Taming Master
442 Reunion with Helliem 5
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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442 Reunion with Helliem 5


"That is… awesome!"

"OMG! This is my first time seeing the Warrior's Toukon!"

"Only you? It's my first time seeing it as well. It's a skill that can be acquired only when a Martial Arts user turns level 350… and we get to see that? A level 350 of the hidden class martial arts is a deadly one and a rare class."

"Hmm…there aren't more than three users with level more than 350 of the martial arts class on the server."

A huge screen in front of the computer room.

The golden brilliance of the 'Warrior's Toukon' skill filled the big screen.

The virtual reality students who were watching Ian's battle wowed in excitement.

"Wow! So Jin noona your control on those crystal balls are no Joke huh."

"Yeah, well, I'm not the exclusive editor for Jinsung senior for nothing."

The students were awed by the series of scenes that they saw. The ranker's movements were being captured very neatly.

So Jin was concentrating so much on the computer that she started to sweat and not hear her surroundings.

She was moving the mouse like a pro-gamer who never let their hands stay free.

'Phew, this really still feels a bit raw…'

In the beginning, to film a video while controlling the crystal balls was more difficult than one would think of.

Not too long ago, a company that shot personal videos and photos of individual users was created.

Of course, it was possible for anyone to just shoot their own content, but it was difficult to use multiple crystal balls at once like So Jin.

Besides, the one being captured was Ian.

And when recording the video footage of Ian's battle, editors weren't just going to have one or two concerns because unpredictable things occur constantly.

They needed a high level of observation and focus.

The same situation happened today.

'Uh, what is this now? The Warrior's Toukon skill has been triggered, won't he connect it with some other high-impact skills?'

So Jin constantly edited the videos of Ian so she gained considerable knowledge about Kailan.

And yet the Warrior's Toukon, one of the most famous skills in the Martial Arts class, was something she wasn't aware of.

In addition, when one wants to shoot the video of Ian, an understanding of the game was fairly necessary.

So, So Jin had an understanding of the game to the level of a few commentators.

However, she didn't seem to fully comprehend the situation that was currently happening.

'The timing was spot-on, why are they staying still?'

So Jin expected a wide-area skill to destroy the Undead, which was why she took the crystal balls high up the sky.

A wide-area skill that could annihilate all the enemies at once filled the screen.

However, all the Undead who were affected by the Warrior's Toukon immediately rushed back to avoid getting any more damage. So Jin's prediction of them dying went sideways.

'What? What are you trying to do?'

So Jin's eyes were scanning the whole battlefield.

It was because a perfect scene could only be captured when one could predict where the crystal balls should go next.

Suddenly, a familiar system message was heard from the loudspeaker in the computer lab.

[Darkness… will set upon.]

* * *

All the Warlocks, including the hidden classes, had a skill that they could learn once they reach level 300.

The skill was 'Animate Dead'.

Of course, if one was a high-level hidden class Warlock like Hoonie, then one could learn it at a faster pace, but most warlocks gain the skill 'Animate Dead' at level 300.

The skill was a special skill that was enough to not divide the 'Warlock' class before reaching level 300.

It was a skill that could resurrect all units that died in battle. A skill that could reverse the flow of the battle.

In particular, when a large number of monsters were concentrated like what was currently happening now, the more powerful Animate Dead would be.

The units who would be revived by Animate Dead would become an Undead within 10 seconds of their death.

The skill was best used in battles that were happening in a vast area.

'To wipe them all at once… we need to start with Breath and then pour out all our remaining attacks. Once we are out of skills, that's when we will use Animate Dead…'

There was nothing more troublesome than having their enemies survive even after they use all of their high-level skills.

That would've been nothing less than an embarrassing situation.

However, if one wasn't familiar with the concept of Animate Dead, then one might think like this.

'Shouldn't Hoonie activate the Animate Dead and pre-empt the bodies?'

However, it wasn't that easy.

Animate Dead was a high ranked black magic skill that had to be cast from the sidelines. Its casting time decreases as its level got higher.

The Lich Mage was almost 100 level higher than Hoonie who hadn't reached 400 yet, and it was a difference that couldn't be overcome by good control alone.

The Undead kept reviving because of that terrible monster called the Lich Mage.

So in order to win the battle, the first thing they had to do was to get rid of the Lich Mage.

Otherwise, Ian wouldn't be victorious today.

"Levya, provide Elcarix with a light shield!"

Levya immediately cast the spell as Ian requested.


Levya didn't understand why Ian would choose to have her cast that skill.

[Party member 'Levya' used 'Guardian of Light' on familiar 'Elcarix'.]

[The defense of 'Elcarix' has increased by 78% for 60 seconds.]

The Guardian of Light was a low tier buff skill that a Priest class could learn before the level of 100.

Its coefficient was very high. However, it lasted for only a minute and could only buff just one target. It was a skill that was rarely used.

