Taming Master
400 Dragon of Darkness 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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400 Dragon of Darkness 1

'I will be given the God's Dragon, Elcarix…?!'

It would be wrong to even say that it was rare, it was a tremendous reward for a quest.

Ian hadn't misread it, yet he once again went through the contents of the rewards.

And apparently, the reward was the dragon 'Elcarix' itself. Also, it was mentioned as a 'myth rank familiar'.

Holding the Judgment of the Spirit King in his right hand, even without Ian realizing he was fully driven.


Ian checked the difficulty of the quest.

In the column of difficulty, there was a triple S grade which symbolized the highest degree of difficulty for a quest.

However, Ian started to get skeptical.

'Triple S is a bit lacking… such a reward can be understood if the quest was penta S grade.'

But that suspicion was only for a moment.

A myth rank familiar—that too is a God's Dragon.

'This, this… I don't know if I can make a collection of the God's Dragon.'

Ian looked at Ernesis once again and bowed his head.

"Never. I will never let you down."

Ernesis who was satisfied with his reply smiled,

"It isn't an easy task, but I believe that you'll be able to do it."

At the answer from Ian, the Goddess of Light, Ernesis began to feel much better.

But the answer was actually much closer to the commitment Ian had for the reward, rather than for Ernesis.

* * *

North of the Central Continent.

The unknown land was blocked by the power of darkness. It was finally been opened by the users.

The gate had opened the very moment the raid boss was taken down.

A wide plateau connecting the Northern Malacca and the Central Shikar Desert.

It wasn't as big as the central continent, but when the new map had opened, users jumped in for it.

Always in the Kailan—a new content had always attracted the attention of many users.

After the canyon of the North of the Central continent, the white plateau spread out from the Ulphir mountain.

The name of it was 'Heinz Plateau'.

All thanks to the map, the recent official community page of Kailan was full of the stories regarding it.

- - - - - -

Title: Users who are hunting in the Heinz plateau! Help out the newbie!

Hello. Not long ago I went with a guild party to hunt the magical beasts of the Ulphir mountains.

I'll just ask a few questions that I'm curious about.

What are the necessities for entering the Heinz plateau? And I'll be pleased to know if there is another area with little lacking specs!

The Undead of the Heinz plateau, is said to be so high that they only drop the heroic rank for warlocks? From what I have heard, the drop for the warlocks has been the highest.

If there are a lot of people. Then, how will it be divided…?
I would like to hear from an actual reviewer.

Ah! And I'm curious about another thing, how many times per hour the contribution will be accumulated.


For reference, my specs are of level 257 Black magician. I have a two-tier class.

I would really appreciate it if you could share a recommended map, party composition, and the item settings!

You can refer to the detailed specs from the screenshot given below.


PS. I have 10 million gold in deposit, so if you can let me know of the item settings, I will raise my specs while investing in them.

- - - - -

The biggest feature of the Heinz plateau was that it was mostly made of the Undead.

So the biggest advantage that was derived from it, was the 'contribution' that it gave to the new episode.

During the episode, there was an accumulation of the contribution when hunting all the Chalian related-Undead.

Until the end of the episode, till the Richie King Chalian is caught, this contribution could be used for an item, as experience points or even for gold—which was why it was a tremendous merit.

Also, the drop rate for the warlocks-only item was so high that the warlock users were especially tilted to it.

But the ones who could enter the Heinz plateau were just one or two of the warlocks.

Like the above-mentioned post.

- He he he, Mr, what do you think of the Heinz plateau, some kind of a playground? Would anyone enter with a 257? Hehe.

- Wow, 257 is surely not a level that would be enough to enter the Heinz plateau, but I think I'll be open if you just try out the outer region? If one is around mid 200, then you still have a 30% chance to succeed.

- Right. If you have more than 15 million Gold, you'll be able to play in the outskirts.

- You haven't even got a level that starts with the third digit. ( Compulsory )

Immediately after the first episode began, the normal users of the central continent had suffered some damage by the Undead corps descending from the North.

The high-level of Undead were also being a problem. And the number that came down was a huge problem too.

But when the users learned about the contribution, and when the information about the Undead began to be released, the situation changed.

High-level users who were hunting across the continent were flocking to the north of the Central continent like a swarm of bees.

The army of darkness which had come down from the north was attacked by the users who were in there for a hunt, and the undead was all taken down.

Moreover, the Northern Part of the Central continent had been opened with the Heinz plateau. It had a rather contrary situation from what the users expected.

The users were the ones who were concerned this time.

- But guys, is this episode too hard or not?

- Huh? Why is it?

- No, what I mean is. Nowadays, the Heinz plateau seems to be exploited in an instant, and if one manages to catch the Richie King who's hiding in there, it's the end of the new episode.

