Taming Master
394 A Strange Quest 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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394 A Strange Quest 3

Specifically for special circumstances such as a large-scale war, Kailan's party system could have a maximum of 20 members.

The same goes with boss raids.

As far as the rewards from a boss raid were concerned, being in a party wasn't that necessary.

The Raid Boss gave out very low experience points, and even its item drops weren't similar to the number of players participating.

Of course, if one belonged to the same team, they would move in a systematic manner and perform more skillfully. In the end, all of them were a team.

Which was why the users who were watching the boss raid were thrilled.

Honestly, users were thrilled because most of the ranked players from the human world participated in the raid.

- This is crazy awesome. Isn't this the first time since the Dimensional War?

- I think so. It was supposed to be a broadcast of the level 450 raid boss, but this is an unexpected turn of events.

- Kya, the day I get to see the duo of Shakran and Ian…! Really happy.

- Me too… who knew the day Shakran and Ian teaming up is upon us.

It wasn't just the netizens, but the users who were on the scene were confused as well.

It was an incredibly powerful boss, and for these rankers to all come as if they promised each other that they would meet up.

"Shakran! Throw a sign for me once the raid is over!"

"Ian! Won't it be nice if you do it instead?! Let's party up!"

The rankers were happily checking up on each other when suddenly...

The Monarch of the Army roared which made the atmosphere of the battlefield feel tense.

[All of you! I'll kill every single one of you!]

A powerful and intimidating roar reverberated throughout the land.

Ian thought to himself after seeing the Monarch of the Army who was under the protection of his Undead Corps.

'Huh, can I use God's Rage here…!'

Ian thought about the myth class equipment—God's Rage—which had been sleeping in his inventory for a long time.

God's Rage was Ian's second myth class weapon. He couldn't use the weapon yet since he hadn't met the condition of being a Noblesse yet.

In fact, Ian had been trying to become a Noblesse already.

However, in order to become a Noblesse class, he had to meet with the Devil King which he hadn't done yet.

Ian visited Liliana in the past, but he didn't have the time now to return to her city.

'Well, it's so upsetting that I can't use it yet.'

Ian climbed on Halli's back as usual while giving Karceus and Bbookbbook instructions.

"Be watchful when using Breath. Stand back"

"Okay, Bbook!"

"Understood, master."

Until they could find out the skills and attack pattern of the raid boss, it was a good idea to just stay back for now as their skills had a long cooldown time.

"Levya, you wouldn't mind being in the defense right?"

"Not at all, Ian."

Right beside Levya was the Knight class user—Romur.

"You want us to hold our positions?"

Ian nodded and responded,

"Yes, Romur. Let's observe things first for now."


Levya waved her hands in the air once each person's role was determined.

"May the Light fall upon the battlefield."


Then, through the dark clouds in the sky, numerous rays of light penetrated into the battlefield and fell on the users.

[You have received the Light for 15 minutes.]

[Maximum vitality increased by 10%.]

[Defense increased by 5%.]

[While the light is on you, it will absorb 3% of the damage a user receives.]

The users who received the buff became really happy upon receiving it.

"What? Is this a fraudulent buff skill?"

"Was there a skill like this in the Priest's skill list?"

"Wow… well, a first-place ranker is surely on a different level."

Users were admiring the amazing buff effect they just got.

However, it didn't end there.

Levya who just triggered the buff flew into the air.


The white wings on her back began to light up while raising them high.

Ian who saw it was lost in his thoughts.

'What kind of item is that? Is that some kind of a cloak item.'

If users could fly freely through the air, their chances of making an impact on the battlefield were tremendous.

Of course, it was possible to fly using a pet that had the flight skill, like Karceus that Ian had. However, it was different if a user could fly by themselves.

Ian took out the Judgment of the Spirit King. He then grunted as he ran towards the Undead legion with Halli.

'Oh, Where the hell did that Hoonie go? It would have been a lot easier if the Hargasus was summoned.'

The Fusion skill of the Dark Summoner could only be activated when the contractor—Hoonie—was present.

Among them were the Hargasus' ability to fly and descend, and that made Hoonie's absence more upsetting to Ian.

* * *

"Oh ho, so you want to find the old document about Lugarix, the Dragon of Darkness."

"Huh. I would like to see the documents of Kades and the Immortal as well as Lugarix. Somehow I need to make the dragon choose my side."

Hoonie told Lilson the whole story about the quest, its progress, and the plot of Kades.

Lilson—a Lotus Guild member—didn't have much information to share to Hoonie.

Lilson was amazed by the story that Hoonie just told him.

"Wow… NPCs are trying to scam users now?"

"I know right. Was he even conscious of it? I almost followed the game without thinking too much about it. Hyung, you should be careful too."

Lilson touched his forehead and said,

"Yeah. I need to be careful too. I haven't received such a fake quest yet…"

Lilson began to search through his inventory.

"Wait a minute. I'll take a look at my inventory. There's certainly some books or artifacts related to this quest of yours."

