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3 System Op Stats
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Ricegod system
Author :Ricegod03
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3 System Op Stats

I got on the bus and then when to the back to sat down then I saw my friend Jeffrey. He is skinny weak 5'7 and he quit football because he didn't get to play but he's pretty cool guy even though he's kind of stupid but he gives me rides home so you know.

"hey babe" I said jokingly.

"whats aw man" he said retarded.

"what happened I didn't see your at school yesterday?" he asked

"you didn't see me yesterday I at your house with your mom all-day".I ""joke""

"just kidding, yesterday when I was leaving my house I got attack by three wolves and a bear🐻 and a penguin🐧. I was busy fighting them so I miss the bus" I said

"what really happened"he said

"I got hit by a huge meteorite".I said

"so you got hit by a rock"he said

"I don't know, maybe so anyways what happened yesterday when I miss school." I asked 🤔🤔

He said that there was a huge ass fight like a BIIIIGGGG ASS FIGHT it was big on God. so this is what he said happened right.

•There was three girls and two guys

• One of the girls punch one of the guys in the face for what ever reason.

• Then the first guy girlfriend got mad and punch the girl that punch him in the face.

• Then the first guy girlfriend gets body slam into the ground by the first girl boyfriend.

• Then the two boys started throwing hands left and right. The two girls was pulling each other hair.

• then the administrator came and try to break it all up but couldn't do anything

• then two cops came running from nowhere and tackled everybody to then ground.

(p.s one of the girls were wearing a dress and everybody saw her underwear not importing but....)


when I arrived at school I went to the cafeteria to get some breakfast and that's all I could hear in the cafeteria everybody was talking about it some even had videos.

so I took my breakfast and went to the locker room to eat like everybody else cuz fuck🖕🖕 the cafeteria.

while I was eating my breakfast I decided to go to the weight room before school start then I noticed I was pretty weak and I could improve my status so I decided to check my status and ask the system if I could add stat.


Name: Tyrese Toe

Strength: 8.5


Stamina: 6.5

Agility: 4.5


Stats pionts: Unlimited

System points: Unlimited

[host can I add points but don't add over a hundred a once.]

'increase my stats to 508 points for each one'

[upgrading stats warning warning this process may be painful to host]

'oh you fucking bitcccc....'











I felt a crazy burning pain for 30 minutes I thought I was going to die and I was wet all over my body so I when to the locker room to take a shower then I saw myself. Rock hard 8 packs muscular ass chest with those three Iines under it I had it before but damn it's more Define

I look like a Greek God and it looks like I grew a few feet tall. so I checked my status.

Name: Tyrese Toe

Strength: 50


Stamina: 50

Agility: 50


Stats points: Unlimited

System points: Unlimited

hmmm I like what I see.


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