Taming Master
372 New Episode 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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372 New Episode 1

Inside a small seminar room for the Kailan team.

Na Ji-chan, a member of the planning team's team 3, was sitting with a screen in front of him, and a pile of documents on the desk.

On the screen was a large episode that was being broadcasted throughout Korea.

"I'll take a break and listen."

The episode of Luspel was 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Na Ji-chan, who was directly involved with the production of the video, knew about the scale of the update better than anyone.

'I'm sure that this is way better than any blockbuster movie.'


Na Ji-chan opened the drawer on the corner of the desk and pulled out a bag of potato chips which he had hidden and fixed his eyes on the screen.

He already knew what it contained, but he still felt that it was a fun thing to do.

As the video progressed, Na Ji-chan couldn't help but admire what the development team did.

'Hya… how can artificial intelligence manage to produce such natural images?'

Kailan's video that was being played was made with the most advanced technologies in filmmaking.

All the filmmaking methods that they put in the video were completely different.

The video which was being played throughout all the gaming channels in the country was the result of having AI inclusion in them.

Kailan's development team nudged the two empires by intervening a little with the 'oracle' that lead to war.

Of course, the users weren't the ones playing in the actual server.

It was just a simulation replicating the virtual server in the same environment of Kailan's Korean server.

During the massive update that was going to last for 12 hours, they were working on bringing the results of the simulation of real servers.

It was fair to say that the video made by LB company was just a video in which the actors in it were just edited into it and nothing more.

However, that alone needed a lot of manpower and time.

'The development team will be in real trouble from now on.'

Na Ji-chan looked over outside of his window.

A familiar building was right outside his window.

Na Ji-chan laughed while looking at the building of the development team which was painted in white.

Maybe until the sun rises tomorrow, no member of the development team would be allowed to leave the premises.


Na Ji-chan placed a potato chip into his mouth and continued watching the video with a happy face.

He then mumbled,

"Whatever, it will take some time for Ian to come."

Both of Ian's eyes would've displayed question marks if he heard what Na Ji-chan just said.

However, Na Ji-chan picked up a paper that was on the table with a casual look.

"Should I update the morning before Ian comes and maybe check it once…?"

He started to wipe his hands with the paper while the episodes played on the screen.

* * *

"Wow, Sh*t! Crazy Ass!"

"You think so? I never imagined such things?"

"Hey, Jinsung-ah. What happens to our guild now? The war is going to start right away."

Was it around thirty minutes since the episode started?

Inside Jinsung's living room, all the excitement had crumbled.

It was because the scale of the story was getting bigger and bigger.

They were all tensed at the moment because of the same reason.

It was because of the video which showed Emperor Serius of the Luspel Empire giving out orders to the other lords.

Not surprisingly, the Lotus Guild, the current largest guild in the Empire, was of no exception.

"All the users who are probably watching this video, and the NPC's will join the battle, right?"

Everyone nodded in agreement to what Harin said.

"I guess so?"

"Hmm… if that is so, won't there be guilds who have a lot to lose because of the episode's progress?"

Sewon's statement made Yoo Hyun laugh.

"Well, not sure. If LB is sensible, that wouldn't be done."

"Hmm, that is that."

Right then, Jinsung who was watching the video till now said,

"Hmm… but doesn't any of this feel weird to you guys?"

Yoo Hyun was the first to respond,

"Weird? In what sense?"

"This video that we're seeing. The time is passing by way too fast in it, and it has been just 20 minutes now. However, it's over a month there already."

"Isn't that obvious when it comes to directing, right?"

Jinsung was starting to get agitated and shook his head out of frustration.

"No, think of it clearly. If these are all the things that are happening within the servers that are currently closed, then it needs to happen at the same time as ours…"

"Huh? What makes you say that…?"

"Well, it's LB's technology, so there could be that possibility. Maybe the servers time is going quickly… but even if they were trying to place a real-time video, then could they manage to edit it with such precision and send it at the same time…?"

"Yeah. Jinsung is right."

Yoo Hyun understood what Jinsung was trying to say, and the others were shocked once they understood it as well.

As if the video was waiting for them to realize everything, a more shocking thing happened in the video.

"Uh? Wait a sec! That face over there…! Isn't that Fiolan…!?"

"Eheh? Really!! It is?"

"Oh shit, why is Fiolan unnie inside the video?"

They were all watching the screen with shock registered on their face.

