Taming Master
64 2 . Second Evolution -5
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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64 2 . Second Evolution -5

Ian read Clofia's information window and grinned.
'Just as I thought.'
Ian was looking at Clofia's incredible Speed.
Half of the total battle stat points were concentrated on Speed.
That was why Ian had captured Clofia.
He then summoned it, "Clofia, summon!"
Ian wasn't going to give it a name. He just left its name as Clofia, 'I will use it only for a while.'
Ian captured the Clofia because he needed a monster to boost his own Speed with the Possession
However, the Clofia couldn't be used for long. When possessing a monster, it wouldn't gain any
levels. Therefore, when Ian's level got higher, he would have to capture another monster to make use
of the skill.
'I might get attached to it if I give it a proper name'.
Clofia was the perfect monster to use for raising the skill level of Possession and, at the same time,
increasing his Speed.
Ian then used the Possession skill on Clofia.
"Oh… this is even better than I thought!"
Ian had been using the Possession skill on any monster he came across in order to raise the skill's
level, but now that he was possessed by a monster with decent stats, it certainly felt different.
'It would be great if I could raise the skill's Proficiency and get some help from it at the same time.'
Ian had found out that when hunting casually, it was more efficient to let his main pets fight
However, the Possession skill could be used in many ways. For example, it could raise Ian's stats
when the pet's Health was near 0, or temporarily avoiding danger, when his Health was almost gone,
by being possessed from a pet like Big Guy to increase his maximum Health and Defense Force.
Therefore, Ian needed to work on the skill's Proficiency.
Ian captured a decent pet by chance and moved toward the main camp again.

A Blue Vortex was created around Big Guy.
It was the Abyss Hole skill.
Ian quickly put his bow in the inventory and changed them into knuckles.
'With the Abyss Hole, the knuckles are definitely more efficient.'

The knuckles had two advantages compared to the bow.
Firstly, two Lightning Spheres were formed when using the skill. Secondly, Ian could use his pets'
skills with the Linking ability.
If he got lucky and activated Abyss Hole once more with the Linking right after it was activated, he
could create a wide-range Mez (A word that comes from Mesmerize. A term used by players to define
an action or skill that incapacitates the enemy or opponent in a battle.) for 20 seconds.
It was easier to hit enemies with the Lightning Spheres once they were sucked into the Abyss Hole
and, since the enemies would panic, the effect was perfect.
That was exactly what was happening now.
"Lightning Spheres!"
Ian threw the Lightning Spheres in his hands at the assembled bandits, which then exploded right in
the middle.
Ian had gotten used to using the Lightning Spheres. Moreover, hitting the targets that couldn't even

move well because of the Abyss Hole was just too easy.
- You used Lightning Spheres. You inflicted 1579 damages to the Forcal Bandit.
- The multiplied Lightning Spheres inflict 465 additional damages to the Forcal Bandit.
The bandits were all near the spot where the Lightning Spheres hit, so the after effect continued to
inflict damages.
- Forcal Bandit is on Paralyzed mode.
- Forcal Bandit slows down by 30%. It receives 50% additional damage to Lightning type attacks.
- Lightning Sphere's cooldown time had been reset.
Ian repeatedly used Lightning Spheres until he used up all his Spirit Magic.
Zip- Zap-!
Ian was able to kill all the bandits. Therefore, he was very proud of himself.
'Ha! Hunting a pack is the best.'
It was a thrill that he hadn't been able to feel when he hunted one by one as an Archer.
Of course, Archers also had attack skills that could inflict wide-range damage and could hunt multiple
enemies at once by setting traps, however, the Archer could never hunt many enemies like Ian was
currently doing.
'Still, I wish I had a wide-ranger attacker.'
Even though he was hunting so easily, Ian felt something was missing.
Then, he suddenly recalled the Lava Witch that he had seen on the New Monsters page.
'I wasn't going to capture it before I reached Lv. 80… but as Big Guy has evolved now, should I go
after I'm done with these bandits?'
In the Forcal Mountains, there was a place called the Scorching Land.
In there, you could find an underground dungeon, that was where the Lava Witch had been found.
The underground dungeon of the Scorching Land used to be the home of the Lava Spawns.

