why do you care? She's not your girlfriend anyway.

As Irene and Jack were busy fighting, Lance sneaked out with Bree in his arms...

- That was close, Said Lance as he put Bree down, but she kept her arms around his neck, looked at him with puppy eyes and said:

- Lance?

- Yes.

- I need your help to set up a trap.

- A trap? For what?

- I want to catch the food thief.

When Lance heard what Bree wanted to do thought to himself: "Poor thief..." Bree can be quite mischievous when she wants to.



Bree wanted to take advantage as it was lunch break time to go looking for a gift for Irene since her birthday was next week, she took her purse from her office chair, but as soon as she went outside her office she heard one of her colleague asking the woman that came in who she is and what is she doing here. What shocked Bree was the words that she heard the woman said:

- Hi. Is Jack here? Can you please tell him that his fiancee is here, and that I couldn't reach him on the phone. Thank you.

Because of those words Bree became pale and dizzy. If it wasn't for the fact that Bree didn't closed her office door and held her hand on the doorknob she would've fell down. Luckily for her chef Leonardo was just coming out of Irene's office and caught Bree before she really fell down. He knew that something must have happen, but this wasn't the time to ask Bree about it, so he picked Bree in his arms went inside her office and put her down on her sofa. Chef Leonardo was expecting for Bree to start crying, but instead she said to him:

- Chef Leonardo, please go out with me.

- Sure. But I think is since you asked me out, after Irene's birthday party you have to come with me to Italy to meet my parents.

- Meet your parents? Why?

- It's your duty since you asked me to be your boyfriend.

- When did I asked you to be my boyfriend?

- A few moments ago.

- Chef Leonardo that's not what I meant. I need to go buy a gift for Irene. I don't want do go alone, that's why I asked you to go out with me. I'm sorry if my words caused you to think so.

Chef Leonardo told her:

- Oh. But in case you change your mind, I would love to be your boyfriend.

Seeing that she didn't answered him, and that she was to became pale again he told her:

- Let's go. I also need to buy her a present. So this is a great chance for us to find a great gift for Irene. Have you thought what you want to give her? How about a big teddy bear...

- Chef, excuse me, but Irene is not a kid anymore...

I know Bree, I just wanted to make you smile again.


Bree didn't want to go back to the office, but she has to. She still has work to do. But as soon Bree walked inside the office, Jake came to her and asked her:

- Bree, have been able to find out the thief? I really want to enjoy your food again.

- Seriously, do you expect her to cook for you now that you have a fiancee? It's not fair to Bree, nor to your fiancee. Chef Leonardo said.

- My fiancee doesn't know how to cook.

- Then, you cook.

- I don't know either.

- Then send your fiancee to cooking school. You can join her too. Just stop asking Bree to cook for you.

- Come on Bree, let's go.

Jack was stunned at chef Leonardo's words. He just stood there like a statue watching as the chef took Bree by the hand and brought her to her office.


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