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Ricegod system
Author :Ricegod03
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Home, Monday 6:30

I was dreaming about having a forced fumble and running a 80 yard touchdown then proceeding to jump on the goal post and having a dance Celebration. when I was celebrating a fight broke out then I got dropped kick by someone and woke up from my sleep.

I turned on the news as I when to brush my teeth, I already took a shower last night so no need. Same shit on the news: some black guy got shot by the cops , some white guy shotup a school, Mexicans are trying to cross the border and you're not allowed to say hi to girls now. You know same shit.

I got ready for school and I started my daily morning stalking off my neighbor who has four daughters. as I was stalking I got hit in the head by a little rock that crashed to my window.

[Ding! new host found]

[System integrating...






[System integrated]

[System calibrating 30..60..90..100]

[System calibrated]

[Ding!! Aweakening new host]

My head really hurts I don't know what happened but I remember getting hit buy a little rock. I picked up my phone and check the time it was past 12 in the afternoon.

"damn it I miss school today and my window is broken, May mom is going to beat my ass"

[Don't worry host I'm going to fix everything]

"who's there"

"oh shit oh shit oh shit, don't tell me it's who I think it is"

"Are you my system??!!"

[WOAH COME DOWN HOST YOU DON'T HAVE TO SCREAM you can talk in you head you know right. you also know how this work right]

'shit you right I just got overwhelmed'

'so what can you do'

[you know I'm not your ordinary system all I can do is give you five wishes it doesn't matter what it is I can grant it]

'oh ok.'

For my first wish:

I wish to have you ask a OP system.

For my second wish:

I wish to be able to travel to other worlds.

For my third wish:

I wish to have unlimited system and stats points and exp

I wasn't sure what to wish for next so I asked the system if I could save the last two wishes for next time.

[you can but you will have to wait till tomorrow to receive your wishes]

I agree but I still got my ass chew out by my mom.


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