Super Urban Master
Chapter 267 I Want to Be A Giant Dragon Soaring in the Sky
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Super Urban Master
Author :Peng Cheng Wan 鹏成万里
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Chapter 267 I Want to Be A Giant Dragon Soaring in the Sky

At headquarters of the Sky Group, which was exactly the former headquarters of the Dragon Group with merely another tag.

Li Zhanwu invited Qin Hao to the meeting room and took out an appointment document solemnly. In the same way, he read the statement that Qin Hao was appointed as the Sky Group's first vice head and instructor while his group leader was naturally Li Zhanwu.

Qin Hao received the document, only took a look and put it aside casually.

Li Zhanwu felt quite a shock. He thought that Qin Hao had a disagreement with the position, and he wanted the leader position.

"Qin Hao, you are still young, and you have a promising future. We are old. The world is in your hands in the future." He made it clear that the Sky Group was bound to be Qin Hao's. Although Li Zhanwu was the leader, he could do nothing if Qin Hao had different opinions.

Qin Hao, of course, knew Li Zhanwu's words. He shook head and said with a smile, "Old Li, I have no interest in politics and I don't want to hang around here. Maybe later I will leave here, the urban."

Li Zhanwu felt anxious after hearing his words. The Sky Group could run without Li Zhanwu but it wouldn’t without Qin Hao. There were so many Dragon Group's Martial Cultivators who had surrendered. Only the man as powerful as Qin Hao could dominate the current situation.

After the event, Li Zhanwu realized that the power was everything in Martial Cultivator's world. They could do everything with power and the only way to suppress them was to have overwhelming strength.

Currently, there were few members in the Sky Group who had limited strength. Apart from Qin Hao, no one could suppress them. Qin Hao was the man who had killed the head of Dragon Group, Long Yubai.

"Qin Hao, don't be so impulsive. If you are not satisfied with the vice position, I will negotiate with the superior. I can serve as the vice head only if you won't leave."

Qin Hao smiled, "Old Li, martial cultivation has no limitation. You don't understand my pursuit. The urban is not proper for my development now. I must go to a new place and a new world to improve my martial cultivation."

"You mean, the Semi-Ancient Martial World or the Ancient Martial World?" Li Zhan did know something about this.

"Firstly I will go to the Semi-Ancient Martial World. Of course, I will finally go to the Ancient Martial World. That's the way I must go through. As for the Sky Group, you should shoulder it."

Li Zhanwu wiped his forehead anxiously. He said with a sad look, "Qin Hao, you cannot just leave us in such a situation. You are clear about the Sky Group's situation. Yes, the Dragon Group has perished but there are still remaining forces and those surrendered people. Without you, we could not make suppression if they have disputes. Moreover, the secret that Sky Group is going to handle with all Martial Cultivators is probably leaked. If they rise up against us, we can do nothing without you."

Thinking about things undone, Li Zhanwu felt quite stressed. Anyway, Qin Hao couldn’t leave, at least in the current period.

"No worry. I will get everything done before I leave." Qin Hao comforted him.

That made Li Zhanwu relieved. However, he was still sad that Qin Hao would leave. "Qin Hao, you are unstoppable in the urban, aren't you? Why bother going to other places and pursuing so-called martial cultivation? You are supreme in the urban. Isn't that good? As the old saying goes, better be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix."

Hearing the word, Qin Hao stared at Li Zhanwu and said with a solemn tone, "I will not be the head of a chicken or a tail of a phoenix. I will be the giant dragon soaring in the highest sky and traveling for millions of miles."

He left without hesitation after finishing his words, leaving only a tall and strong figure at the entrance of the meeting room.

Li Zhanwu was astounded, and he looked at the entrance. Finally, he sighed with helplessness. Then, a man with a ferocious look entered. He was Chen Feng, the Madman Chen of the former Dragon Group. He was the spy in the Dragon Group appointed by the Sky Group. Now the Dragon Group perished and was replaced by the Sky Group. He naturally returned to the Sky Group.

"General, instructor Qin, he...?" Chen Feng looked at Qin Hao's figure and turned at Li Zhanwu.

Li Zhanwu had a bitter smile, said, "Chen Feng, you and I have to take over the Sky Group then."

"You and I, what about instructor Qin...?" Chen Feng was confused.

Li Zhanwu sighed again helplessly, "He would like to be the giant dragon in the sky. This place is too small to keep him. He is young. His road to martial cultivation will not end here. He will not be satisfied if so."

Chen Feng could understand his words. He used to be young and have dreams. Unfortunately, he was limited by talents. Now making a breakthrough and entering the Spirit Stage was his ultimate goal. He couldn’t imagine a higher goal.

"General, I understand instructor Qin's dream and pursuit. However, the Sky Group still needs him, at least in the current stage. The people from the Dragon Group who surrendered cannot be used by us. Before they are taken in as formal members, they should receive education and transformation and be tested."

What Chen Feng worried was also Li Zhanwu's concern.

