Taming Master
329 The Beginning of War Conquest – 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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329 The Beginning of War Conquest – 3

As everyone knows, as the numbers on the areas decreases, the more powerful the monsters that would appear would be in the Devildom system.

Especially when 10 areas have been changed, the level increases exponentially compared to the other previous levels. But Ian who had walked into the 20th division had been feeling a lot bored than ever.

'I guess this is a little hard…?'

As soon as Ian and his party crossed the gate, they had found a bunch of monsters together.

Ian was surrounded by huge 'Dark Hounds' who had red eyes and teeth that were as sharp as a scythe.

Well, the Dark Hounds were a senior Battalions, and Ian had been hunting them so far.

But things were a bit different now.

"Hyung, I think you need to be cautious. They're of level 350."

"I'm seeing it."

The level of 350, the last level could be considered as a problem—the bigger problem was that there were so many hounds who couldn't even be counted.

'A Legendary Monster huh, should show my everything right from the beginning?'

The current level of Ian was 267.

All thanks to the myth ranked Bbookbbook, Kaizer, and Karceus, Ian had been able to grow quickly, almost twice the speed.

Hoonie, the number one ranking user in the Warlock class, whose class was the easiest to level up, was now at the overwhelming level of 245.

Not definitely sure, but even after excluding Ian, there would have been a user in the summoner class with a level of 220.

But when comparing to the level of 350, these all sounded absurd.

'I need to take down one after the other.'

Ian's head was working at a rapid speed.

To cover this wide gap in their levels and power, they needed to have skill and control.

"Noel, 'The Dragon's Earth' skill can be activated?"

At the question from Ian, Canoel nodded and answered,

"Yes. The cooldown time is done but… but can we use it to that extent?"

"We'll have to use it! If we can't take them down quickly, they will just keep on coming back like zombies."

"I know hyung."

Dragon's Earth was a long-range buff skill of all the skills that Canoel had.

It increases the ability of all the Dragon-type familiars by 30% for 30 minutes and reduces the cooldown time of the Dragon Breath by 50%.

It was a skill that allowed the dragon familiars damage to be reduced by 10% if suffered.

However, since the cooldown time was around 10 hours, it wasn't a skill that could be used whenever wanted, so Ian was asking if it could be used.

"If you use the Dragon's Earth, I'll be able to save a skill hyung."

At the word from Hoonie, Ian nodded his head.

When the skill Dragon's Earth is used, the whole battlefield would have been dominated by Ian anyway.

This skill of Canoel had a great synergy with Ian.

Even if it is not, his powerful familiars Bbookbbook and Karceus could literally jump out the moment Dragon's Earth was used.


While they had all exchanged their opinions, a hound which found out their location roared at them.

And at the same time, the other hounds found their way to the party.

'Fourteen Dark Hounds. And if we fight, then the other will rush towards us from the neighbor.'

Ian touched his Judgement of the Spirit King. The Dragon's Earth was a skill that was hard to use twice a day, so he had to use it as much as he could...

"Karces, Bbookbbook. Get your Breaths ready."

"Okay, Master."

Canoel gave out orders to his familiars.

"Lake, Carden, Yongyong. You too be ready!"


Ian who heard Canoel suddenly turned and asked,

"Noel-ah, you still have Yongyong with you?"

Canoel scratched his neck and replied,

"Why are you asking?"

Ian, who couldn't say that he didn't understand why Noel chose to pamper a guy whose growth rate was below average, just gave up.

"Nothing, well…"

Canoel laughed and replied,

"He is one of my greatest joy."

Ian just shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, it wouldn't have mattered if you don't have enough leadership."

* * *

"Should we join forces…?"

"Well, I guess so. I just saw those guilds climb up the rank board and get the top position in the rankings in the Devildom in just a week."

In the 100th division of Devildom.

The guild base of DarkRuna guild at the outskirts of the City of Anger.

Two men were having a meaningful conversation while sitting on either side of the table.

One of them was Irahan, the guild master of the current DarkRuna guild, and another person.

"Limlong, I know that you're strong but…isn't it a bit too much to say that we have to combine our strength?"


At those words from Irahan, Limlong immediately asked, and Irahan responded immediately,

"You are currently alone now. And I have the Dark Runa guild. Isn't it needed for the talks about joining forces to be done on equal terms? If it isn't, then you'll have to be under me."

Limlong is the strongest among all the ones in the Devildom dimension.

In the assassin ranking, Limlong was the first in place.

There was a reason why Limlong is in the same level as the top rankers of the assassin class, there was a reason for the superiority that he got, and it was because of the 'Indirect buff' of the assassins class played a huge role.

The most beneficial class for the 'Asmodian' race was the assassin class.

