Taming Master
335 The Unexpected Reunion – 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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335 The Unexpected Reunion – 1

Ian actually planned on helping Hoonie by dropping him off at the temple and planned on going to division 15 to catch the Balrog.

However, due to the unexpected turn of events, that plan was changed.

'I never knew that such quests would be given to me…'

The reason why his plan was changed was because a guy called Syarlon had given Ian a Hidden quest that originally belonged to Hoonie.

Ian didn't know how to obtain the three needed materials that could be acquired by hunting down legendary monsters. The only thing he knew was the Balrog's Heart that he could get by killing the Balrog.

The only clue provided to Ian and his party was that they would get the required materials by killing legendary monsters.

To get the required materials they have to visit a place that they hadn't visited for a long time.

"I don't get it, what is the connection with this and going to the 107th district?"

"It had everything to do with it, idiot! Just stop asking questions and follow me."

The reason why Ian was going to the 107th district was to meet Cervian.

Cervian was the only one whom Ian knew that had lots of knowledge and information about the Devildom, and he would surely be the person that would know everything about the materials too.


As soon as Ian's beads got activated, the gate opened to Cervian's laboratory in the 107th district.

Hoonie looked at the spheres and muttered with a jealous look in his eyes.

"Where in the world did you get these artifacts?"

Ian entered the gate with a smile and didn't answer the question. Hoonie and Canoel just followed him.

Thankfully, Cervian was in the laboratory.

"Oh, if it isn't my master, Ian."

"It has been a while Cervian. Actually, It hasn't been that long, right?"

"Well, I guess it wasn't. Oh, by the way, how is the beast alchemy coming?"

Ian smiled and answered.

"I'm surely doing good. I've started my journey to make the best monster."

"Then it means… you have gone beyond the 9th level, to the 10th…?!"

Ian answered by shaking his head.

"I'm still in the 9th level. I think I will reach the 10th level in a few days."

"Oh oh…"

The significance of the 9th level of alchemy was much greater than expected.

From the level of 9th, It was possible to control the alchemy for the monster's creation.

But in order to have the best, there was a need for the best materials too. There was a need to increase the proficiency level from the 10th to MAX in order to create the strongest as well.

Cervian looked at Ian.

"I hope you realize that this was my dream that I couldn't achieve."

Ian's smile was wiped off of his face.

"Cevian, you can still do it right?"

"No, I can't do it now. It isn't just excellent proficiency that creates a myth grade… for a monster."


"You will know eventually."

Ian whose intuition said that something not-so-good was waiting for him made an odd expression. Seeing this, Cervian smiled and added a few more words.

"But it is nothing to worry about. If it's you, then it will surely happen."

Even if he asked Cervian a little bit more, it didn't seem like he was going to answer. So, Ian didn't bother asking him about it.

It was a bit confusing but during that time they had much urgent matter in their hands to solve.

Once all the quests were cleared, he planned on asking all the questions he had.

"By the way Cervian, I've been wanting to find something."

Cervian nodded nervously and responded.

"Sure, if I get to be of any help then ask away. What are you curious about?"

Ian started to explain about the quest and the conditions to finish it to Cervian. Hoonie and Canoel who were behind him kept on nodding while not saying anything.

Canoel slowly and cautiously asked Hoonie.



"Have you ever actually met Ian hyung?"

Hoonie rested his head on his palm.

"No... nope. Why are you suddenly asking?"

"I just had a scary thought that passed through my mind."


Canoel swallowed and then spoke again.

"That hyung doesn't look like a normal user. Doesn't that NPC look like the one in Kailan during the beginning…?"

Canoel's horrific thought made Hoonie's eyes opened wide.

"The... then…!"

Canoel spoke with a much serious expression now.

"That couldn't be, right? Just look at them. Do you see that he seems to be friends with the Devil NPC, are you seeing it?"

Hoonie quickly nodded.

"I... I see it…!"

In Hoonie's mind, he remembered the dwarf he met in the mine.

'He seemed to be very chummy with the dwarf Urk Han too…'

Hoonie looked over at Ian and muttered silently.

"I think he is much closer to the Asmodians than we are…?"

* * *

Tring –

[You have successfully completed the quest 'Noblesse Yankun test II'.]

[Clear Rating: E]

[Due to the very low clearing rate, the gained experience and gold coins have been reduced by 95%.]

[The affinity with the Noblesse Yankun has been reduced by 20 points.]


More than the Guild quest, Martin wanted to beat the noblesse in front of him.

After failing for the third time, the second linked quest which had just been completed was declared as E.

Was the E grade clearing rate had been something that could be achieved? Its existence wasn't even known until that moment.

Looking down at Martin who was trying to hold in his anger, Yankun just shook his head.

"I guess you can't figure anything out. How can one be so incompetent? To register your guild in the City of Chaos, it isn't just thought that is needed!"

Martin's whole body shook because of what Yankun said.

It was because of the enormous difficulty that this place had been providing. He hadn't thought it through.

'Well what else does this NPC have…?'

Martin looked up at Yankun after controlling his emotions and anger.