Fiolan was the lord of Pyro Domain, and she was under the command of the Emperor of Serius.

They seemed like they have been called on behalf of the nobles in the central continent.

Pyro was one of the largest and most powerful power holders of the Luspel Empire, and she was there as a representative.

Emperor Serius soon gave orders to all of the members there while bringing out a sword then the screen changed.

This time, it was a battlefield in the north, full of pure white snow.

However, that wasn't the end of the scene, there was another familiar face on the TV screen.

* * *

A golden ray of light.

A man with a golden helmet and a lightweight armor on him.

He jumped off from the back of a large black dragon while wielding a golden spear.


At the same time, the dragon emitted purple breath out of its mouth.


The man's golden spear pierced the armors of the knights on the red horses.

A yellow light flashed and lightning fell onto the ground.

Kwarrng- Kwang kwang-!

The moment he extended his hand towards the fallen horse, a white horse came in its place.

The white horse's dead body, which was supposed to be lying on the floor, rose.

And with it, the horse's white skin turned black.

A man approached the black horse who had bone wings.

"Kill the enemy! Charge with power!"

His voice rang all over the battlefield.

All the soldiers of Luspel began to scream enthusiastically.

"Waohhh! With power!!"

"Ian the great has come!"

"Destroy the enemies! There is no way for us to get defeated now!"

Hundreds of horsemen were flocking with the Luspel Empire's flags.

Two dragons with dozens of Wyverns were flying in the air and were trampling their enemies.

At last a man got on top of the Hargasus and began to move to the north of the battlefield.

In the distance, the screen showing the battlefield was getting closer and closer to the man clad in gold.

Finally, the back of the man who was wielding the spear was shown in full screen.

His rear view had the aura of the Absolute pouring out.

However, that wasn't the end.

At that moment, the angle of the camera had suddenly rotated, and the man's face began to appear on the screen.

Shinning because of the golden helmet were the eyes of the man.

Most of the man's body was covered, but the man was famous for his appearance.


His face filled the screen.

* * *

- Him! He has come, everyone!

- Keuu! Lord! Get me a bucket of chicken!

- LOL, why are you looking for chicken when you have a treat in front of your eyes!

- Wow really, that is Ian's AI?

- Oh, oh maybe. All the users there are working on his AI.

- Kya, Even Ian's AI is terrifying.

- I know right. However, will the AI be able to perform on par with the original user's abilities?

- Well, I'm not sure hehe, it's not the control, it's just that Ian's character itself is very hot…

- Haha, I'm that user from the Kaimon Empire. My character just got killed by Ian's hands. Guys, I need some comfort.

- Hehehehehe oh shit, hehehe you belong to the North?

- The warrior dying in the hands of Ian's spear…! I'm jealous….!

- No, LOL what is this guy lol why are you getting jealous if you're dead… you crazy! Lol, the AI fights and dies like a pussy? I guess there is no death penalty as it is AI.

- Ahe, I don't think so lol.

There were a lot of users who were watching the episode on the TV, but there were many who were watching it through the internet broadcast.

It was fun to watch the video in real time while discussing things with the netizens, and it was several times fun.

As always, Ian once again made an appearance in the chat.

- This is really popcorn worthy hehe I expected something good in this server update but didn't see this coming.

- But guys, is there a fan of Ian in the LB planning team? No, it looks like an Ian Mad movie as soon as the war started, which is why I'm suspicious hehe.

- That's just how it is dude… the one that came up first was Shakran hehe of the Kaimon's Empire II? He just came out while you were talking.

- Hehe, really?

- Huh, hehe. He appeared around 5 seconds ago.

- Our Fiolan unnie too has come but got ignored.

Ian's battle in the north was shown on the screen for 3 long minutes, and the screens were constantly changing.

The screen started displaying images of the battlefield throughout the continent.

Watching the video was fun.

All the users turned their eyes onto the screen with full focus to check and see if their avatars would make an appearance on the screen, while some cheered for their favorite ranker.

The new episode footage was spectacular.

Many empires emerged, and a strategy was established. Siege warfare and many conflicts came.

In that story, the newly updated information of the world view was being given here and there.

There was a lot of information on quests about artifacts and information about the hidden dungeon and named monsters.

The new episode opening video was 6 hours.

Yet users who loved Kailan couldn't keep their eyes off the screen.
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    《Taming Master》