Taming Master
330 The Book of Daedmon – 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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330 The Book of Daedmon – 1

The temple was so quiet, that anyone could hear the sound of a needle dropping.

"Is there no monster in this place?"

"Well I'm not sure, but I'm sure that this isn't a dungeon. If it was a dungeon then we would have got the first discovery reward."

In the end, Hoonies lips opened.

"We don't even know if this dungeon was previously visited. How can you be so sure that we're the first ones to come here?"

Ian just responded casually.

"Well, that's simple."


"Until now in the Devildom, this isn't the first time for me to be in a dungeon."


Hoonie who couldn't think of a response just shook his head.

It was because what he said didn't seem like a lie.

Hoonie was the one to first walk forward, Ian just looked around and walked behind him.

'It is still quiet here… it wouldn't be weird if some crazed monster jumps out here.'

In the middle of the 20th division of the Devildom, there would never be a structure 'just' for the sake of appearance.

This didn't seem like the place where one could just pick up the item called 'Daedmon's Book' that Hoonie needed.

Even Hoonie who had received the quest knew that he had to go to the Temple of Daedmon, but he wasn't sure as to how the Daedom's book could be retrieved.

But then.

On top of the party, a huge sound began to resonate.

[This is quite fresh. In this sacred temple of the Deadmon, a 'Half-Devil' has set foot.]

With that sudden voice, Ian's party was startled and pulled out their weapons to battle.

But as they looked around, they couldn't find the source of the voice.

[Oh, dear. You can't find me no matter how hard you try… don't bother wasting your time.]

Ian decided to listen to that unknown voice for the time being.

The only clue they had now was that it had a chalky voice.

Ian then asked the voice after thinking for a while.

"Who are you?"

The voice rang over the whole place in response to Ian's question.

[I am Syarlon, the one who looks after the Daedmon as a substitute of the Devil God.]

The voice which paused for a moment once again roared throughout the room. Its voice was now much clearer than before.

[If you want to meet me, then come in through here.]

A gigantic gate was suddenly created to the side of the party.


It was a gate that looked similar to the other gates in the area of Devildom.

They then suddenly couldn't hear the unknown voice anymore.

Hoonie waited for a second and then spoke.

"There is no such thing as a trap… right?"

Ian laughed.

"If there was a trap, you won't enter?"

"Not that but…"

Hoonie wasn't able to complete his words.

Since the suspicious gate was created by a guy called Syarlon, it had a very subdued aura around it.

"Well, we don't really have an alternative right? You want to die here waiting for another way?"

Ian moved forward after frankly saying what he wanted to say.

He then asked Kaka who was flying next to him.

"Kaka, do you know anything about this place? Who's the caretaker of the place? And the rank of this one in the Devildom? An Asmodian? Or a Devil?"

Kaka responded to Ian's questions.

"Am I some kind of an information vending machine, Master? That if you ask then the answers would just pop out?"

"But you would know something, right?"

Kaka was irritated.

"… you're like a ghost Master, that I know."

Kaka had a way of knowing about the substitute position of the soul.

And this wasn't the information that only Kaka knew.

Even if an NPC Asmodian was asked, there was no way they wouldn't know about that place.

"Basically, the substitute is the highest position among the numerous positions in the Devildom."

Ian, Hoonie, and Canoel were all listening very intently.

Because this was the information of the enemy that they were going to deal with, and it was being received without much effort.

"Although there is a slight difference in the sequence depending on whom they serve for… It can be said that the Asmodian is under the 200th place since he is a substitute for the place."

After witnessing Yankun's upgrade, Ian was able to reconsider the sequence of the Devildom.

'If he is under 200, then he will surely be a very strong Asmodian. Probably in the Noblesse with skills that would be in the top 100…'

Even though he knew the Noblesse Yankun for a while, this one surely had much more strength.

It was tough fighting him even with all the borrowed items from Ian, but it was also because the opponent of Yankun was a Noblesse with stronger ability.

But for Ian, the opponent could be easily beaten.

Even if Ian was faced with someone that was twice as strong as that Asmodian, Ian could handle it with his current strength.

Ian felt a little confident.

'Well, there are enough odds for us to win.'

Listening to Kaka's explanation, the party went closer to the gate, and the gate's aura was getting stronger as they get closer to it.

Ian who stopped briefly spoke to both Hoonie and Canoel.

