Taming Master
55 6 . Ian’s Great Performance -4
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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55 6 . Ian’s Great Performance -4

'Hmm? Who is that Archer? He looks familiar…'
He was glaring at Ian fiercely.
Ian soon realized who he was.
'Oh… that Shaman quest PK guy!'
Ian's opponent was none other than Milan, one of the three who had tried to rob Ian during the
Shaman quest.
'But was his level exactly 50? He appeared to be over Lv. 50, how is he here?'
In fact, Milan was at Lv. 51 when they did the Shaman quest.
But he lost a level because of the penalty when he was killed by Ian, so he waited and participated in
Rookies' League!
Naturally, Milan remembered Ian.
"Ian, you PK criminal! I guess you are using my Necklace of Halio well!'
Milan gritted his teeth at seeing Ian.
He could almost see the Necklace he had lost.
Ian smiled at this, "Well? I don't know about it! Why are you looking for the Necklace of Halio here?'
Of course, he had sold the Necklace at auction at a high price, but Ian wanted to make Milan angry.
Milan was enraged at hearing this, "Uhh… you bastard! You killed us by using dirty tricks, but I will
crush you today."
It was hilarious for Ian, 'What? Crush me? You would have lost if we had fought then…'
However, they were about to fight.
Ian wanted to mock that disgusting liar a little more.
"Hey, I came up through all Perfect Game? How are you going to beat me?"
What Ian said was quite reasonable, but Milan seemed to think that he could really beat Ian.
"Did anyone who got this far lost even once? I even know your secret."
The people who had been hearing this on the benches got curious.
"Hey, it looks like they've fought before outside!"
"Really? This is going to be so fun!"
All the 32 matches were happening simultaneously, but most of the crowd were watching Ian and
Limlong fight.
So many people were listening to Ian and Milan's conversation.
While Ian's eyes widened a little at hearing that Milan knew his secret.
"What-What secret?"
Milan gritted his teeth and answered, "You can't be thinking that you could come so far through

Perfect Games because you were that good! You are here just because you used good items!"
Ian was confused. So, he waited for Milan's next words.
Next, what Milan said surprised not just Ian but everyone.
"Your wolf pet! That wolf, you didn't tame it, you used a Binding Magic Artifact!"
The crowd started to mutter among themselves, "It makes sense… that wolf is way too powerful to be
the pet of a Lv. 50 Summoner…"
"Yes, yes. Now we know why. I would have won the Rookies' League if I had a Summoning Magic
Artifact like that!"
"Hu, so the rich always win."
Ian didn't see that coming, therefore, he was greatly surprised.
'What? Ly is a pet summoned with an artifact? You really have been thinking that till now?'
He then got angry.
One of the things Ian hated the most was being called a gamer 'who excelled because of his items'.
Milan continued to provoke him, "Enough talking, let's fight! I will ignore the wolf and kill you first."

Ian was angry at the idiot in front of him and felt frustrated by the crowd that believed him.
'Ha… you're all believing that idiot?'
Before Ian could 'explain', a system message that announced the beginning of the match was
- The match will start in 5 seconds.
Ian was enraged.
"Ha… you idiot. You'll die in 30 seconds."
- 5… 4… 3…
Ian was going to go easy on Milan and have some fun because he had to wait for the other matches
to end, but now he changed his mind.
- 2… 1… start!
As soon as the match begun, Ly used Frenzy and lunged at Milan.
Growl- Growl-!
Milan had anticipated that. So, he backed off and drew his bow.
Milan's Arrowhead had a white energy.
Ian was an Archer, so he knew exactly what it was.
'Guided Arrow. That skill is good… how did he get the skill book?'
Guided Arrow was one of the great skills that all Archers wanted to get.
Its power was lousy compared to other skills, but once you used it, dodging it was impossible.

