Rebel: The Inheritance System
175 Cleansing He Jin City part 2
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Rebel: The Inheritance System
Author :ihatemilk
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175 Cleansing He Jin City part 2

He quickly recovers and confidently says, "Don't worry! Since you have finally called me grandpa, I will take care of everything for you! But honestly, I don't seem to recall any procedures one has to take to leave the society. Nobody has ever wanted to leave because there is no other rebel organisation to join, and there are no duties placed upon our members who are not cultivators at all."

"Anyway, don't worry! When I return, I will tell the society about Ming Li leaving the society and make sure there are no problems!" Meng Xiu Feng reassures us.

"Very well, Ming Li, I need you to come up with a list of everyone who are allies of the Ling family in He Jin city. How long do you need to come up with the list?" I ask Ming Li to test his loyalty. It is clear what we will do with the families that he put on the list.

They will all be killed without a doubt. If we want to secure the city and sleep well, we cannot keep an untamed tiger next to our bed. This is also a chance for Ming Li to exterminate all of his rivals and if he uses us this way, he will never be one of us.

"Sect master, I have already prepared the list! Please examine the list!" Ming Li takes out a scroll from his sleeve pocket and respectfully passes it to me.

I open the scroll and see several surnames there. I had already sent people to ask around last night and find out who the Ling family allies are. The Ling family is a weird family because unlike other powerful families, they always saw merchants as no different from the lowest caste and never interacted with them. Their money was earned through the government, and the only people they had ties with are all ministers or government workers.

I pass the list to Meng Xiu Feng and nod. None of the surnames on that list run businesses, and they are all working in the six ministries.

"Let gets everyone ready and head out." I said as I stood up.

I looked at Ming Li and said, "You stay here for the time being. You are too weak to join us in battle right now. Go tally the wealth of the Ling family for us, and when we come back, you will start your cultivation."

If Ming Li had included any names that belonged to a businessman, it only meant that he was using us, and I would have him come along when we did battle and he would die in battle. An honourable death for a businessman seems too good, but he had helped us before.

Since he has shown his intentions to join us and become one of us, then he is already one of us, and therefore I will take care of him.

Today, the city will be cleansed, and tomorrow, He Jin city will be ours.


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