"Kay, be prepared to fight right away."

Ian looked around for the last time and stepped in.

But the very next moment made him confused.

"What is this? Why can't I go in?"

Normally when one reaches the ramp of the gate, they could just then cross over to the other space.

But in this gate, Ian's body just felt the earth and nothing happened.

"What? What is happening? Is something wrong?"

Hoonie was also flustered, but Caneol had a very strange expression.

This was because everyone saw it for the very first time.


Intense darkness suddenly spread, and the cry of a deadly predator filled the air.


* * *

"Oh, ho. Is this the City of Chaos?"

"That looks like it, Martin. This is surely enormous."

A big city which was much bigger than the city of Hatred.

Martin the Guild master of the Royal Guild was admiring his surroundings.

"Well well… why isn't the first discovery message coming up?"

With the question from Martin, one of the guild member who was following him cautiously responded.

"Maybe the DarkRuna guild has come here before us?"

Martin's expression changed hearing that.

"Hmm… well, I cant rule out that possibility. While moving to the division 50, the first discovery message didn't pop up either."

The party of Martin, were the elite users of the guild, who were on their way to complete their Guild Quest.

Thanks to the hidden Guild Quest, they discovered the presence of the Gate in the 50th division of the Devildom, which had allowed them to jump into the City of Chaos at once.

Martin chewed on his lips and mumbled to himself.

'This isn't the first discovery either… this was completely unexpected…'

The City of Chaos was located 30th district of the Devildom.

It wasn't easy to pierce the 50th division, but going thorough the 30th division was something that no one could think of.

"Chase, that means that someone has come all this way, right?"

At the question from Martin, Chase thought for a moment and replied.

"That is a bit hard, master."


"Somebody could have found the gate to move right? I don't think that there is a guild here, that is so established in power to pierce through. Let it be a user or a party."

"Well, that's true."

Martin firmly nodded his head feeling convinced.

The first ranked guild in the Devildom since the recent times has been the Royal Guild, the most powerful guild at the moment wasn't ready to fight, which made them think hat no one could have fought them.

"Well, let's stop with that now, I need to achieve my purpose."

"Yes, master!"

The moment Martin was done speaking, all the members of the Royal Guild started to move in a fast pace.

To find the 'Guild Management Office' in the City of Chaos.

In order to perform a guild-based quest within the cities of Devildom, they first had to find the Guild Management office that was in their quest.

The NPC that manages the guild management office will now only help them proceed with the quest, but will also provide them with additional rewards.

This wasn't a only monster limited system.

"If we finish this quest quickly… then we can register our guild right here in the City of Chaos right?"

Chase who was in front of Martin nodded his head listening to the master and responded.

"Maybe we could, master."

"Did you say about the Seipri Nest in the 32nd division?"

"Yes, master. Samuel Jin also said that he would like to accompany you…"

Samuel Jin was currently the sub-Guild master of the Royal Guild, but in fact he was running a position that was equivalent to that of Martin.

And together with the guild running ahead with a friendly relationship with him, they had a mutual interest.

"Samuel cannot help it. I have something I need to do. And it wont be easy. The Hidden Dungeon in the 32nd division… probably where the top ranked monsters are there."

And while two of them were talking, one of the guild member who went to look for the Management office came back.

"Master, I found the location of the Management Office."

Martin nodded and said.

"Nice, found it pretty quick. Guide us there please."


Following the guide member, all the members of the party moved in unison, and they were soon able to find the office without much difficulty.


Martin opened the door and started to move toward the head of the Management office.

In any city, the structure of the Guild Management office was similar, and for the Martin the Guild Master, it was a familiar structure.

Chuk- Chuk-

So they moved in 2 to 3 minutes.

Martin was soon able to find the NPC who was in charge of managing the office.

Martin looked over at the appearance.

'Such an ignorant thing. What's with the weapon hanging on the back? Is that a big sword or an axe? Who would wield such an disgusting thing?'

The muscles looked like they were going to burst out.

Martin, who was slightly taken aback because of the asmodian NPC who had such an outrageous appearance.

The first impression was displeasure, but they was no need to resort to try and like the NPC for the sake of going on with the quest.

"Well, are you the director of this station?"

The Asmodian gazed over at Martin.

He slowly opened his mouth.

"Yes, I'm the director of this place, the direct vessel of Devil Liliana, Yankun."
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    《Taming Master》