Since the mission had been completed shouldn't they be provided with what they have come for?

'Please don't give us another quest to do…'

Martin opened his lips with earnest wish.

To finish off the linked quests quickly, Martin wished for it to end for the first time ever since starting at Kailan.

"So… we still have accomplished our mission, Mr. Yankun."

Yankun replied without any expression.

"Yeah well."

"Then… are you going to grant the guild registration now?"

Martin's eyes were trembling!

Martin was nervous.

This would be a bit exaggerated, but he was much more nervous now than opening a legendary weapon box.

"Keu, even I think that I should do that but, like you did the last time, will you be able to stick to your word?"

Martin who thought that it was done, got up from his seat and answered.

"I can not go back until you grant me the guild registration!"

Yankun opened his mouth with a grim expression.

"Well… I guess I can't help it. I don't get to do what I like, rules are rules."

Martin felt delighted on the inside when he heard what Yankun said, but he was about to get deep in the dumps again by what Yankun would say next.

"Then I'll let you know your last mission."


Martin and Chase who was behind him exchanged glances.

'Bastard! Third connected quest? Are you going to throw some stupid useless quest to me again?'

Still, knowing that this would be the last one calmed Martin's raging mind.

But again, Yankun didn't let Martin's expectations go down.

"Do you know that..."

"What do you mean?"

"In the 15th division of the Devildom, there is a place called the 'Tomb of the Forgotten Soul'."

"Is that so?"

Martin did know about the place called 'Tomb of the Forgotten Soul'.

However, from the name itself, it could be considered dangerous, and it was located in the 15th division.

They had an extreme experience while doing the quest in the 30th area, but doing one in the 15th area made them scared.

Martin almost fell back to his seat when he heard what Yankun was about to say.

"Go to the Tomb of the Forgotten Empire and bring the heart of a Balrog."

* * *


Ian opened the gate using the Dimensional Beads.

Three people rushed out of it quickly.

And at the same time, the gate vanished into the air after a huge sound.

"Phew, if we were a little bit late, we would have been done for."

"So hyung, what did you talk about with that old man for so long?"

"It was a conversation that started with blood and ended with fat."

"Well, you took a lot."

While Ian was talking with Cervian, the gate almost ran out of time, which was why they had to jump through it in the last moment.

Canoel asked Ian.

"Hyung, did you get all the necessary information about the materials?"

Ian nodded.

"Of course, I'll explain everything to you guys starting with the Orb of Darkness…"

Just like Ian had guessed, Cervian knew all about the materials and the monsters.

"The Orb of Darkness isn't an item that drops by hunting down a monster."


"There is a tower temple in the 17th division of the Devildom, and it is said that it's sealed somewhere in the tower. However, that doesn't mean that we wouldn't have to fight a legendary monster."

"A legendary monster is guarding it?"

"Yep. Behemoth is supposed to be guarding the Orb, I guess? It's a monster that looks like a big bull."

Hoonie who had been silently listening to what Ian was saying asked something.

"Hyung, Behemoth?"

Ian nodded and asked.

"Yep, why?"

Hoonie was looking into Ian's eyes. He just kept looking.

"Why is this kid doing this again, it's ugly…?"

"After hunting the Behemoth, maybe the skin will drop?"


"Huh, the 'Behemoth's Skin' you should give it to me, right? That's just some item so… hehe…"

Ian laughed.

He thought that it felt familiar but seeing Hoonie's actions he had remembered it.

The Behemoth's Skin was a material that was needed to create a wand called the 'Commanders Absolute', which had recently been rated as the strongest weapon in the Warlock class.

It was a material item that was well-known to be obtained through a warlock-only quest, and no one even knew if the Behemoth actually exist.

It was a material item that wasn't related to Ian, but its price at the auction house would be amazing. It was worth 1.5 million gold.

Ian squinted his eyes and spoke.

"Well, there is nothing that this hyung doesn't know."


"That will bring around 1.5 million gold if sold to the auction house, but you want it all for your self…?"

Hoonie was shocked for a moment but soon thought of something.

His stomach churn after thinking of the quest that he had to give Ian for tagging along.

"Hyung, it's all thanks to you that I shared my quest, it is only right to get this much in return."

Ian agreed to some degree to what Hoonie was saying.

Ian was never greedy of an item that had no use to him.


"Well, we'll see."

"Ah, hyung…!"

It was fun to make Hoonie stressed, so he didn't say that he was willing to give it off.

If this mission was going to get worse, then he thought of giving the material as a consolation.

Ian went on teasing Hoonie for a moment and then explained about the other materials.

The second material, 'Shadow Feather', was an easy item to obtain compared to the Orb of Darkness.

Based on what Cervian said, it was a material that had around 90% drop rate when hunting a legendary monster that inhabited the 19th division of the Devildom. The legendary monster's name was Syakelic.

The last material they need to obtain—the Heart of Balrog—like everyone had guessed, was an item that could be obtained by hunting down the Balrog.

After completing their maintenance, Ian moved slowly.

Their destination was the 'Commander's Tower' in the 17th division of Devildom.
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    《Taming Master》