Taming Master
388 Egg of the Magical Beast 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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388 Egg of the Magical Beast 3

"The manner how I hatched the egg of… Selipa?"


"Oho? Why are you curious about it? Don't tell me that you have another egg like that?"

Gripper's eyes were shining while asking Ian that question.

Ian shook his head and spoke,

"Hmm… not the same egg, I have a few eggs of some legendary beasts, and with all the tires that I did, I haven't seen a single sigh of hatching. If I know about how the Selipa was obtained, then I can use that to hatch my eggs too…"

"Hm, well."

Hearing it, Gripper was stroking his beard and decided to speak after a second.

"However, even by knowing the way how I hatched Selipa, you won't be able to hatch yours."

Ian couldn't help but be shocked at the answer that he had heard from Gripper.


Gripper leaned onto the table and continued,

"A legendary rank egg can't be done in the same way."

"Is that so?"

"From what I know, there are a lot of legendary eggs, and each of them has its own way to hatch."


Ian couldn't help but feel disappointed hearing what Gripper had to say.

It felt like he had lost the fish that was in his hand.

But the disappointment was for a while.

But Ian's eyes began to shine again.

'If he knows what the method to hatch an egg is different for the legendary… then there could be much more information that Gripper has than what he was saying?'

And seeing Ian who was in thoughts, Gripper spoke again,

"Do you by any chance know what kind of a legendary monster it is? If I know that, then maybe I can be of some help to you."

Ian who listened to it, couldn't help but feel elated.

Which was why Ian had answered immediately.

"The legendary Magical beast; Behemoth's egg. That egg that I had received from the Behemoth—it is 90% of the same kind, from what I have analyzed."

"Ugh, Behemoth!"

Gripper touched his chin and slowly rose from his seat.

And asked Ian to move with him.

"Come over here, Ian. It seems like I need to get into the archives after a long while."

Ian jumped out of his seat and followed Gripper.

* * *

A dusty shelf was on the corner of the room.

Gripper knocked off the dust from the bookshelf and with a voice that had a tint of longingness spoke and pulled out an old book.

"Behemoth. It seemed like something that I had heard quite often, it was the name of one of the earliest magical beasts."

The moment he had heard the word 'Most earliest', Ian's eyes went bigger.

"A monster who was the earliest? What is that?"

Gripper started to explain,

"There were many species of magical beasts in the present Devildom, and they are so hard to count. I know you've been to the Devildom too."

"It is like that."

"And perhaps most of the people, including you too, know all of them as the creatures that were made by the creators."

It was the first time for Ian to hear it, but he was still feeling dizzy of all the information.

"Well, for now, let's just say that."

And Gripper went on explaining.

"But that isn't the truth. Among the creatures that we see today, there aren't even 20 magical beasts that were actually created by the Gods."

"Then the others…?"

"It can be said that they were born from the crossbreeding among those Magical beasts, hence, not the direct creation of the Gods, they were just naturally occurring species."

The story that Gripper was saying was quite long but was captivating.

Which was why Ian was able to concentrate and listen to it.

"Well, Let's talk about the origin of the Magical Beast now... Let's move to the point now."

Ian was getting very excited as he noticed how low Gripper's voice had fallen to.

"When the Behemoth was created in the beginning, there were two more beasts that were created alongside with it."

While Gripper was still speaking, he waved his hands in the air.

Surprisingly, a hologram appeared in that spot.

One of the magical beasts was something Ian was familiar with, and the other two were ones he had never seen.

Then, there were monsters in the video who were glancing at Ian.

'God, I was scared.'

And Gripper continued seeing no change in Ian's expression.

"The earliest of the magical beasts were symbolic of something, they were for the Earth, the Sea and the Sky. And the Behemoth represents the Earth."

Ian mumbled to himself.

"The earth… now that I think, it sure did seem like it."

The unique effect of Behemoth had a trembling effect.

When he thought of the hard skin of the guy which was like a rock, Ian felt satisfied hearing the story about Behemoth being the symbol of the earth.

Gripper then moved onto the other two.

"Then there is the seven-headed dragon the Leviathan, who symbolizes the sea. And the sea of the Devildom 'Mahay'…"

Gripper took a deep breath and pointed to the guy who resembled a Griffin.

"And finally, that magical beast 'Zeus', he is the symbol of the sky in the world of Devildom."

The story of the Behemoth was very interesting and Ian's expectation kept on rising while listening to it.

Behemoth, whom he only knew as a legendary magical beast, was a much special guy than he had imagined.

'He has explained it eloquently… don't tell me there is no way for it to be hatched, you won't say that, right?'

