Taming Master
350 Appearance of Fusion Class – 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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350 Appearance of Fusion Class – 1


Jinsung who was taking a nap awakened due to the vibrating sound of his smartphone.

"Uh uh… who is this? Why are you calling this early in the morning…?"

The moment Jinsung opened his eyes, he realized that it was really early in the morning.

He turned his head to check the clock, and it was only 7 a.m.

Since he fell asleep at 6 p.m. in the evening, it was a very long and satisfactory sleep.

Grunting and rolling on the bed, he somehow managed to get his smartphone.

"Uh…! I was planning on sleeping for 20 hours, but I woke up seven hours earlier than what I planned."

Jinsung who was whispering to himself rubbed his eyes.

Since he was fully awakened due to his phone's vibration he didn't plan on going back to bed anymore.

Due to the very pleasant sleep he had, he was feeling energized.

'By the way, who was the one that texted me so early in the morning? There is no way Harin would've woken up so early…'

Among all the acquaintances that Jinsung knew, Harin was one who slept till afternoon.

'It won't be Yoo Hyun or Fiolan… then who?'

Seeing the senders name made Ian wonder if the message was from the right person.

[Hoonie: hyung, are you up? Come in quick! It's very important! Quickly!]

Hoonie rarely sent messages to Jinsung and called him.

'What is this? The quest is all done now, so what's this important this he's talking about? Is it really urgent?'

Ian who was still sitting on the bed got up immediately.

He took a bath. He had some breakfast and immediately reconnected.

* * *

"Yah, you got up early?"

Hoonie who had been intently waiting for someone turned his head after hearing a familiar voice.

Seeing Ian approaching from a distance, Hoonie jumped towards him and pulled Ian's arm.

"Hyung, why did it take you so long to connect?"

Ian was puzzled by his reaction.

"Yeah, I woke up a while back. I showered and reconnected right away. What are you up to, connecting this early in the morning?"

Instead of answering Ian's question, Hoonie urged Ian once again.

"Hyung, you have the skill book that you got yesterday?"

"Which one? The Dark Summoning skill book?"

Hoonie responded while nodding.

"Open it quickly for now. Go…!"

Ian opened his inventory because of Hoonies's restless behavior.

He wasn't as curious to know about the 'Fusion Skill'. He wanted to know more the reason why Hoonie had been behaving in such a manner.

'Here it is. The Fusion Skill, even though the skill grade is still at a general level, what great abilities does it have?'

Ian opened the skill book.

A system message appeared in front of Ian's eyes.

Tring –

[You have acquired the 'Fusion Skill' for the very first time.]

[The Fusion Skill menu has been added into the Skill Lock.]

[The 'Dark Summoner' skill has been created in the skill list.]

Ian immediately opened the skill window.

His eyes were shinning while looking at them.

"Uh…? I was assuming that it was a normal skill, but on the contrary, it seems like a big class?"

Hoonie, who was right next to Ian spoke.

"Open the skill information now for more surprises."

Without much thought, Ian opened the Skill information of the Dark Summoner.

Well, he was about to open it anyway without Hoonie telling him too.

[The 'Dark Summoner' skill is a sealed skill. To use the skill it must be unsealed.]

Ian was puzzled by it.

'Sealed… huh?'

However, that wasn't the end of the message.

[To unseal it, you need a 'Warlock' class' 'Seal of Darkness'.]

This made Ian's gaze naturally moved towards Hoonie who was right next to him.

Hoonie was the 1st ranker of all the existing warlock users.

Ian who met Hoonie's eyes asked.

"Hoonie, do you have the Seal of Darkness?"

"Yes of course. I don't know what had happened hyung, but the moment I opened the skill book, the Seal of Darkness skill was included in my skills."


"And the seal of darkness is for a summoner who will turn to a Dark Summoner."

It was then that Ian realized why Hoonie had been looking for him.

"So the reason why you tried to find me this early in the morning was?"

"Hehe, you're on the right track. Hyung, I wanted to use the fusion skill… and hyung, aren't you curious too?"

Ian just nodded.

It was then that he realized what the word Fusion Skill meant, and it now became much more interesting for him.

"Come on, let's go… that Seal of Darkness, let's see what it is."


Hoonie wielded his staff and cast the Seal of Darkness skill.

At that moment, a strange pattern was formed in the air, and a dark shadow popped out.


Ian was a little surprised and confused, and from the mouth of the shadow a surprising voice came out.

[The Darkness that was present since the ancient times has stepped out to connect to the souls…]


A heavy sound resonated through the air around the shadow.