However, it could be blocked.
Ian knew that it wouldn't give him much damage, but he was not going to stand still and get hit by the
'I have a bulletproof vest.'
It was an odd-shaped vest but Bukbuk, that was hard enough to be called bulletproof, was protecting
Ian's back.
Ian turned his back on the Arrow and started to run.
It looked as if Ian was running away from the Arrow.
Milan laughed at seeing this while he moved quickly, he couldn't let himself to get attack by Ly.
"Haha, you cannot run from Guided Arrow!"
Milan was an Archer, so he had high Speed. He managed to run away from Ly while he kept firing
Guided Arrows.
Guided Arrow was called the best skill of an Archer in 1:1 pvp battles!
There were now more than 10 Arrows going after Ian. Milan was excited.
He was being chased by Ly himself, but the Guided Arrows would get to Ian before Ly got to him!
He then thought Ian, who wasn't a Knight or a Warrior, would not be able to survive from more than
ten Guided Arrows.
But that was only his delusion.
Soon, he met despair.
The Guided Arrows hit Ian's back and system messages came up.
- Guided Arrow skill hit Ian's pet Bukbuk. It inflicted 1 damage.
- Guided Arrow skill hit Ian's pet bukbuk. It inflicted 1 damage.

'What? 1 damage? What the… what the hell is Bukbuk?!'
Milan, who had been running away from Ly, met Ian who had been running from the opposite direction
because the Arena was a circle.
- Aiming Weak Spot skill is activated. The target's weak spots are highlighted. Accuracy rate
increases by 20% and fatal blow probability increases by 25%. Inflict 110% additional damage when
attacking a weak spot.
The moment Aiming Weak Spot skill was activated, Ian and Ly lunged at Milan from both sides.
His fate was sealed, just like that.

There had been a short 'disturbance' caused by Milan, but Ian won all matches after that easily.
It was finally the semifinals.
'Hmm, do I finally get to meet a strong opponent?'
Then, his opponent came up.
He was wearing a grey robe, a black pointy hat and had a long staff decorated with skull-shaped
ornaments in his hand.
He clearly was a Dark Sorcerer.
'I am meeting a Dark Sorcerer for the second time. I wonder how he will do…'
Ian recalled Himenes who had a high level but was weak. He then looked at his opponent.
Ian got close and saw that the Dark Sorcerer was short and young.
He was even cute, holding a staff that was even taller than himself.
'It is the semifinals, so things cannot be what they appear to be.'
However, the opponent's appearance made Ian lower his guard.
Ian smiled and spoke again, "I am Ian. Nice to meet you."
The little Dark Sorcerer, who had been looking somewhere else, abruptly lifted his head up and stared
at Ian.
He then spoke with a serious look and voice that really didn't fit him.
"Tut, I finally meet a powerful opponent. This match is not going to be easy."
He spoke like a hero from children's animation movies. Ian was confused.
His opponent spoke again, "However, if I, the most powerful Sorcerer of the Continent, get defeated
here, a lot of people would be sad. Dark Summoner! Your evil deeds end here. Brace yourself!'
He was a Dark Sorcerer and here he is calling me a Dark Summoner? Ian was dumbfounded.
The most powerful Sorcerer of the Continent…
Ian flinched and stepped back, 'What-what? Is this the famous puberty?'
The boy looked too young to be in puberty, probably still going to elementary school.
Ian was confused at this mental attack. The Dark Sorcerer then added, "My name is 'CoolHuni'. You'd
better remember that. It is too great of a name to tell you, as you will be gone soon…"
Another mental attack and such natural rudeness!
'What-what… on earth is wrong with him?'
Ian felt danger.
While they had this warm conversation, the system message was announced.
- The match will start in 5 seconds.
Numerous people were watching, as it was the semifinals.
- 5… 4…

During the preparation time, Ian and Huni summoned all they had.
Ian was a little surprised at seeing what Huni summoned.
'Hidden class! It's got to be a hidden class.'
Huni's Skeletons looked different from ordinary Dark Sorcerer's Skeletons.
First, they were not white; they consisted of black bones.
Additionally, they looked a little bigger compared to ordinary Skeletons.
'But there are fewer of them.'
Ian stopped looking down on his opponent.
He didn't know what kind of hidden class it was so he couldn't anticipate what skills Huni would use.
'Shit, why didn't I see this Dark Sorcerer's matches?'
Ian watched a match every hour, but he had never seen Huni.
While Ian was thinking like this, the match began.
- 3… 2… 1… start!
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    《Taming Master》