Taming Master
422 The Appearance of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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422 The Appearance of the Dragon of Light, Elcarix 2

"Hmm, I slept well. How far have we come, mom?"

"Halfway. We still have a lot to go, so sleep a little more."

"Half…? Just halfway?"

"Yeah, we do this every year. Why are you still so shocked?"


The first day of Chuseok holiday.

The scream of Young Hoon echoed through the highway.

Even though he couldn't, he tried to sleep for two to three hours, but he was frustrated at the fact that he only came halfway.

'Uh, will I be able to go to Kailan today at least. It will be 2 am already once we get there.'

Young Hoon, who was depressed, instinctively turned on his smartphone.

If he could go to Youcast and watch a video of Kailan, time would at least seem to move fast.

However, Young Hoon who pressed the Youcast icon quickly turned it off and clicked the official homepage of Kailan instead.

'Right, why didn't I think of that? There was a popular video broadcast in the official community!'

Of course, Youcast too had interesting videos of Kailan, but it was hard to see real-time videos of top users there.

Since there were no personal videos to be uploaded live in Youcast, no top ranker uploaded their own personal videos.

The videos of the rankers in Youcast were mostly edited videos.

"What to see… here! The banner is so big!"

After finding the event page easily since it was on the main page of the community, Young Hoon immediately opened his messenger and contacted Semi.

They had the kind of friendship that those who were suffering due to the holidays had.

However, what he got was a betrayal.

- Yah! Semi, what are you doing now?

- I'm busy.

- It's not the time to be busy! We need to go to the community and watch the video!

- I'm busy watching them.

- …!

Young Hoon lost his mind upon seeing Semi's message. He quickly set the order of the videos to look at them on a ranking basis.

Young-Hoon was surprised the moment he touched the top rank video.

"Keu, Yeah, surely Ian! No, Jinsung senior!"

The moment he started to watch the video, all the sense of betrayal he felt vanished in an instant.

"Surely, 1st place!"

After the day he realized that Jinsung and Ian were the same person, Jinsung turned into a role model to Young Hoon.

It was surprising enough that he had a girlfriend who was as majestic as a goddess, and 'Ian' who never let out his identity apart from being an acquaintance to such a person. Young Hoon who wanted to be a gamer couldn't help but admire him.

'This will be the future of gaming fans!'

Once he saw Ian's video, he clicked on it and watched the video with utmost concentration.

"Young Hoon-ah, don't look at your smartphone like that; you will hurt your eyes."
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"Ah, mom, this is a very important moment!"

"Huh, What will you become if you keep looking at those games like that?"

"I'll become Ian."

"Ian? What is that?"

"There is something like that."

Even though his mom was continuously nagging him, Young Hoon didn't lose even a little bit of concentration and kept watching the video.

Once he got into the video, all the stress that was built inside of him up from staying in the car for too long vanished.

"Keu, Yeah! That's it!"

The point where Young Hoon opened the video was the battle with the Khalifa, which made him even more excited.

Everything even before the Death Meteor strategy that they pulled off was exciting

Especially when the Courageous Commander, Cameres appeared. Young Hoon couldn't contain his excitement anymore.

"Kay! So Sick!"

"Young Hoon-ah, do you need to go to the bathroom? Should I stop at the rest stop?"


Young Hoon didn't respond to what his mother was saying and concentrated on the video once again.

However, the video stopped showing anything 30 minutes after the appearance of the Dragon Army.

Ian's party which completed the quest was heading somewhere.

Young Hoon was almost about to fall asleep because of that.

But after a while…

Chang- Chchang-!

The sound of something started to ring in his ears, and Young Hoon's eyes began to shine brightly once again.

'Is the battle going to start once again?'

Young Hoon sat up straight and watched the video again.

It was obvious that Ian joined the battle and from then the highlight should start.

The eyes of Young Hoon who were shining like gems went wide at something that he saw in the video.

'Wha... what? This is my first time seeing that kid.'

Ian recalled the summoning to the center of the battlefield. There was also a girl that suddenly appeared in the middle of the battlefield.

'This is what Jinsung sunbae does…!'

The place where the girl was standing on was right in front of the Ghost Dragon.

Young Hoon couldn't help but get nervous at what was about to happen in the video.

However, he never doubted Jinsung's instincts.

As an enormous skill started to be played, the mouth of Young Hoon went wide because of shock.

Light began to spread out instantly, and all the combatants in the field were covered with a white shield.

As the shield was placed, the breath swept through the entire field yet no one got hurt.

No matter how weak the shield's durability was, Kailan's defense system blocked the attack successfully.

For example, if an attack that had 30 damage was done to a shield with 30 durability three times, the shield could avoid 60 points of damage.

However, if an attack dealt 90 damage in just one strike, the shield would crack, but the damage wouldn't be applied.

To keep all their allied forces standing even after being hit by the Breath, Young Hoon couldn't help but admire that scene.

He was quick to deduce the identity of the little girl.

'The Dragon of Light, Elcarix! Elcarix has polymorphed into a little girl!'