But in the present situation, the Guardian of Light skill, was the best choice.

Elcarix's defense would increase tremendously after she used the Dragonic Barrier as well.

The defense buff that was given to Elcarix would be connected to all the party members.

As soon as the two skills combined, the short duration of the Guardian of Light skill would be extended once the Dragonic Barrier's effects had been triggered.

The single target defense buff 'Guardian of Light' became a wide-area buff due to Ian's amazing skill application.

Ian issued an order once again,

"Levya, get ready to cast an offensive skill!"

Again, Levya was confused as to why Ian would ask her to do that.

"Huh? How about the heal?"

"You won't have to heal for the next 10 minutes."


Levya nodded her head even though she was still surprised.

As soon as Ian was done, Kaka's low voice resonated in the dungeon.

[Darkness… fall upon us.]


A thick black fog began to fill the battlefield.

System messages appeared in front of Ian's party members at the same time.


[Slave of the party member Ian, 'Kaka' unique ability 'Dreaming Devil' has been activated.]

[During the shadow control, all the party members' damage is increased by 5% and all incoming dark attribute damage will be reduced by 50%. In addition, all the stealth enemies within the radius will be visible.]

Ian's voice rose once again at the same time.

"Karceus, Bbookbbook, block their retreat!"

"Okay, master."

"Kay, Bbook."

"The rest, attack the Lich mage with everything you've got!"

Levya once again confirmed the order that Ian gave her awhile ago.

"Do you really want me to switch to a damage dealer position, too?"

Ian nodded without a second thought.

"Yeah, please do that play, Levya."

Levya nodded giving him an assuring smile.

"Nice. I'll use the magic skills I haven't used for a long time."


The white wings on Levya's back fluttered and rose high into the sky immediately.

The same went for Ian's other party members.

As the orders of Ian fell into place, the battle to frighten the Lich Mage began.

It wasn't that hard to move to the place where the Lich Mage was.

The Undead were all in front of them with no place to retreat, so the front of the Lich Mage was wide open.
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The Lich Mage who grasped what was about to happen burst out.

"You played a furious trick!"

"You pathetic humans!"

"You think you can stand up to us!"


The Lich Mages raised their hands and swung their staff.

Dark spheres quickly moved in the direction of Ian and his party.

And right behind them in that time, the Undead seemed to have come right behind Ian's party.

They looked like they were in trouble at first glance, and it seemed like their doomed.

However, Ian didn't panic since everything was going according to his plan.

Ian's loud voice rang through the dungeon.

"El, Dragonic Barrier!"


A shield was created around the party.

A truly invincible shield with insane defense.

* * *


A short exclamation came out of So Jin's mouth.

She was controlling the crystal balls in the air for quite some time.

But for a while, she was under the impression that she no longer had to control the sphere.

Her current angle could see the entire battlefield.

'To think that the Dragonic Barrier and the Dark Control could be used together…'

Ordinary users couldn't see the extent of decisions that the party of Ian made.

The Dark Control effect that came along with Kaka's 'Dreaming Devil' skill was already known to many, but very few knew about any kind of information about the Dragonic Barrier.

As a result, the present situation on the battlefield would be perceived as suicide by other users.

Which was why apart from So Jin, the other viewers with her were bursting out in shock.

"What? They were doing well, then why did they turn it into something like this?"

"Uh… Jinsung senior is also like this."

"Well, no matter how much one like to take risks, getting themselves buried among the Undead is just... there's no escaping that now…"

"Hmm. Let's watch first. Did you ever see Jinsung senior make a mistake?"

"Even so, this is a bit…"

It didn't take much time for those doubts to turn into amazement.

Ian's party members ran towards the Lich Mages. Even though they were getting attacked, the durability of the shield buff on them didn't go down.

They were all attacking head-on and totally neglecting defense.

"Oh, Wow! What is that?"

"That's crazy, dude. What is that shield? How is it still active after being hit? How strong is that shield?"

In the meantime, Semi who was listening to their conversation gulped and opened her mouth,

"It looks like the Dragonic Barrier. I think maybe a unique ability of Elcarix."

"Oh shit… isn't that ridiculous? That is so broken!"

"Not sure. Something else should have been there. There hasn't been such a skill in Kailan so far"

"Well, the first time Breath came out, everyone considered it to be a flawless one."

So Jin who knew exactly what was happening out there smiled.

Though she wanted to talk to those uneducated lambs, she didn't have the luxury of time.

Ian was on Pin and was flying in the air. He then leaped onto the Lich Mage.

She now had to take control of the crystal ball and get a close up on one of Ian's battle scene.

'You're overlapping crazy defenses and reducing the damage… if someone with no knowledge saw this, they would assume you were invincible.'

So Jin felt goosebumps all over her while watching the video.

While neglecting defense, Ian was going to attack at a very high speed.
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    《Taming Master》