Taming Master
340 Tower of the Commander – 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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340 Tower of the Commander – 3

Like lightning, an image passed through Ian's mind.

And that thing out there was… the 'Egg of an Unknown Beast'! that was it…!! that was why it felt familiar…

Ian once again looked at the picture on the video.

The closer he looked, the more it seemed to represent the 'Egg of an Unknown Beast' that was in his memory.

With shock clearly registered on his face, Ian opened his mouth.

"That is… the Behemoth's egg."


"Behemoth's egg. That thing is trying to protect its eggs."

At the words from Ian, Hoonie to added.

"Maybe that's the case, that was in my thoughts too… how are you so sure? Isn't it a bit unique to be considered as an egg?"

Canoel looked at Ian with curiosity on his face, and Ian briefly explained why he felt so convinced.

And then Hoonie began to laugh at Ian.

"Then hyung, did you hand over the Behemoth's egg to an NPC Gripper?"

Ian frowned.

"Shut up, idiot. If not you'll end up having your ass kicked."

And Canoel who was next to him had a few words to say too.

"Even then hyung. It was all because of the egg that you're able to open that fraudulent dimensional door. I don't think it was a loss-making business."

Ian smiled slightly and nodded.

It was a rhetorical statement from Canoel.

Had it not been for the Dimensional Power Charger, then the Dimensional beads would've still been useless.

But even then, there was never a limit for human greed.

'I can't help but feel bad.'

Ian's gaze once again turned towards the alleged egg of Behemoth.

"I so want that…!"

As Ian opened his mouth, Canoel and Hoonie's gaze automatically turned towards his mouth.

"I need to get the egg somehow."

Hoonie and Canoel both nodded at the same time.

"Let's get a clear look at it. How about we get the Behemoth's egg?"

"So do I, even I want to raise a legendary monster right now."

Ian felt more motivated now.

Of the three eggs, two were hoped to be his share.

Ian was willing to give one of it as familiar to Canoel, but it seemed like Ian could easily take of Hoonie's share.

Sure, he wasn't thinking about taking it for free.

Hoonie would also have a corresponding request.

'Behemoth isn't a commonly found legendary monster. He was a strong monster whom the Devil Kings also didn't dare to capture…'

Ian was thinking that if it was going to be Behemoth, then for the Beast Alchemy there wouldn't be any shortage for devil energy.

* * *

The Eastern end of the continent.

A tall tower was standing all alone on a wasteland.

An elderly man strolled leisurely in the back of the tower, which was called the 'The Dimensions Magical Tower'.

The old man, who was strolling slowly scratched the back of his earlobe and muttered.

"Hmm, why is my ear suddenly feeling very itchy?"

And the identity of the elderly person was Gripper.

Gripper has been having a very peaceful and leisurely day in recent times.

Even a few months ago, he was suffering from the aggression happening in the Devildom, but once the Dimensional war ended, it was very peaceful.

And above all, the most satisfying thing was that the 5 Gods were no longer bothered of the world.

So, these days, he was clearing the wastelands behind the tower and had been working on the spacious and beautiful gardens.

But there was one problem, because of his greed—he made the garden a bit wider than needed.

While looking at his wide garden, Gripper muttered with a mix of emotions.

"Maybe I should take one disciple…"

Gripper, who was thinking about what kind of talent would be good, looked into the sky after hearing a familiar sound.


"Oh, that one. Where have you been today? It looks like you've eaten a very satisfying meal… it wasn't a human right?"

Prrng- Prrrng-!

A huge shadow in the sky.

Gripper was smiling with a loving smile and enjoyed the big shadow.

* * *

The Behemoth was very powerful.

One might think that it was natural for one to have a level of over 400, but such strength was something that you can't translate into words.

'This was the first, to see such an ignorant monster.'

Ian looked at the Behemoth which was unaffected even after the strongest attacks he was throwing in its direction.

Ian's average DPS (Damage Per Second) was close to one million when dealing in the common battlefield.

All of the damage done by the pets was also counted as Ian's DPS, and it was a tremendous number.

But at the current moment, when dealing with the Behemoth, Ian's average DPS was around a mere 100,000.

The Behemoth was taking about only 10% or less of the ordinary dealings.

So one could say that the monster had a great defense and resistance.

If so, when the body was big enough, then the attack power of the monster should be low, right?

But that wasn't the case.

The tail of it was so strong that with a single strike, the vitality of Bbakbbak was down to half vitality and the attack power was beyond imagination.

Ian mumbled to himself after confirming the vitality of the Behemoth was flickering.

'Phew, after attacking it for half a day I managed to take around half of the vitality.'

And Ian had been trying to grasp the pattern of attack of the Behemoth for three hours, but even then, it was awesome.

And the reason why he could shatter the vitality of the Behemoth was because he was stupid to surpass the AI.