They literally were eggs that gave birth to lava.
Lava Spawn usually inflicted Fire type long-range attacks, but when its Health dropped below 50%, it
divided into two like an amoeba and recovered about 1/4 of its Health.
Their levels were about 70, not that higher than the bandits but, if it had been before Big Guy's
evolution, they would have been very hard to kill.
Before it evolved, Big Guy was very weak against Fire Magic. In fact, it had gotten big damages from
the Bandit Shaman's Basic Fire skill.
However, Big Guy was an Abyss Golem now. It was no longer as weak against Fire Magic, so Ian
would be able to defeat the Lava Spawns and try to capture the Lava Witch after he reached Lv. 70.
Ian was excited while thinking about capturing a new monster. He then proceeded with killing all the
'Now, shall I change back to the bow again?'
Ian hunted a group of bandits very easily. Then, he changed his weapon again.
Now, he needed to lure all the bandits who were scattered. While he did that, it would be more
efficient to attack from a distance. Plus, the bow reduced his skills' cooldown time.
"Big Guy, Ly, let's go this way."
Ian shot a few bandits from afar to lure them in. He slowly moved to the middle of the base.
Then, he finally met the leader of the bandits.
'Found it!'
The 'Forcal Bandit Boss' was written in bright purple.
However, Ian felt something was wrong.
'What? What's wrong with his level?' Ian flinched.
Cold sweat started to run down his back.
The Bandit Boss was at Lv. 80!
'What? It was Lv. 75 when I killed it before I reset my character!'
However, Ian wasn't surprised for that long.
Ian thought rationally, 'I can give it a try.'
As he was now possessed by Clofia, he had quickly found his way on the main camp. His Speed had
increased, so he would be able to back off if things went wrong.
Ian looked at the Boss's weapon.
He was holding a bow, it was a long-range type monster.
'If he had been a tanker type monster, it would have been better to retreat now… but he is a long-
range type. Then, I will attack him first and kill him quickly!'
The most important characteristic of a long-range type monster was its low Health.
'Lv. 80 long-range type boss monster… his Health must be about 30,000.'
Ian decided to fight and gave an order to Big Guy, "Abyss Hole!"

Big Guy started to tie up the bandits with Abyss Hole while Ian used Lightning Spheres.
Before killing the Bandit Boss, he first had to take care of the ordinary bandits near him.
Next, when the Bandit Boss was also Paralyzed, Ian quickly gave an order "Ly! Get over Big Guy and
kill the Boss first!"
Ly didn't hesitate to lunge at the Boss.
However, the Bandit Boss didn't just sit by and waited for his death.
"How dare you underestimate me!" He shouted and a wave of yellow energy spread around him. A
wide-range enhancing effect was applied to all the bandits.
'Ah! I didn't know he had a wide-range enhancing skill.'
Wide-range enhancing skills were mostly owned by tanker type boss monsters, so it was quite
'I must kill him as quickly as I can.'
If he let himself be hit by an attack skill of a Lv. 80 long-range boss monster, he would lose most of his
Ian used the Aiming Weak Spot skill.
"Ly, Exploding Potential! Frenzy!"
Ian used all the enhancing skills he had on Ly.
Currently, Ly had a massive temporary increase in attack power.
- Because of the Frenzy effect, your pet Ly's Attack Force and Speed increase by 30% for 15 minutes.
Defense Force decreases by 30%.
- You used the Exploding Potential skill.
- Ly's stats increase proportionally to Ly's Potential.
- Ly's stats increase additionally by 92% for 1 minute and 20 seconds.
Ian checked Ly's current Attack Force. It was 2260.
'Ly, show me what you can do!'
Ian quickly drew his bow at the Bandit Boss to stop him from firing an arrow at Ly.
Ian's arrow flew and hit the Boss's arm.
Considering that he didn't have the Archer's Accuracy Rate Increasing skill, it was incredible.
Ly would never miss a chance like that.
- Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Forcal Bandit Boss.
- Forcal Bandit Boss's Health decreased by 6018.
- Ly inflicted critical damage to the Forcal Bandit Boss. Its Attack Force increase additionally for 5

- Forcal Bandit Boss is on Bleeding mode. He receives 1203 additional damage per second.
Ian exclaimed at seeing those messages. He kept firing to support Ly.
He wanted to change into his knuckles and help Ly by its side, however, Ian couldn't jump like Ly. He
couldn't go through the bandits and get near Ly.
That was a different matter from having just great Speed.
"You dirty dog!"
The bandit boss, outraged, swung his fist.
However, Ly managed to dodge it and attacked again.
- Your pet Ly inflicted critical damage to the Forcal Bandit Boss!
- Forcal Bandit boss's Health decreased by 7823.
Ly inflicted another fatal blow!
Thanks to the additional Attack Force increase caused by Frenzy, Ly inflicted an even bigger damage.
Bleeding was an effect that could not be doubled, so it wasn't activated this time. Anyway, Ly had
destroyed more than half of the Boss's Health in an instant.
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    《Taming Master》