Taming Master
154 War Friend 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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154 War Friend 3

The central continent was incredibly wide.
And although it may be an obvious, it was a completely empty, ownerless mountain.
However, it wasn't like there was a plentiful number of empty bases either.
This was because if certain requirements weren't fulfilled in the beginning, then base points didn't form at all, and there weren't a lot of places that met population and resource number, which were one of the requirements.
Currently, the number of bases that existed in the central continent were about 50 that formed as the central area as the reference point.
Truthfully, in the case of the Lotus Guild, which was barely in the top 100, occupying a base and maintaining it could be considered an incredibly difficult task.
"Jinsung, wouldn't it be better if we just look next time after the number of bases have expanded a little instead?"
At Herz's question, Ian shook his head.
"It will be too late. At that point, the gap between the top-ranking guilds and us will probably become incredibly wide."
Just like Herz's words, once time passed, the number of bases grew.
This was because when the existing bases developed, the population density will naturally grow, and as the resources become abundant, it also influenced the surrounding.
However, Ian had no intentions of waiting until then.
Since, to be honest, he thought that they had waited enough even now.
And there wasn't even a guarantee that they would be able to take over a base easily just because they waited until then.
'If we can just last somehow, there will be no better opportunity than this to jump up.'
If they increased their bases with one in the central continent, they would be able to promote the rank of the Lotus Domain in the northern continent to a Large Domain.
From multiple perspectives, a base in the central continent was incredibly charming.
Fiolan asked Ian.
"Is there a place that you were thinking of?"
Ian nodded his head.
"There's a decent base near the front area where both empires are facing each other."
At those words, both of Fiolan's eyes rounded.
"Huh? Isn't that tooclose to the front? If by mistake we were to be even swept into the large-scale battle that is occurring between the two empire armies, then we'll reduced to ashes…"
However, as Ian had thought about this part enough as well, he frankly nodded his head as he opened his mouth.
"The risk is certainly high. However, there is an advantage as well."
Herz asked.
"What is the advantage?"
"Firstly, because of the risk that Fiolan just mentioned, the competition rate amongst guilds is incredibly low. Even the Titan or the DarkRuna Guild probably won't want to use up fighting power in order occupy such an uncertain Domain. As a result, we just need to block off the empire soldiers of Kaimon Empire."
Fiolan slowly nodded her head.
"You certainly got a point there. However, with just that kind of advantage, isn't it still lacking merit? Since if we frequently get attacked by the empire soldiers, then it will almost be impossible to even develop the base. It will be reduced to ashes all the time, so will there be time for crops to grow and for the population to increase?"

Herz agreed with her words as he nodded his head.
"That's right, we might just be wasting resources to no purpose. Since if we don't have resources, it's impossible to produce troops."
The two people's worries were truthfully an obvious.
It wasn't the end just because they occupied a base.
After occupying, they needed to maintain it, and in order to create a higher value than the expenses they invested, they needed to guarantee stability.
However, Ian had a plan.
Ian slowly opened his mouth.
"We just need to supply resources with Specialty Points."
The existence of the War Trading Post that he found thanks to Bbakbbak allowed Ian to have such ideas.
Herz and Fiolan, who didn't know about the War Trading Post wore puzzled expressions, and Herz asked.
"How are you going to supply resources with Specialty Points? Have you found a way to use Specialty Points?"
Ian nodded his head.
"Yeah, just before I came here."
And Ian explained the possibilities of the War Trading Post to the two people.
Fiolan, who heard all of the explanation, nodded her head.
"Indeed, it is a strategy worth trying. If there is just more supply of Specialty Points than there is consumption of food."
Ian nodded his head as he replied.
"That's right. That part is the biggest key point. However, by constantly blocking off the Kaimon Empire soldiers in the front line, I think that we will not lack Specialty Points."
From Ian's experience, a larger amount of Specialty Points could be obtained from catching users or NPCs that were affiliated with the enemy empire than with normal monsters.
Because of that, he spoke confidently.
The three people that found a general direction of where they should go further began to build a detailed plan.
And shortly after, the members of the guild's second party, which had joined a line of the Luspel Imperial Army and successfully entered the central continent, all arrived, and with all of their fighting power gathered, the Lotus Guild slowly began to move.
Their destination was the base at the front lines.

