Shoujo Grand Summoning
Chapter 645: Detainment? Heathcliff’s invitation!
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Shoujo Grand Summoning
Author :如倾如诉
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Chapter 645: Detainment? Heathcliff’s invitation!

The players shifted their attention towards the Stone. Some of the players in KoB, Black Cats, and Fuurinkazan gulped when they saw the enchanting jewel. The Army and the Dragons got greedy again.

Nobody dared to approach the item. Even the two guilds who coveted the item stopped themselves.

The Fae Swordsman, the one and only, the legend, the player who can take down floors on his own. He’s elevated to a level of fame untouched by other famous players. Anyone would feel fear and respect when they heard his name.

He already demonstrated his prowess with the previous boss fight. It took dozens of players to shave the boss down to the Red Zone. They couldn’t match damage output with a single lone player.

They might have forced him into handing out the item based on utilitarian justifications or some other ethical BS. However, if they wanted to rob it by force from the Fae Swordsman, they have to rethink their objectives. In fact, some of them are already shaking in their boots.

The Divine Dragons and the Army continued eyeing the Stone. None of them had the balls to reach out for that item. This super-strong player probably would attack the moment they tried to grab the items.

They were basically itching to get their hands on the item, now, they are as docile as a deer. Wu Yan wanted to tease them for their behaviors.

Asuna, Kirito, Souta, and Klein released sighs of relief. Looks like the Army and the Dragons are still rational enough to stop at threats.

Asuna whispered by Wu Yan’s ss side.

“That’s enough, don’t force them too far, these people might actually attack if you provoke them any further…”

Wu Yan pursed his lips. He wanted to tell Asuna that he couldn’t care less than a hamster’s furry ass what they thought about his words. However, Asuna talked with such a stern look that he had to take her seriously. An idea came to him and he teased her.


Wu Yan tilted his head in confusion.

“Who are you again?…”

Asuna was first stunned then she got angry with him. She leered at him but she recalled how she didn’t show Wu Yan her real face when they parted last time. She turned her head the other way with a pout.

“I am Asuna!”


Wu Yan resisted the urge to laugh out loud as he asked innocently.

“Who’s Asuna?…”

Kirito, Souta, and Klein were as surprised as Asuna when they heard this. The Flash, Asuna, the vice-leader of the KoBs, she’s among the top 5 most popular female players in SAO, did this guy live in a cave or something?

Asuna huffed and puffed. She got up-close and personal as she jabbed his chest with a finger.

“Look, even if you don’t recognize my face or name, you should at least remember my voice, right? Did I not leave a big enough impression, huh?!”

“Wait! Calm down!”

Wu Yan tried to push her away by stepping away.

“Oh, that’s right. I remember now!”

Asuna snorted as she calmed down the flames in her heart. She’s so hung up on him but he didn’t even remember her, that has got to hurt, it’s no wonder that she got angry with him…

Wu Yan grinned and he said something that almost turned her into a rampaging animal.

“You’re that Hooded chick right?”

“Hooded chick…”

Asuna clenched her fists as she trembled in righteous fury. She only calmed herself down when she inhaled deeply twice.

“Ah, yeah! I am that hooded chick!”

Asuna gnashed her teeth.

“I am SO GLAD you remembered me…”

“Well, don’t stand on ceremonies…”

Asuna leered at Wu Yan once more. If looks could kill, Wu Yan would have died multiple times.

“Hey hey, they aren’t doing this now, are there?”

Klein said.

“We are currently in front of two large potential parties of enemies, what are they doing flirting with each other in front of this crowd?”

“Beats me…”

Kirito’s lip twitched.

“Maybe strong players have strong personalities/”

Souta and Kirito exchanged a look. Souta is looking at him like he’s the pot calling another kettle black. Kirito dodged his look.

Returning the Stone to his inventory, he dashed and he appeared behind the Dragons and The Army in a flash!


The two parties immediately broke into a cold sweat. They didn’t even need to turn around to confirm his presence, they can feel him standing behind them. They immediately distanced themselves from Wu Yan. Some of them almost lost their grips on their weapons.

If Wu Yan chose to attack just then…


Audible sounds of players swallowing saliva anxiously could be heard. Their unusually fast breathing made up the rest of the noise. With this, they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance against Wu Yan, they couldn’t even keep up with him.

He sighed and he nonchalantly told them off.

“If you have the time to rob people then maybe you should try diverting some of that energy and time to train yourselves into better players…”

Wu Yan moved towards the exit.

“Survival of the fittest, that’s the rule in this death game…”

No Dragons or Army blocked him this time. They lacked the confidence to do so.

Souta shook his head.

“Still as amazing as ever…”

Kirito also helplessly commented.

“And he is still forging his own path…”

“Well, all’s well that ends well…”

Klein chuckled.

“He’s definitely a super player, so cool!”

Asuna’s mouth opened but no words came out, her heart shook when she saw his departing figure.

He left by himself again…

Asuna wanted to keep Wu Yan here. She didn’t know why she’s so keen on making him stay but every time she sees his back, she had the urge to chase after him. Maybe it’s because she felt bad for him, or maybe she wanted to talk with him for another reason. Either way, Asuna didn’t want to lose contact with Wu Yan.

But, she couldn’t find a legitimate reason to keep him here.

Asuna gnashed her teeth in frustration. Her fists went pale because she’s clenching super hard. A tab opened in front of her and her eyes lit up as she pursued Wu Yan.


Asuna opened her arms wide as if she’s barring Wu Yan from running away. Wu Yan wasn’t sure if he should laugh or cry.

“You know I can wait, right? I don’t think you need to turn it into something so dramatic.”

Asuna blushed, she coughed and she pretended like that didn’t happen.

“Erm, can you come with me for a bit?”

Wu Yan used a very amused expression.

“This trend, are you…”

“Yeah, right!”

Asuna blushed furiously again.

“Our guild master wants to see you!”

“Your guild master?”

Wu Yan lifted his head.

“You mean Heathcliff?”

Asuna nodded. The guild master fired a PM telling Asuna to bring Wu Yan back to him.


Wu Yan’s eyes flashed with unknown intentions. He grinned and he told Asuna.

“Alright, lead the way…”


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