Another system message popped up in front of Ian's eyes.

Tring –

[The Warlock user 'KanjiHoonie' has proposed a commitment of Darkness towards you.]

[Once the 'Dark Pledge' is accepted by both of the users, the 'Soul Recall' skill will be initiated.]

[The effect of the 'Dark Pledge' will be continued until the contract is terminated, and during that time a Dark Pledge from another Warlock cannot be placed.]

[Are you willing to accept the 'Dark Pledge'? (Y/N)]

Ian momentarily stopped but nodded the next second as he didn't find a reason to not accept it.

"I accept."

At that moment, dark energy started to go into the palm of Ian's right hand.


Ian's gaze moved to his right arm, and both his eyes went wide.


The dark energy that went through his right arm, engraved an unidentifiable sword of purple color on his hand.

The messages continued.

Tring -

[Obtained the 'Seal of Darkness'.]

[The Dark Pledge has been accepted with the user 'KanjiHoonie'.]

[Converted to the 'Dark Summoner', of Fusion Class.]

[The Fusion Class, like the dual class, is a separate class from the Summoner (Taming Master), hence they don't affect each other.]

[With the Fusion Skill, the 'Seal of Darkness' will be unsealed.]

[From this very moment, you will be able to summon or capture a 'Dark Pet'.]

[The 'Dark Summoner' class has been activated, and the 'Soul Recall (Fusion Skill)' has been registered as a subordinate skill.]

[The 'Dark Summoner' class has been activated, and the 'Dark Recall (Fusion Skill)' has been registered as a sub-skill.]

[The 'Dark Summoner' class has been activated, 'Dark Bind' skill has been created as a sub-skill.]

Ian very carefully read the messages.

As expected, he remembered all the classes he had.

'I thought that the Dual Class had been finished, and here I once again get another class…'

Ian already had a dual class called the 'Devil Summoner (The Magical Beast Transmuter)'.

Though he didn't intend for it to happen, he got a new class.

And luckily, it had no influence on his existing class, which made Ian like it.

Ian smiled.

"This seems fun, right…?"

Hoonie too nodded while agreeing.

"Even I feel the same."

With the opening of the new class, a question that he had on his mind was solved.

'This is the key to deal with the pets of the Dark.'

The Dark pets couldn't be captured even with high magic stats or the affinity was good.

When Ian first received the quest of the Daedmon Temple, he tried to capture the inhabitants in the Dark.

However, he wasn't able to capture them.

[Can't capture the Pet of Dark.] was the only message that popped up every time.

The time when they were hunting the legendary monster 'Syakelic' during the quest.

Though it was originally meant to be impossible to capture.

Thankfully, since they had the Orb of Darkness, they managed to capture 4.

'I knew that the Orb of Darkness is the key… but this is the solution to it.'

The Dark pets were familiars that could only be controlled by the Dark Summoners.

Ian who managed to simplify the information for better understanding of the concept of the Dark Summoner began to look into his newly formed skills.

'Then the Fusion Skill, is it a skill that two users of two different classes can perform together?'

There were two fusion skills and one general skill.

They looked like it would take some time for them to better understand the skill.

And most of all, Ian was more curious about how the fusion skills could be used in a play.

It was their first time to see such a thing, so they weren't able to fully comprehend it right away.


New system messages emerged in front of both Hoonie and Ian's eyes.

Those messages are not just regular messages, but a common message that was displayed to all the users of Kailan.

Tring –

[User 'Ian' and 'KanjiHoonie' were the first to unseal the 'Dark Summoner'.]

[The closed portal of the dimension has been opened.]

[From now on, Dark pets will appear in the 'Human World'.]

"What is this..? Nice timing, right?"

Ian replied to Hoonie's murmuring while reading the message.

"Well, not just monsters or normal pets but only Dark pets…?"

Once again the world's messages started to ring.

Tring –

[The hidden Fusion Class' secret has now been opened. With the 'Warlock' class and the 'Summoner' class the 'Dark Summoner' class has been opened.]

[From this day forth in the city of the Empire, you will be able to take a former office and convert it into a 'Dark Summoner' class owned.]

[The secret of the hidden Fusion Class in the dimension has been discovered for the first time.]

[The Fusion Class found till this date (1/????)]

Both Ian and Hoonie were astonished by what they had seen.

They never thought that doing the quest would give them such an honor in the entirety of Kailan.

However, out of the more than thousands of users who had checked the world message, these two were the ones who were more shocked with what happened.

As soon as the world message had been relayed, the traffic in the community page of Kailan's official community began to explode.
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    《Taming Master》