- Yeah. Like you've said, maybe the ranker will be the one to find the Richie King?

- Ah, no way. Will the LB company end the new episode so quickly? Just wait on. Something will surely pop out from somewhere.

- Hmmm, is that so? It maybe because one doesn't know, but the users are underestimating the LB… in fact, the new episode with the Heinz plateau difficulty isn't that low.

- Keu, LB is really pitiful he he he, this content isn't enough to put restlessness, all the real gamers are consuming the content way faster. How can they work if they can't make their employees beat the other companies at this stuff?

In the beginning, the users were worried about the comfort the game was putting them in.

However, it turns out such worries of those users were indeed a little off.

* * *

Somewhere deep in the Heinz plateau.

At the white peaks of mountainous snow, which were still untouched by man;

At the top of the tower, the king of Undead—the Richie King gave out a terrifying presence.

The appearance of the Richie King, where there was no flesh but just bones on him.

Instead of the pupils that humans have, the eyes of the Richie King had a light in them.

Richie King who was all prepared opened his mouth,

"The preparations, are they done?"

He asked with a sassy and fear instilling voice.

A voice that had no emotion and a black image appeared in front of him.

The young man walked towards the Richie King.

As he walked out of the darkness, the appearance of the young man could be seen slightly.

With a purple robe and white skin, it was a warlock.

He opened his mouth while looking at Chalian,

"My great king. All the preparations are done."

Chalian nodded and spoke,

"Nice, we're finally ready. It has taken longer than I anticipated."

"I apologize for that, my king. But the legions of the Undead have been prepared much more perfectly."

Ttak- tak-!

As Chalian smiled, the bones seemed to have intertwined, making a bizarre sound.

There wasn't any flesh, and there were muscles that couldn't be seen that clearly on the body of Chalian.

As the muscles of the Richie King moved, the face of the Richie King had turned much more grotesque to look.

Chalian wasn't done yet.

"That's fine. Their resistance is much better than I had imagined. And the biggest reason why too much of my soul has been lost is your fault."

"I'll repent for that, my King of Darkness."

Richie King raised his hand.

Right next to him, a new warlock had appeared.

He came forward and quietly kneeled before Chalian.

"Did you get the 'thing' from the Kades?"

"Yes, I did, King."

The new black magician took out an old parchment from his hand.

And showed it to Chalian who was in front of him.

"Nice. Perfect. Ha haha…! I, Chalian will now use the power of the God of Darkness. Kyahhhh!"

Chalian raised his hands and picked up the parchment paper.

In a flash, a blue light shines, making the old parchment disappear quickly.

But that wasn't the end.

From the burned parchment paper, black sparks were coming—which were absorbed into the body of Chalian.

"Kahha, Kyahhh!"

The energy of darkness seemed to be an enormous power.

Inside the tower, there was nothing except for the wicked smile from Chalian could be heard.

Giving Chalian a few moments, the warlock who had bought the parchment to him decided to speak.

His voice was serious this time.

"King, there was a word that God of Darkness has said."

Chalian, who was drunk with the power in his body, slowly turned his head and asked,

"What was it?"

"For the time being, helping Chalian will be tough."

Chalian's expression distorted hearing those words.


"That even I don't…"

The black warrior was hesitating to answer what he didn't know, at which Chalian had told him.

"I have already received a lot of power, so it isn't much of a sorrow for me…"

The blue light which was still burning had now turned into a purple flame.

And after a while, Chalian held up his staff.

"Now, it starts! My sons. We will advance to the continent and kill the arrogant humans and build our Empire of Darkness."

With those words, the dark obsidian at the end of Chalian's staff, began to shine in purple.

Chalian moved backward.

The old door on the top of the tower opened, and a white snowy terrace had opened.

Chalian walked slowly and the energy of the staff had turned much more intense.

Within a while.

When Chalian had come into the sight.



"Our King! Our father!"

"For the glory of our king Chalian!"

Huge screams and shouts that could rip of any humans' eardrums reverberated through the air.

In the vast snowy field in front of the magical tower, there was an enormous legion of darkness that no one could count.

This was the Chalians, who started to counter-attack.

* * *

On the other hand, when the legions of the darkness were beginning to erupt.

"It looks like this is the correct coordinates…"

"We found it right, hyung. After the gorge, the Dragon's lair will surely come out."

"Uh, Hoonie. That looks like a dead-end, right?"

The three of them had arrived at the Lugaric mountains.

They were looking for a rare dragon—the Dragon of Darkness 'Lugarix'.

"Oh, there! It is over there!"

As the voice of Hoonie rang, both Ian and Levya's gaze turned the very moment.

And there it was, the huge entrance to the lair of the dragons, which was boasting with majestic energy.
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