Taming Master
315 Recipe for Magical Beast Alchemy – 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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315 Recipe for Magical Beast Alchemy – 1

Ian used up all the points he acquired from the Soul Determination for the dexterity right there.

It was the only hero ranked souls, so they didn't help that much to increase the level.

Ian didn't think much about the role of the Soul Determination that he had. He just used it as an instant view.

As far as it could be understood, Ian came up with a few pieces of souls that he got from hunting the Devil Dragon in the past.

'By any chance is there any correlation between the soul stones and Soul Determination?'

Ian asked Cervian almost immediately.

"Cervian, are you aware of the soul stones?"

Cervian nodded at the question.

"Sure. The soul stones aren't as rare as Soul Determination."

Ian's face turned a little sad after hearing that.

Ian's Soul Determination was obtained by hunting down a legendary monster, unlike the soul stones, which could be obtained by just hunting down higher class monsters.

"Well.. is that so?"

"Soul determinants are items that are only dropped by a legendary or higher class monsters. I remember the drop rate was more than 50%."


"There must be a hundred of those pieces that I can use to make a legendary class. If the drop rate is too low then I'll probably just grind more."

Shortly after explaining about the soul stones, Cervian spoke about how rare and how valuable it was to possess a Soul determination.

"I'll tell you this in the simplest manner as possible. A myth class soul determinant is useful if you can succeed in the beast alchemy with two legendary classes then you will be able to create a myth class."

"It surely is an awesome thing."

"Right. I have been studying about the alchemy for hundreds of years, but I have succeeded only once in getting a myth class with the help of alchemy."


"Right. Even though I had only succeeded once. He was out of my control when he's in the mood he goes around running, but when you have that thing, you'll be able to make a myth class with a very high proficiency… it's weird that I'm not thirsty for more."

Ian scratched the back of his head and asked.

"Ah… just a while back you said that a myth class is created conditionally… why... is the probability, not 100%?"

Cervian grumbled and answered.

"It is because there is a chance that the alchemy would fail. But when you succeed in the durability, then there is a chance that the item allows you to bring out a myth creature."

"Ah ha… if the durability fails, then will the soul determination fail?"

Cervian nodded.


"Uh… then somehow I should try to make the durability have the highest proficiency to make the item work."

"That is obvious. Before attempting the alchemy, the skill should be at level 10 and at least 30 legendary class must be removed."

This was an item that could be obtained by hunting down monsters, and magic alchemy success rate increases if it had a high-proficiency.

Ian nodded because it was an obvious thing.

Ian, who arranged his thoughts, asked the most basic question.

"By the way Cervian."


"What do I have to do to achieve the highest level of magic alchemy?"

Cervian—who had a calm expression—replied with a smile.

"Kuehhh, well, I surely taught my disciple well. Good question. If you truly are a disciple of Cervian, it's only natural to have such ambition."

"Sure. Besides, I got such an amazing item, and it is a given that if I can't get a strong level of magic, then I won't be able to create a high-class creature."

Cervian who gave in to Ian decided to help him.

"By the way Ian…"


"What is the level of the skill that you're working on? I think that reaching the 5th level is hard. Since the war just ended, there must be a lot of things that need your attention… so, how about we start with raising the proficiency?"

Ian spoke out with a clear voice.

"Well now, I think I'm around 12% at the 9th level? In a month, do you think I can reach level 10?"


* * *

Apart from Ian, who was in agony in the Devildom dimension, Herz and Fiolan were busy preparing for the claim of the Lotus Guild's Kingdom.

The ranker guild was proceeding better than anticipated.

"So… you mean the lotus guild wants merge?"

"Yes. Our Lotus Guild will soon start the guild war. And then during that time, I don't want to do unnecessary things."


After the Guild Master—Martin—entered Devildom, The Splendor guild was occupying the first rank in the rankings, and the user "Seijo" was a famous person who ranked first in the class.

Fiolan, in order to take over the Splendor guild rankings, she herself was searching for Seijo.

"If we take Seijo, you probably know, but the real power of our Lotus Guild has never been revealed."

"Right. At least among all the guilds in the Luspel Empire, there isn't a guild that could equal the Lotus Guild in terms of power."

"Well, you know things well. The story is quite easy."

Fiolan spoke with a smile on her lips.

"Even if the Splendor Guild is merged into our Lotus Guild, the original members would still let the old Lord rule it. Also, if the ability is confirmed, I will give you the right position and rewards without discrimination against the guild members.