Ian tried to swallow the sudden feeling of anxiety that was in his mind and asked Gripper,

"By the way, Gripper."


"I've been around the Devildom, but I haven't ever seen a sea in the Devildom. Where is the place where a sea is located in the Devildom?"

Ian was curious about it.

When he had entered the Devildom, from the 127th division Ian had managed to go to the 13th division, he had moved more than 100 divisions. But he had never seen the word 'sea' in the map of the Devildom.

Gripper laughed and nodded.

"It is true that you haven't ever seen that in the Devildom. The sea in the Devildom is of a different concept than the sea that we know of."

"A concept…"

"The sea of the Devildom is a huge landmass containing many parts of the Devildom. It means that it is the whole of the Dimension itself which is called as the 'Miracle'."


Ian was confused and seeing this Gripper laughed.

"Huhu, maybe when you understand the concept, you won't make such an expression."

"Well, I think so. But now, the important thing is to crack open those Behemoth eggs."

"Yeah, about that. I'll let you know what is written in this book."

The main part of the stories had passed, and now the most important.

The story of the Behemoth's eggs hatching had finally come.

* * *

Fortunately, it wasn't impossible for the Behemoth's eggs to be hatched.

It just needed some materials.

And their preparation was of two kinds.

The first was the 'Extreme Fire', which was considered as the Fire of the Devildom which gives out intense heat.

From the explanation that Gripper said, the 'Extreme Fire' was an essential factor for hatching the eggs of the legendary monsters.

The eggs of the common magical beast just needed basic magic to hatch, but the legendary ranked ones needed stronger magic.

And the Extreme fire can be attained by presenting magic at the altar of the Devildom God.

The second thing that was needed, was the seal of the Spirit Power, which has the Behemoth's Magic Seal.

It was the special condition that the Behemoth had, and it was actually a demanding condition.

"Behemoth's cubs are known to absorb the spirit power of the mother Behemoth… but maybe… the eggs should have died the moment your hands touched them."

"Re, really?"

"Which is why you need the seal."

Ian had received the item called the 'Spirit Magic Seal Stone' from Gripper and checked the information of the item.

- - - -

Spirit Magic Seal Stone –

Classification – Miscellaneous

Rank – Hero

This is an artifact that can be used to seal the spirit of a specific magical beast, it was created by the Dimension's Keeper Gripper, by using his magical engineering.

If you process the seal on the magical beast, then you will be able to acquire the spirit segment of that specific magical beast.

Only one soul can be sealed at a time, and once used, it cant be used once again. It is a one-time use monster.

At the time of sealing the spirit, you can acquire a minimum of 30 to a maximum of 100 spirits at a random.

Can't be used on humans and humanoid species.

- - -

Ian, who had just checked the information window of the item had his eyes shining.

'Ohho, this… an item that would be so useless after one use?'

A seal that could extract at least 30 to 100 spirit.

And when considered with the 10 soul stones that are dropped when a beast was killed, this was an amazing artifact.

And who had taken the Soul Seal Stone, put it into his inventory, and Gripper's word continued,

"Bring back the soul of the Behemoth with this Soul Seal Stone. And you will be able to hatch the egg."

Now, Gripper smiled, indicating that he was done.

But there was a problem.

A very deadly problem to be exact.

"But… how am I supposed to embrace a Behemoth's soul?"

At the question of Ian, Gripper responded as if it wasn't a big deal.

"That is simple. After hunting the Behemoth, you just need to activate the seal on to his body, and you will be able to extract the soul stones from it. but, that needs to be done within a minute of its demise."

Was the problem solved?

Not in the least.

If a Behemoth could be found, then Ian wouldn't have tried so hard to hatch the eggs.

Even though hunting it was a tough task, Ian would have done it to collect the souls.

Which was why Ian was in such a huge confusion.

"No matter where I look in the Devildom, I can't find the Behemoth. So what am I supposed to do?"

It was the first time for Gripper to have frowned at such conversation.

"Uhmm… although the primordial magical beasts are rare ones, it is not like they don't exist."

"… then if they don't, is there another way?"

Gripper closed his eyes and thought for a while.

Ian was anxiously waiting for the answer, and right then, Gripper had opened the wrinkled eyes of his.

"There is a way."

"Uh, what kind of way is it?"

Ian was enthusiastic about it and stood up; both men stood face to face.

And Gripper spoke,

"You must go directly to the underworld and find the soul of a Behemoth that is wandering there. It's easy to say, you need to bring the soul of the Behemoth in a seal right from Hell."

Now, it was Ian's expression that was distorted.
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