"I have foreseen that and I’ve made a list. They will be sent to learn and transform themselves. Those with excellent performance will be selected as the Sky Group's reserve members. They can be the formal members of the Sky Group if they pass the tests for reserve members. I thought Qin Hao could go with them. Now forget it."

"Does instructor Qin need a transformation in the school too?" Chen Feng was quite shocked.

Li Zhanwu smiled with embarrassment and did not explain.

Qin Hao definitely needed learning. He had behaved in his damn ways and overlooked rules and disciplines. He did not even care his superior-Li Zhanwu and acted as if he had been the real superior.

Of course, Qin Hao had identified higher pursuit. Such learning and reformation were not necessary anymore. Moreover, if he does not want to go, no one can change his will.

"Moreover, the battle for oil resources on Brot Islands next month will be secured only if he takes part in. Or, the Sky Group with integration unfinished can hardly win." Chen Feng expressed another concern.

"No worry. He cannot be freed from it. I will tell him. He will not leave so soon though he wants." Li Zhanwu was certain about this.


One week later, Shi Bingying was discharged from hospital. Bald Head and other four people also recovered from the hospital. They were gathered at the Cloud Gazing Mountain's base.

Bald Head and other four people were the very first few members of the Sky Group and they were also the pillars to the Sky Group's development in the future. They were taught by Qin Hao himself. That was why Qin Hao wished to teach them what should be taught before leaving. The future development depended on themselves.

In these days, Qin Hao studied again the martial techniques acquired by Bald Head and others. He also figured out why Liu Yan found it more difficult to enter in higher stages. The key was the martial techniques they had cultivated.

What Qin Hao taught them and his own martial techniques, were all from the Spirit Martial Continent instead of from this world. Although the techniques would work much better than in this world, they didn’t suit this world.

That was because this world was not the Spirit Martial Continent where Spirit Qi was rich with abundant and various resources for martial cultivation. However, in this world Spirit Qi was rare and so was the resources for martial cultivation. It couldn’t support the further development of the techniques.

Qin Hao's entering in the stage of the Fourth Stage Martial Cultivator was the outcome of great luck and secularly amazing resources. Or, he would never in his life even make breakthroughs to be the Third Stage Martial Cultivator at a normal pace of cultivation in this world, let alone the Fourth Stage Martial Cultivator.

Of course, not everyone would have such luck and amazing opportunities like Qin Hao had. From the birth of the Ancient Martial World to now, there was only Qin Hao who had made it. His success was irreproducible.

For other people, even if some occasionally succeeded, he had used up so many cultivation resources that later people would find it more difficult to develop and find resources.

Qin Hao thought for a long time and finally realized that everything in the world had its own rules of existence. The ancient martial techniques were born to adapt to the lack of Spirit Qi and cultivation resources in this world, and the natural environment determined the existence and development of a certain thing.

If Bald Head and Liu Yan wanted to continue to develop and improve their stage, they must change their training techniques. Otherwise, it would be difficult for them to make progress. The cultivation resources accumulated by the nation for some many years would also run out for their consumption. It would be even more difficult to cultivate other Martial Cultivators.

However, if the simple practice of ancient martial techniques were adopted, Qin Hao felt it too weak. So, he adapted and combined the two techniques and composed another set of practice technique belonging to the Sky Group, which was later called by the Sky Group as "Hao Tian Spell".

“Hao” is from Qin Hao and “Tian” (sky in Chinese) is from the Sky Group.

It was listed as the supreme technique in the Sky Group. Only core members of the Sky Group were qualified to cultivate and it was then inherited.

After explaining it to them, Qin Hao kept Liu Yan. He had great expectations to Liu Yan who had made most progress.

"Instructor, do you have any other order?" Liu Yan kept her head low and asked with a light voice. She could not face him and see him in the eyes.

Qin Hao put one Space Ring (from Long Yubai) on the table and said seriously, "Liu Yan, you are the most talented and conscientious among the five. This is the legendary Space Ring. It is rare in this world and can be controlled and used with your Spirit Sense. I give it to you today. In it, there is something useful to you. I hope you will not let me down."

Liu Yan looked at the Space Ring on the table. She felt excited and touched. Her tears almost brimmed out of her eyes, but she bore it as she could.

"Thank you, instructor."

"No, thanks. Struggling will be a gratitude to me. I am leaving. Work hard. I wish to see your satisfying performance one month later."

Qin Hao went out of the base, leaving a figure which Liu Yan had aspired and desired for countless times in her dreams.

"Instructor, no worry. I will not let you down." Liu Yan picked up the ring. She put it on her warm chest and could not help falling one drop of tear.

The second day after Qin Hao left the base, he forced Li Zhanwu to get him a warship. With Shi Bingying and other followers, he headed to the island on the Indian Ocean to save Bloody Demon King and then they would go to the Ancient Martial World.

But he did not know that a big war, which was rare in Martial Cultivator's world, happened on the island several days before. The underground cave where Bloody Demon King hid was bombarded to collapse. The war caused numerous deaths and made the whole island a mess.

Then it could not be told whether Bloody Demon King was still alive.


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