"Hmm, That definitely sounds appealing."

Seijo was a top-notch user, who didn't lose in any aspects even when compared to the former Guild Master Martin.

But he didn't like to run a Guild-like organization because he needed a place to relax, so Fiolan's suggestion was a very welcoming one.

And in the current situation, there were many rankers in the Splendor Guild.

"If you accept my proposal, I'll make sure that you won't ever regret it."

Seijo slowly nodded.

"I'll head back and try to convince the members of the guild."

Fiolan put up an understanding smile.

"If the members don't seem to decide, then you can personally cross over. The doors of our Lotus Guild are always open."

Seijo smiled and answered.

"I'll get back to you."

The conditions of the other guilds belonging to the Luspel Empire weren't much different from Splendor.

Specifically, the Oaklan Guild, in which Samuel Jin was the Guild Master, easily accepted Fiolan's suggestion as most of the real heads of the state were extinguished.

'Splendor, Oaklan… and if the Valiant also merges, we won't need anymore after that.'

Fiolan was going to try and merge up to a maximum of five ranking guilds.

And there was a limit of the number of the people that they could accommodate, so anyone above that was unreasonable.

'I don't think that taking people individually would be of help now…'

The reason as to why such a large scale merger was being initiated was because soon the Lotus Guild was going to be declared as the Mainland.

The present grade of Lotus Guild was big enough to be called a' Dukedom', but by getting the Mainland rank, they could accommodate 2 to 3 times more than the 'Dukedom'.

They were moving ahead with a huge push.

'Even the mainland will be in the empire, what will happen if we are declared a kingdom successfully?'

At the moment, there was no known guild specification for the 'Kingdom'.

The 'Mainland' was said to be a state below the level of 'Kingdom', but until now, there weren't many guilds that had declared their mainland.

Among the guilds belonging to the Luspel Empire, there was no guild of the Mainland rank, and two guilds of the Kaimon Empire were known to have become Mainlands just a while back.

'All right, this will be the end of the declaration of the Mainland… if we can achieve the maximum specs, then we can grow into a Kingdom at once…!'

If so, the next would be getting a rank and then engaging an all-out war against the empire of Luspel.

* * *

After a long discussion with Cervian, Ian was able to come up with techniques to increase his magic proficiency.

"The first thing that you would need… a legendary class…"

And the most important thing during all of the preparation was, of course, what kind of a monster were they willing to use to form the main body.

"If you want the strongest of all, then the Balrog comes mind…"

There were a lot of Balrog during the dimensional war, but the Balrog wasn't a creature that could be so abundantly found in the human world.

And it wasn't so easy to meet such things as easily as Ian did.

'Now I have a myth rank Bbookbbook, so I will be able to deal with one or two of them by myself, but…'

But he didn't know how to get to them.

And at the time of the dimensional war, all the stats of Bbookbbook were doubled because of the Gods, but now they couldn't receive such buffs.

Of course, the Balrog was a legendary as well as a myth rank.

And there was the level.

The level of Bbookbbook was 220, and the Balrog that appeared in the field was likely a monster that was easily over 350.

But if it was Kaizer or Yankun, he could be able to deal with three or four of them.

'And the buffs that the Gods had given us were very awesome. They had almost doubled up the stats…'

The story of the buffs being doubled was similar to the level being doubled.

Ian who had received all the buffs was similar to being at the level of 400, so it was natural for him to take on a Balrog.

And somehow, Ian felt like he was attached to the 'Balrog'.

'Need to go down the division of 50 and build up the experience while taking down the best monsters… should we go further down to meet the legendary boss monsters?'

In the 50th area of the Devildom, the Devil Dragon—a legendary monster—would be present.

But the Devil Dragon wasn't so appealing for Ian.

'If I get the Devil Dragon, there is a chance for a Khalifa to be made again. Even if it isn't exactly like Khalifa, a similar dragon would be the result.'

If it was supposed to be a magic mythical creature, he didn't want to create a thing that was already there.

So Ian moved into a place that was further inside.

'And by the way, I thought I heard about the habitat of the Balrog from the Devil King…'

Ian recalled the conversation he had with Ricardo a few days back.

[If it is a Balrog… the 15th division of the Balrog, 'The Tomb of the Forgotten Soul', they won't be so hard to meet over there.]
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    《Taming Master》