Masks of love
19 Beast mood - don“t disturb
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Masks of love
Author :ely_n
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19 Beast mood - don“t disturb

Chef Leo expected that Bree would start crying, but instead she went to her office windows and pulled the window blind so that no one could see inside. She then went to her desk, sat down, opened her laptop, logged in and started to play a MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) called Immortals ever after. When ever someone made her angry she always plays this game because in the game she can vent everything. She didn't remembered how many PK she did in the game, as she was playing for five hours without stopping. She didn't even notice when chef Leo went out of her office, or when he came back bringing food for her. He prepared a huge salad, so that it wouldn't be needed to warm up, since he didn't knew when Bree would stop playing and placed the tray on the coffee table. He just stood on the sofa and looked at her. Bree was finally aware of his gaze on her when she felt her stomach growling, but she continued to play as she didn't want to talk with him. As soon as chef Leo heard her stomach growl, he knew she wouldn't stop playing to come eat, so he had an idea. He texted Irene to ask the maintenance crew to cut the power off. Irene texted him back: "okay". She heard what happen, but because she knew Bree really well she decided for now to let her be, she will talk with her tomorrow. But first she need to tell the others employees to save their works and shut down their laptops since the maintenance crew needs to cut the power off for a few hours and they can go home early today. As chef Leo was waiting for the power to be cut off, he took out the salad bowl from the tray, walked to Bree and wanted to feed her the salad, but she didn't opened her mouth. Seeing that he took a piece of grape, put it in his mouth, bent a little over until he reached her lips and feed her the grape mouth to mouth. At first Bree didn't realized what was happening, because at the moment when chef Leo's lips touched hers, the lights went off. She was surprised at first, but she let him deepen the kiss as she circled her arms around his neck and pulled him down to sit on her lap. Chef Leo, without breaking the kiss, got up from her lap as he doesn't want to hurt her standing on her legs, lifted her up then sat down in her place and sat her on his lap instead. Suddenly tears began falling down from Bree's eyes, wetting chef Leo's shirt. Seeing her in that state, chef Leo broke the kiss, hugged Bree, and whispered to her ear:

- I will keep kissing you until you'll stop crying... Said chef Leo as he started kissing her again. Between tears and kisses, Bree blushed for the first time hearing him saying those words. Even when her tears stopped, chef Leo continued to kiss her. When they finally felt out of breath, and took a break form kissing each other, Bree asked him:

- The chair isn't comfortable enough, should we move to the sofa?

Bree couldn't finish her words, when chef Leo lifted her up and walked to the sofa, using his phone flashlight, he didn't wanted to fall and getting her hurt. Bree began to giggle as she said to him:

- You broke your promise, chef Leo. You kept kissing me even after I stopped crying.

- I didn't. Even if your eyes stopped crying, deep inside your heart you still cry. Said the chef as he pulled her in his embrace saying:

- How about we go for round four? Until they fix the power. Or even after that...What do you think?

- You sure are greedy, chef Leo... Said Bree, with a sad smile on her face, glad that he can't see her and thanking him inside her mind for not letting her by herself today...


The poor salad was left all alone, forgotten in the dark on Bree's desk... as she thought to herself:

- I guess they aren't hungry for me anymore...


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