* * *

"Sollin, do you know what flag that is?"
While looking at a quite large group of users move below a low hill, Ilahan wore a quizzical expression.
This was because if it was a guild that could come into the central continent at this point, it was definitely a top-ranking guild, but it was a guild symbol that he was totally seeing for the first time.
"I'm also… Not sure, Master. What I'm sure of is that there is no guild in the top 20 with that flag."
The flag that Sollin and Ilahan were looking at was none other than the flag of Lotus.
And the Lotus Guild had taken place at the base in the front lines and was immersed in the occupying process.
Ilahan wore an interested expression.
"Open up the guild list right now and find them. As they'll at least be in the top 30, you'll probably find it immediately."
"Yes, understood, Master."
However, it took Sollin quite a long time to find the guild mark of the Lotus Guild.
This was because the rank of the Lotus Guild was 100th place.
"Uh… Master."
"What's wrong?"
"That guild mark… It's the guild mark of one called the Lotus Guild."
Ilahan's two eyes slightly grew.
"Yes, Master."
"This is my absolute first time hearing about them."
"That can't be helped. Since they are currently ranked at 107th place in the guild rankings."
Ilahan wore a flustered expression, but soon after, the corners of his mouth rolled upwards again.
He had developed an interest.
"Shall we try raiding them? What do you think, Sollin?"
Currently, the main fighting power of the DarkRuna Guild was out protecting their own base, but Ilahan thought that they could easily wipe out a 107thplace guild with even just their scout party.
And that wasn't a completely incorrect thought either.
However, Sollin shook her head.
"For now, I think it will be better to restrain ourselves right now, Master."
Ilahan smirked.
"Because of the Luspel Imperial Army behind them?"
In the direction that Ilahan pointed towards with his chin, the Imperial Army of Luspel were stationed, and Sollin nodded her head.
"That's right. At the slightest provocation, it could end up as a large-scale battle. For now, I think it would be better to be cautious until we perfectly make three bases safe."
Ilahan smiled as he nodded his head.
His thoughts weren't different from hers either.
"But then again, since there isn't any benefit even if we were to steal that base. For it to be a base in the middle of the battlefield… I have no idea who the Guild Master is, but whether he's incompetent or rash…"
However, different from Ilahan, who clicked his tongue, Sollin's eyes shone.
'If it's a guild at 100th place, it will be impossible for them to obtain a proper base anyways, so were they targeting the niche market? However, even if they did that, there really won't be anything they could obtain from there.'
Ilahan opened his mouth towards Sollin, who was thinking about this and that.
"Yes, Master."
"Since it seems it will be a bit irrational for us to personally interfere, shall we then test the Mark of Magellan during this opportunity?"
At Ilahan's unexpected words, Sollin's large eyes slightly widened.
"Are you planning on using the Desert Warriors?"
Ilahan nodded his head.
"That's right. If it's just like I plan, it looks like we should be able to reduce them to ashes even with just the Desert Warriors."
"I think that's a good idea, Master."
Sollin smiled brightly as she bowed her head.
She also wanted to see how powerful the 'Desert Warriors' that had become their new fighting power were.

* * *

• 'Holdream's Holy Grail' has been used.
• The holy water filled with the spirit of the king of the giant, god-like people, Holdream' has made the barren earth fertile.
• The time taken for base occupation has drastically decreased.
• Time remaining until base occupation: 05:24:33

While looking at the messages that popped up one after another, Ian wore a satisfied smile.
"It is truly a remarkable artifact."
And on the other hand, he was also disappointed.
'If our guild was as strong as a guild in the top 10, we would have been able to occupy about three or four additional bases through the Holy Grail…'
Still, the fact that the Holy Grail didn't go to the enemy empire's hands alone could be truly considered a relief.
Ian turned his gaze towards Bbookbbook, who was playing next to him.
"Bbookbbook, you're living the life lately."
"Your unemployed lately. Since I rarely go for close combat, that is."
Bbookbbook nodded his head with a happy expression.
Bbook- Bboo-bbook-!
"Hyung is sorry. I need to give you a job quickly… Just wait a little more, Bbookbbook, I'll create a job for you soon."
With shaking eyes, Bbookbbook fiercely shook his head.
Bbook- Bboo-bbook-!
Bbakbbak, who was watching him do that beside him, called Ian.

