Taming Master
332 The Dark Summons - 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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332 The Dark Summons - 1

The Temple of Daemon was locked with darkness.

Even though it was shocking, all the party members of Ian could look in the darkness.

Even the stalkers in the darkness could be seen, even if they were hiding.

Hoonie looked over at Ian with a shocked expression.

"Hyung, when did you get this aggressive skill?"

"Well not sure, when was it…?"

"No, that isn't important, why haven't you used such an awesome skill till now?"

"Because there wasn't a correct situation to use it."

Kaka's unique ability the 'Dreaming Devil'.

This was a skill that would increase all the attack power of the party members by 5%.

But until now, Ian had never been able to activate this skill while hunting with Hoonie.

There was no need for the 5% buff attack effect at all.

It was a safe-sided skill to be used if the situation called for it.

'I think I could use this… but I may not be able to use the 5% buff skill at all.'

And the situation that Ian had been waiting for had finally arrived.

Hoonie stared at him as if he was looking at a monster.

'Normally the hyung isn't the kind to be reckless but… but this hyung is awesome, I'll give him that.'

The 'Dreaming Devil' ability was the same as the Warlock class.

That was the reason why all the party members in the range could reduce their damage received by 50%.

And the moment the skill got activated, the enemy which had been so powerful could no longer be considered as a threat to Ian's party.

All the attacks of the Dark Pets were based on darkness, and the abilities of the shield made it all useless.

In addition, the great skills of the enemy were all missing.

Now, there was only one thing left to do.

"Karceus, Bbookbbook, be ready!"

At the end of those words from Ian; the two dragons flew into the air and pulled the air. Tremors started to shake in the temple along with a huge roaring sound.


The next was bright.


The breath of the two dragons was spewed out of the familiars onto the Dark pets, and the remaining enemies were taken care of by Ly and Kaizer.

In the midst of the Darkness in the battlefield, havoc was created with the Undead being summoned by Hoonie.

The Death Knight with its mighty power was five, and more than ten Golems were summoned together with the skeletons, they all ran towards the dark enemies.

[The Monarch of Darkness, for the Immortal!]

[Grrr, This is the land of darkness. It's a good place to showcase my strength.]


[The land of Darkness, is the home of the Undead.]

[The Undead in the land of Darkness, has their vitality restored 300% faster.]

[Only for Undead the 'Dreaming Devil' buff attack of 5%, will be 35% of the effect.]

[All the Undead's mana consumption will be reduced by half.]

It was neither in the description of its original ability nor in a situation that anyone could predict.

Not just Hoonie, but Ian was also shocked by the turn of events.

'What is this? Did the Dreaming Devil have such abilities? There weren't any other explanations…'

This wasn't a situation that occurred very often.

The attributes of the buff skill, Ian knew that even if it wasn't explained further about the mechanics of the skill, it often happened that a friend with the same attribute gets a stronger buff.

This was also something that was posted on the bulletin board of the official café.

However, when such enormous effects are given, they have never been seen in play till now.


And the Grim Reaper who used the Death prelude moved into the air in a flash and spoke.

[You people dare… Merely humans…!!!]


Again a wave was pushing them back.

But Ian didn't worry much.

Even if Death prelude was used one more, Ian was confident enough to hold it off in this dark land.

'Ly, Kaizer. Let's get rid of them all.'

"Understood, Master."

"Okay then, let's do it."

Ian climbed onto Pin's back.

It was because he was planning on joining them.

'With them not being able to hide, there is no reason for us to be scared anymore.'

Ian jumped into the air while turning the Judgment of the Spirit King in his hand.

Although there were a lot of dark pets, Hoonie's all-new Undead, Ian and Canoel's familiars were more in number than the opponent.

They were in a fight, so there were no other pets of the dark that could defend the Grim Reaper.


Ian, the first to arrive due to the speed of Pin, jumped up to his level and wielded his Judgement of the Spirit King at the caster.

However, as the Grim Reaper couldn't attack while casting, it allowed itself to get attacked.

[You have done catastrophic damage to the Shadow master 'Grim Reaper'.]

[All the orders that would've been cast by the Shadow Master 'Grim Reaper' will be canceled.]

['Grim Reaper' vitality has been decreased by 276621.]

[Uh, uh, even if I was a little quicker…!]

It was natural for the casting magic to get canceled at the attack.

The Grim Reaper thought that he had calculated that he would be done casting the magic before Ian could reach him.

Ian who confirmed the system message smiled and moved once again.

'I'm not sure what he was meant to do, but his armor is unpierceable.'

In fact, the wizards who unleash very powerful magic attacks rarely have strong tanking abilities on par to their strength.

Bang- babang-!

The spear of Ian and the sickle of the Grim Reaper came in contact with each other.

Although the opponent was a wizard, the skill of dealing with weapons was a tough task.

'The same as… magic?'

Bu that was just for a while.

Both Kaizer and Ly came and pounced into the battle, and the Grim Reaper was removed in an instant.

[Kwahk-! I'm dying in the hands of trivial human beings…!]

The Grim Reaper, who was the one left, disappeared with smoke as the air stopped flowing.