"Okay, please help me out hyung."

As Lilson searched through his inventory, items started to pop out of it.

Tok- totok- tok-

[A record of the war of the Ancients and Asmodians.]

[The Holy Dream and the Holy Grail's secret.]

[The destruction of the Arnovel Empire and the birth of the Kaimon Empire.]


As Hoonie was checking the information of the ancient books that came out from Lilson's inventory, his gaze became fixated on one title.

'Kailan's 17 Gods and 13 Devil Gods… huh?'

Hoonie was a user who played the game with utmost seriousness.

The word 'serious' meant that he was very different from casual users.

He tried to be fully aware of the worldview and the situation that was happening in the game while he was playing.

For example, behaving and speaking the same as a real warlock.

Which was why many think of him as a real warlock.

Hoonie had a better understanding of Kailan's worldview than anyone else.

Casual users didn't take a good look at the cinematic images on the official homepage of Kailan, but Hoonie paid close attention to them.

However, seeing the title 13 Devil God's was a first even for Hoonie.

'This looks interesting.'

Hoonie asked Lilson who was still searching through his inventory very intently without even paying a bit of attention to Hoonie,

"Lilson hyung, can I read this book?"

Lilson nodded without even looking at Hoonie.

"Cool. I'll keep looking for books that will be handy for me."

Hoonie picked up the book the moment Lilson agreed to lend it to him.

He was very curious about the 13 Devil God's and felt that he could find some clues in the book.

Hoonie could feel his heart beating stronger as he looked at the old and thick cover of the book.

In the very first chapter, there was a line written in gold that didn't match the book's yellow paper.

It was a phrase that appeared in the cinematic video that was screened for the first character that was created for Kailan.

[At the beginning of Kailan, there were a total of 17 Gods with different powers.]

* * *

The power of the Gods came from believers.

In short, as believers worshipped the Gods, their powers became stronger.

So, could it be said that if there were no believers, the Gods would lose their powers?

That wasn't it.

Whether the believers exists or not, the inherent power of the Gods that had been there since the beginning would always be powerful.

The Gods had always been competing amongst themselves because the order of the Gods was decided based on the power they possessed.

The Gods who were powerful enough to be embodied in the dimensional world were given that position.

The harmony of the dimensional world and to protect its balance.

If the Gods got blinded by greed and neglected their responsibility, then the humans would stop worshipping them, and their powers would become weak.

Hoonie kept reading the book with the utmost concentration.

"That is why there are only five gods in the Dimensional War."

A part of Hoonie was always curious about stuff.

It was evident that there were 17 Gods who defended the human world when they first encountered the game, but most of the NPCs in the human's dimension only knew the existence of five Gods.

The Gods that had once appeared in the Human World had always been the five Gods.

Those things had always seemed strange to Hoonie, and he knew why now.

In addition, he now knew the reason why Kades was acting that way towards him.

'Kades wants to raise his influence by helping out Richie.'

Once Richie King set up the Empire of Darkness, Kades' power would surely get stronger.

The God that followed the dead and the God of Darkness.

One of the questions that had been bugging Hoonie was answered.

However, that didn't make Hoonie stop reading the book.

There was still a lot of interesting topics left that Hoonie would surely love to find out.

'The relationship between the Dragon of God and God. I need to find out about it.'

Hoonie who normally hated reading books was now reading one with a lot of enthusiasm.

Hoonie came across something that caught his attention.

He found the chapter that he was looking for.

[Messenger of God, and their activities.]

Hoonie began to read the phrase quickly.

Hoonie couldn't read the book properly since there was a lot of parts that were torn off, yet his concentration was higher than ever.

Hoonie then found a few interesting facts.

[Colonial, year 3950.]

[The terrifying army of the Asmodians has invaded the continent.]

[They were cruel and powerful.]

[The human army lacked the power to stop the evil Asmodians, and many people died in their hands.]

[One day, however, the invincible Kaizer appeared.]

[He was courageous and mighty, and his great sword destroyed many Asmodians and magical beasts.]

[He was the messenger of Mares—the God of War.]

Hoonie laughed.

It was because he knew about it in the past dimensional war.

However, his fascination turned into frustration the very next moment.

The truth about Kaizer's memories disappearing, yet still managing to keep his relationships.


Hoonie once again looked at the book.

He found something interesting again.

He read the record he found with much anticipation.

[Colonial, 2547.]

[There was a terrible plague throughout the Empire.]

[Many people cried in pain, and the children with weak constitution died helplessly.]

[One day, however, the saint Ernasa appeared.]

[The saint blessed the light on the people with infectious diseases.]

[She was the messenger of the Goddess of Light—Ernesis.]

"The God of Light, Ernesis…?"

This was the first time Hoonie heard about this God, and it made him confused.

'Are there more than five gods that created reality? Then why aren't we seeing them now? Could it be that they lost their power?'

Hoonie continued to turn the pages of the book passionately.

He soon found the information he was looking for the most.

Thanks to that, he was able to recall a video that he had forgotten.
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