• Owner.

"Yes, Bbakbbak."

• How much do you know about Bbookbbook?

Ian, who was momentarily taken aback at the unexpected question, scratched the back of his head as he replied.
"Well… Basically that he's a big-headed turtle that lets out a weird sound?"
Bbookbbook, who raged at that response, charged towards Ian.
Bbook- Bboo-bbook-!
Bbookbbook headbutted Ian's shin with a fearsome spirit, but there was no way there would be any damage.
Ian, who smirked, asked Bbakbbak.
"Bbakbbak, do you know a bit about him?"
Bbakbbak nodded his head.

• I'm not too sure myself, but because he is still a brother species, there are a couple of things I know.

Ian's eyes shone.
"Oh, what are they?"
Bbakbbak's words continued.

• I am a species of the desert, but Bbookbbook is a species of the abyss. In order for a species of the abyss to become a turtle dragon, I know that there are two ways.

At the words 'turtle dragon', Ian's expression completely changed.
'If it's about becoming a turtle dragon, he's probably talking about evolution for sure, right?'
Ian quickly asked Bbakbbak again.
"What are the methods? Tell me quickly. I need to evolve that good-for-nothing quickly and shove him around, I'm telling you."
Bbookbbook glared at Ian, but Ian wasn't fazed.
Bbakbbak's words continued.

• The first method is to obtain the Cintamani of the Turtle Dragon and use it just like how I evolved. However, if you use the Cintamani of the Turtle Dragon to evolve, you cannot ascend.


• That's right. In order to ascend, you must succeed in evolving without the help of the power of the Cintamani. This is because it is only possible to use the Cintamani once in a lifetime, but in the case that you use Cintamani when evolving, then you cannot use it when ascending.
However, Ian wore a confused expression.
This was because he didn't know what the concept of 'ascension' was.
"What is ascension? What happens when you ascend?"
At Ian's question, Bbakbbak slowly responded.

• As this is a story that was passed down through legends, I don't know for sure myself, but I heard that a turtle dragon that has succeeded in ascension will become the king of turtle dragons as well as a god-like being. If Bbookbbook, a species of the abyss, was to succeed in ascension, I think he will become a water dragon that will be able to freely use the power of water.

He didn't know exactly what it was, but even if he heard Bbakbbak's instruction without really understanding, Ian could feel the incredible scale of it, and his mouth gaped open.
On top of that, even Bbookbbook, who at first wasn't that interested, began to take quite a bit of interest in Bbakbbak's words.
"Then tell me a way that Bbookbbook can become a turtle dragon without the Cintamani."
At Ian's urgency, Bbakbbak's mouth opened up again.

• Owner, by any chance, do you remember the item called the 'Turtle Spirit' that I gave you?

Ian immediately nodded his head.
This was because the Turtle Spirit was a talisman item that he had equipped onto Bbookbbook and was using well.
"Yeah, of course I remember."

• You can call that Turtle Spirit an 'essence of energy' that I have made over the past several hundred years. If you gather a total of three of these Turtle Spirits and find a place called the 'Altar of Water', then Bbookbbook should be able to become a turtle dragon.

Ian's expression slightly hardened.
This was because if he said he needed to level up or do a quest, then he would evolve Bbookbbook somehow, but he didn't even have an idea as to where to obtain the item called the Turtle Spirit.
"Where can you obtain the Turtle Spirit?"
Bbakbbak stared at Bbookbbook as he replied.

• Bbookbbook can make it himself. Or he must find one of the same race as him that has a relic like me and receive it.

Ian's gaze turned to Bbookbbook.
"Yo, Bbookbbook, do you have a relic?"
For a moment, Bbookbbook wore a startled expression.
Ian, who felt something through that form, began to press Bbookbbook.
"Yo, if you have one, spit it out quickly. He says you can evolve. You can become as cool as Bbakbbak."
However, Bbookbbook wore a sorrowful expression as he shook his head.
However, just then, he saw a guild member run over hurriedly from afar.
"Ian, there's a huge problem!"
"Desert Warriors have appeared from the west!"
Ian's gaze turned towards the direction that guild member pointed towards, and there, dozens of Desert Warriors were heading towards the base.
Ian's expression slightly hardened.
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