[You have successfully defeated the Shadow Master 'Grim Reaper'!]

[You have gained experience points of 5789899.]

[You have earned the fame of 250,000 points.]

But when he looked at the system messages that came up, it seemed obvious that he was dead but not entirely.

Ian read the messages and mumbled to himself.

'Well the experience points are little for the trouble that I've gone to… but what kind of monster gives such fame?'

In general, if a named monster is killed such as a Grim Reaper, one gets around 5,000 to 10,000 fame points.

It depended on the level but was based on the current level of Ian.

But this Grim Reaper guy should have given out around 250,000, that was why this was a surprising turn of events.

But soon Ian, recovered from his shock.


[You have killed the Devil's Lion.]

[The 'Magic resistance' ability has been increased permanently by 0.5%.]

['Magic Attack Rate' increased permanently by 0.7%.]

[Magic stats are permanently increased by 2000.]

Ian's mouth turned into a smile.

The increase wasn't that much, but it felt good as it was an unexpected income.

Beginning with the Grim Reaper, everything there was cleared out.

Not exactly that, but once the Grim Reaper had been taken down, all the other monsters just collapsed with simple attacks.

But even then, Ian had a few questions.

'The familiars are supposed to disappear the moment their Summoner dies… how is it that they managed to stay still now?'

Ian's eyes were slightly in thought.

'Maybe the Summoner is someone different…?'

They had assumed that the Grim Reaper was the owner of the pets, but that wasn't how the situation turned out.

Ian's gaze was fixed on the red gate.

And the answer seemed to be inside it.

* * *

Martin and Chase visited the City of Chaos to proceed with the guild quest and increase their guild branches.

But they have met a challenge that they were unaware of.

Well, they didn't know that it was going to be a difficult one.

Tring –

[City of Quest, Guild Quest has been activated.]

Examination by Noblesse Yankun (Guild Quest) –

Liliana the Master of the City of Chaos and the sixth Lord of the Devildom.

Has recently left the guild management office to the newly acquired retainer, Yankun.

In order to register a guild at the guild office, you need the approval of the Managing Director, Yan Kun.

Complete your mission after that, and then you will be allowed to register your guild in the City of Chaos.

Quest Difficulty: Unknown

Quest Condition: Only the 'Master' of the guild can receive the quest.

Time limit: None

Reward – Guild fame of 150,000, affinity with the Noblesse Yankun.

(Reward may vary depending on the user participating in the quest.)

- - - - - -

Martin, who read through the contents of the quest, asked Yankun.

"Well, what is meant to do, Mr. Yankun?"

Martin was forced to ask Yankun.

In the Devildom order and rank were everything and absolute, and the difference between the Noblesse Yankun and the Greater Asmodian Martin had a difference of 400 ranks.

And if this sequence was violated, then it would anger all the NPCs in the Devildom.

"Hmm… looks weak, I'm not sure if you guys will pass the qualification test."

It was true, as Chase was a wizard boy who was comparatively slim.

However, Martin had a very well built up physic.

'What are you saying to me, you ignorant muscle pig?'

Since Martin couldn't say it outside, he thought to himself and responded politely.

"I won't let you down, Mr. Yankun. If you give us the task we will make sure to do it."

Yankun was still not convinced, but soon he nodded and opened his mouth to speak,

"Okay. I'll give you guys one task."

Martin and Chase looked relieved and a system message appeared before them.


[A joint quest has been invoked by The Guild Hunter of the City of Chaos, Yankun.]

- - - -

Noblesse Yankun's Test I –

In the northeastern side of the Devildom at the 31st division, there is a habitat for the highest ranking warrior Seirein.

Go to the habitat of Seirein and hunt as many as possible and collect 30 eggs of it.

Quest Difficulty: SSS

Quest Condition: only the 'Master' of the guild can receive the quest.

Time Limit: 3 hours

Reward: Yankun's curiosity

(Rewards may vary depending on the user participating in the quest.)

- - - -

Among all the monster, the Seirein's were the most powerful ones.

That was because they use the skill of wide-area slowing, and the ability to regain their lost vitality.

Moreover, if it was the nesting area of the Seirein, dozens of them will be there.

Martin's expression was a bit speculative.

'What's with these kinds of quests?'

It didn't mean that Martin couldn't hunt them down with his ability.

If the battle was one-on-one then it was an easy thing, he could win easily, and he could easily win over three of them too.

But the problem was that it was a habitat—a community.

If the Seirein used the ability to recover their vitality, then there was a danger that the battle would go on endlessly.


Moreover, the biggest problem was that the quest was time-limited to 3 hours.

And what about the ridiculous reward?

Yankun's interest…

'I don't need the interest of that muscle pig!'

But that wasn't what was important now.

He had to register the guild for the very first time in the City of Chaos.

And the benefits that it brings were sure to be enormous.

Martin's head was rolling around.

'I can't complete this quest within 3 hours in any normal way. I need to steal the eggs.'

Martin who had finished the approximate calculation and plans nodded his head to Yankun and said,

"I won't let you down, Mr. Yankun."

But Yankun responded in a different way.

"Well, will see."

And so, the hell had begun.
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    《Taming Master》