Behemoth was slow and stupid—like a sloth, instead of having tremendous tanking power and attack power.

And that was the monster's fatal flaw.

"Karceus, get ready to use your Breath!"

"I understand, Master."

Karceus who was incarnated into its body flew to the air and took in a huge breath.

And turning its head towards the dark—opened its mouth.

And Behemoth immediately responded to it.

Kung- Kung- Kung-

It moved a little to the side and stood right in the front of Karceus to block it.

And, of course, the wide range of breath swept the entire body of the Behemoth.

At first glance, it was a slow movement, but there was a reason for the movement of the Behemoth.

It was a movement that it had done to keep its egg hidden in the dark and safe from the Breath.

[The familiar 'Karceus' invoked its unique ability Breath.]

[Fatal damage was done to the legendary monster Behemoth.]

[The vitality of Behemoth has been reduced by 137898.]

[The vitality of Behemoth has been reduced by 98997.]

[The vitality of Behemoth has been reduced by 108982.]

The vitality of the Behemoth was shattered instantly.

The Behemoth wasn't scared of getting hit by Karceus's Breath, even when it did it only lost around 5% of its vitality.


Whether the Breath worked well or not, the Behemoth scoffed.

When the red eyes were looking here and there, it was clear that he reached over his head.

And Ian knew exactly what kind of a pattern the Behemoth was going to follow.

"Everyone step back! After 3 seconds, it will later release a vibration wave!"

Ian knew exactly how much time it would take for its unique ability to be played.

At Ian's cry, as if waiting for orders, all the pets and the Undead stopped and backed away.

And soon as they went back, Behemoth's paw fell down.

Kung- Kung- Kung- kung-!

From the center of Behemoth's paw, a red 'Magic' started to spread out rapidly.

But the 'Magic wave' didn't stop until it had reached the last place that the pets had retreated to.

"Nice! Just jump in!"

In fact, the 'Vibration' was a wide-area destruction technique with enormous destructive power.

And with a familiar like Ly with weak tanking abilities, just a single scratch from it could lead to death.

But on this times attack, Ian didn't even lose a single skeleton.

Kung- Kung-

As soon as the attack was done, the Behemoth sniffled and move in the direction of Ian.

Ian's orders followed once again.

"All the tanker move back, and the attacker to the front!"

And the Behemoth's attack was from its tail.

Just a few minutes later, the Behemoth will twist its body and swing its enormous tail.

So why did the tankers step back?

Behemoth's tailing was slow because of its huge weight, and it was an attack that could be avoided, I once had great vitality and control.

It wasn't necessary for the tankers to uselessly take damage.

The tailing was slow, but the attack power it had was great, so even a user with the best tanking ability won't be able to hold it.

Kung- Kung- Kukung-!

Every time the Behemoth's tail swung, a roar sounded from the bottom of the dungeon.

So the dealers quickly began to attack the Behemoth's tail, and Ian also jumped in with his Judgement of the Spirit King on top of the Behemoth.

Puk- Puak-!

Ian who was holding a spear in his hand—pierced the Behemoth continuously.

But rather than concentrating on the attacking the Behemoth, Ian was more concerned about the overall movement of the party members.

And it wasn't a monster who could be caught with one single powerful attack, rather than just attacking it, it was important for its vitality to fall below the recoverable amount to cause any serious damage.

"Hoonie, do it more boldly, Noel move out!"

Hoonie's Undead were all crushed under its tail as they failed to escape, but that amount of damage was part of the challenge.

And Hoonie's Undead was soon forced to recover.

Ian was super tensed while looking closely at the movements of the Behemoth.

And it didn't take much time for the phase to change.

'Now in 30 sec... 20 sec… 10… 9… 8…'

The Behemoth's attack following the tail was the most dangerous of all.

And they still didn't know the exact name of the unique ability, but a whirlwind started to swing in the mapped area, and the whirlwind had magic in it.

There was no way to avoid that inherent ability, nor was there any way to block that ability.

It was an area where one had to keep using the heals and shields unconditionally.

And the reason why Ian and his party were able to hold the dot wide-area ability was because the attack was 'dot' type.

It wasn't a single-time-huge-damage kind of attack but the one were the damage was finely divided by constant attack, and they were able to withstand it because of Bbookbbook's Blessing of Abyss.

And in that way, Ian completely controlled the party as the attacks of Behemoth were on constant repeat and were able to take down its vitality.

As time moved on, it seemed like they were losing their concentration, but seeing the vitality of Behemoth cut, they once again gained energy to fight.

Over ten hours passed and the fifteenth hour came, Ian's party was now moving mechanically and systematically.

And everyone lost track of the time since the battle had began.


The Behemoth, which was like a huge mountain, finally collapsed onto the floor of the dungeon.

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