Among the assassin class's skills, there were skills made of 100% of effects that could be triggered when hitting or a critical strike for a short time, and it was applied to magic hit rate.

So, the recent development of the assassin had changed completely.

In the past, in the battle method—a shot with the attack power had been very popular, but in the current changed system, it maximized the speed of the attack.

And being an Asmodian, they could use magic, and the maximum amount of increase in the speed and resistance would be to the highest extent, and the assassin class's unique ability 'Shadow Dance' was in effect.

The 'Shadow Dance' had a short duration of 5 seconds or less, but that time was all that matters most.

Assuming one had a magic spell of 30,000, once could hit around 10-20 times in 5 seconds, and in an instant 300,000—600,000 damage points could be gathered.

In the case of Limlong, the founder of Meta and the most powerful assassin, it was possible to inflict damage closer to 1 million in an instant.

Even Irahan couldn't guarantee his victory if he went one –on–one against Limlong, that was why he recognized his skills.

There was a story going on about the Noblesse Limlong that was going around, and Irahan was also sure to know it.

But even then, him being all alone was different.

And Irahan who had the DarkRuna guild was in no way going to give Limlong an equal treatment.

And listening to Irahan's words, Limlong laughed and folded his hands.

"Who said I was alone?"


At the wondering expression of Irahan's, Limlong showed a red copper identity file from his hands.

And Irahan who had been acting so arrogant was looking closely at the identity file.

"The… The celestial…? Is he the guild master of the Celestial guild?"

Limlong smiled and spoke,

"Yep, the Celestial guild is me. How's that, how do you feel like having this conversation?"

Irahan turned stiff in the place where he was seated.

The situation didn't matter if Limlong was all alone, but the situation differed entirely when he was the guild master of the Celestial Guild.

'Well…I always thought that there was no way such a guild could pop out from the sky.'

The Celestial Guild was the most unusual guild in the entire Kailan.

That was because the entire guild was composed of only 'Assassins'.

Since the members of the guild were less than thirty members, so the Guild rankings of this guild couldn't reach the top 100, but this guild was still the most famous as it had the most popular assassin rankers.

Irahan opened his mouth.

"Yes, if you're the master of the Celestial Guild, then it surely is different. I am ready to negotiate properly."

And Limlong's lips went up making a smirk.

* * *

'This is… the Daedmon's Temple?'

The 20th division of the Devildom was wide.

Compared with the 21st division, this place was around 3 to 4 times larger.

The Daedmon Temple was located very deep, and it took five days for Ian to reach it.

"I think we have come to the right place, hyung?"

Ian nodded at Hoonie's words.

"Your jerk has said the same thing that your hyung has said."

At those words from Ian, the Death Knight Ballam who was next to Hoonie spoke back.

"I am a very honorable knight, the Death Knight Ballam. It would be nice if you refrain from calling me with such lowly titles."

Ian just ignored it.

"Well well, the jerk is just like his Master."


Bbookbbook who had been listening to the conversation between those two said,

"I'm not a jerk, but I don't think my Master is much different from that bbook."

Kaizer too nodded and said a few words,

"Well, I think the same too."

This time Ian was at a loss of words.


Ian turned back and looked at his party, and then moved to the inside of the Deadmon's Shrine.

"Be careful while moving in. we don't know what's inside, so be on full alert."

"Okay, hyung."


Both Hoonie and Canoel responded to Ian at the same time, and the party moved in very slowly.

A white temple was rising high.

With Ian and his friends moving in very carefully.

* * *


Huge vibrating noises were resonating from the inside as if it was thunder.

The magnificent place was filled with unknown things, and the height of it was almost ten meters tall.

In addition, red flashes were happening here and there, and this mysterious place was the Temple of the Devil, the deepest point of it.

As the sound of the huge vibrations resounded over and over, they eventually ceased, a red winded air was flowing.


The intense red winds then created a single whirlpool, and that was floating in the air, and started to move to a higher place.

And then.

An unknown voice came out from the high floor that the wind settled on.

"Ala Karumba…!"


The red whirlwind was intense enough to make the dark room shine with a red light, and slowly it was almost the darkness was sucked in by a man standing on the high podium.


After a few seconds.

Behind the expected company, and shadow, which seemed like a dragon began to surface.


That was the cry of a predator, it was low but wild enough to scare everyone as the air turned thick.

And the man on the podium turned slowly.

With red eyes which looked like he was suffering, a long man stood there.

And he opened his mouth to see the dragon's shadow.

"They are intruders, right…?"

Grrr- Grrr-

He seemed to be having a conversation with the dragon's shadow.

"I see, I'll try to meet them. Huhu…"

The lips of the man twisted slightly, and a wicked laugh came out of that mouth.
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    《Taming Master》