Young Hoon's concentration increased.

Things had just become more interesting now.

* * *

"Ian! It's Ian! Ian came!"

"Our majesty, Ian had stepped into the battlefield!"

"Raise your swords! Your majesty has come back!"

"Done! Let's take back the Keaton Manor!"

As soon as Ian came into their sight, the whole ground started to fill with excitement.

Users, as well as NPCs of the Lotus Kingdom, were all pumped up.

Ian to them was like a guaranteed victory.

Especially, a warrior who wasn't able to grasp the condition of the field had a much higher belief and confidence in Ian.

It was faith.

"I have never seen our Majesty get defeated!"

"Well then! Our majesty is the God of War!"

If Mares heard that, then he surely would've been jealous of Ian.

A moment later, a fire started to burn in the hearts of the Lotus Kingdom warriors.

Behind Ian, a huge number of the dragon army started to appear.

Level 400 dragon warriors started to come into their sight.

"WOW! Let's take down all the Undead!"

"Lotus will win!"

"The Legion of Darkness will lose!"

Herz who was in charge of the battlefield had no choice but to smile at what was happening.

"Wah, Ian did something to turn things around again."

Ian prevented the Dragon's Breath, but it wasn't such a huge act that could change the impact of the battlefield.

However, despite that fact, the Lotus guild started to push forward since Ian was now with them.

On the other hand, the Legion of Darkness was obviously stunned.

'Is it the power of fraud?'

The system of 'fraud' in Kailan was something that had a huge impact on power on a large scale war.

The more the people gathered, the higher the fraud would be.

Ian, who was the highest of them, was the key to raise the Kingdom's fraud.

'But, we need to keep the morale up.'

The status of 'fraud' was a stumbling block that could rise and fall in an instant.

But now, it was a very important thing.

If they could continue pushing back the Legion of Darkness, the effect of synergies would be much more effective, but if the situation went otherwise then that was going to be the end for them.

Herz's gaze went towards the armed dragons.

'If it is them, they would be able to do a lot more than a 1st ranker.'

At the very moment, the dragon warrior who was at the center of the battlefield jumped off the dragon.

A huge sound resounded in the whole battlefield when he landed.

[Seikaito has granted his strength to us!]

An intense cry with tremendous feel.

[Destroy the Enemy!]

The massacre began to spread the very next moment.

* * *

Ian had been playing Kailan for a long time, and numerous times he had worked with the NPCs.

However, it seemed like none of the other buffs were as great as the ones that Seikaito had given them.

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up!]

System messages continued coming up, and they were blocking Ian's vision.

Except for the Ghost Dragon which was immune to physical attacks, everything else was wiped out.

"In the name of the Dragon God, Seikaito!"

"Dirty and impure Legion of Darkness! Go back to your place!"

Suddenly, the Ghost Dragon was not a problem anymore.

There were 5 Ghost Dragons that appeared on the battlefield.

As soon as the rest of the troops got washed away, no matter how tough they were to deal with, it had no meaning.

It was because all the magicians of the kingdom were able to focus their attack on the Ghost Dragons.



In addition, the 1st ranked user of the priest class, Levya was pouring out her divine spell, and the Ghost Dragons were creatures of darkness which didn't go well with light attribute attacks.

[Fatal damage was dealt to the 'Ghost Dragon'!]

[You have succeeded in killing the 'Ghost Dragon'!]

System messages kept coming up.

Though it was a pleasant sight, Ian didn't stay still.

In order to maximize experience points, all of his familiars except Elcarix were summoned, and without waiting a single moment they leaped at the Legion of Darkness.

Kwang- Kwang-!

Ian, who was on top of Hargasus was slaughtering many of the Undead.

Hargasus wouldn't get any experience points from this, so it was really nice of him that he was letting Ian ride him.

Funny thing was that it wasn't just Ian who was on board Hargasus.

Sitting in front of Ian was a young and cute girl.

"Elcarix, how much time till we can use your skill again?"

"4 minutes left!"

"Kay, can you use it again perfectly once I ask you to?"

"Kay, dad!"

She laughed and nodded her head like a cute child while looking at Ian.

It was surprising, but she was Elcarix in a polymorphed form.

Not sure why, but Elcarix saw Ian as her father.

"Dad, I'm scared! Kya!"

The image of Elcarix sitting in front of Ian and closing her eyes out of fear was a sight anyone would find cute.

"Don't worry. Daddy will protect you!"

Ian, who had been unmarried till then, was somehow feeling parenthood rising in him.

'I won't let even a single attack fall on my Elcarix!'

Ian was desperate to attack, more than usual.

Even low-leveled skeletons didn't matter to the spear that was in Ian's hand.


Ian felt recharged once again when he saw how impressed Elcarix was.

"Nice! Let's shake up the Elrika Kingdom like this!"

Ian kept wreaking havoc on the battlefield and that made Elcarix level up some more.

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has leveled up!]

[The familiar 'Elcarix' has now reached level 57!]

Elcarix's level had already gone past 50!

However, that was just the beginning.
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    《Taming Master》