Taming Master
445 Reunion with Helliem 8
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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445 Reunion with Helliem 8

Not long after the start of the battle with Lacamer, Ian and his party members knew why the quest difficulty was rated as a quadra S.

The skills used by Lacamer had a one in a million destructive force.

Nevertheless, there was still hope that it could be cleared in 35 minutes.

Lacamer's vitality wasn't as much as they had expected.

Compared to the confrontation with Khalifa in the Prilania Canyon, Lacamer had less than half of Khalifa's vitality.

However, as Lacamer had his own ability to recover his vitality, overcoming that was their priority.

Once they found the right way to deal with that, 30 minutes seemed more than enough to kill Lacamer.

However, finding that out wasn't an easy task.

Lacamer's resilience was a different form of resilience when compared to the usual Lich Mage.

A normal Lich Mage's 'Soul Reliance' skill had the ability to absorb a dead soul to heal his own vitality or the summons.

On the other hand, Lacamer the Lich Wizard had the ability to heal all of the damage incurred to him immediately using his summoned Undeads as they took in any attack from the opponent.

That was the reason why they couldn't attack his summons, but it would turn into a pain if they avoided the other undead and went against Lacamer directly. They were indeed in a pinch.

The whole party was lost.

"So, you're saying to not use wide range skills?"

"Well, even if we manage to drain his vitality with a wide range skill, he can just recover from it."

Many ideas came into Ian's party members mind.

The first method was for them to read the movement of Lacamer's summons and cast all their skills in advance.

However, there was a fair amount of risk that would take them back to the starting point if they accidentally left the summons.

The second way was to attack Lacamer directly since no matter how many Undeads were summoned, attacking them would only recover Lacamer's vitality.

However, that would be impossible.

It was hard to not only sustain the incoming damage, but it made no sense to use non-targeting skills to also avoid the undead that protected Lacamer.

Lacamer would just summon the Undead to protect him. There was no way to attack Lacamer without providing damage to them.

Kwang- Kwang-!

Hoonie who managed to stop a powerful attack from Lacamer spoke with a scoff,

"Ohho, isn't his vitality still the same even after 5 minutes?"

The moment everyone's eyes instinctively went towards the vitality gauge of Lacamer.

What Hoonie said was true.

Despite numerous attacks being directed towards him, the vitality of Lacamer wasn't going down.

Feeling triumphant, Lacamer spoke,

"He he he, you people can never beat me. At least not as long as we are here."

However, that didn't mean that they didn't get anything done in the last five minutes.

Although his vitality didn't even have a scratch on it, they were able to get a clear image of the attack pattern of Lacamer.

In response to the Undead's attack, Ian began thinking.

'It seems like the Undead can be summoned every two minutes, and the Death Wing every 40 seconds. The Spirit Storm did come out again, so maybe five minutes.'

In Kailan, the higher the difficulty of the boss, the greater would be the randomness of the AI.

For example, in the case of a lower-leveled boss, a fixed skill set would be used repeatedly at regular intervals in sequence, but as it went to intermediate and higher levels, the standardized pattern disappeared.

Using an A skill and then to C skill. Using an A skill when the timing was best suited for a B skill.

So in a boss attack, checking the characteristics of the leader boss was very important.

If one knew what skills a high-leveled boss would use, then one could surely counter it to some extent.

And in that regard, Ian was the best.

"It is the Death Wing, spread to the side!"

The moment Ian's words came out, his party members spread out to the sides.

Subsequently, a huge dark smoke came out from both sides of Lacamer's body.

"Wings of Death, their souls…!"

Death Wing, as the name implied was an attack that was shaped like a wing.

A powerful attack technique that went to the sky and descended quickly to cut away all the targets in its path.

At first, it was Yu Shin who managed to avoid the skill. It shocked everyone for a second as it could've killed them in an instant.


The Death Wing passed through the place where the party was there a moment ago and cut through the ground.

They avoided the Death Wing perfectly, Ian and his party regroup to fight.

At that moment, a thought passed through Ian's head.

"Wait for just a second!"

Ian rushed off to somewhere.


He then ruthlessly attacked a Death Knight that was close to his party.

Kwang- Kaboom-!

Hoonie who was flustered asked him,

"Hyung, what are you doing? The little damage we did to Lacamer's vitality will recover!"

However, without even responding to him, Ian continued to attack the Death Knight.

Ian kept attacking the Death Knight but didn't destroy it. He left it with a little bit of vitality. He then went back to his party.

Remir, who was shielding them from the incoming arrows coming from the side, asked with a dumbfounded expression,

"What were you thinking? If you already went there, then kill it. Why leave a little bit of its vitality?"

Ian answered,

"I was doing an experiment."

"What? In the middle of this shit hole…?"

Remir was shocked.

However, that didn't bother Ian. He once again gave orders.

He would just show it to them instead rather than explaining it since that would be easier.

"Noona, hit the Lich Mage with a Fire Blast."

"Ah, kay."

A giant flame sphere came from Remir's staff.

Lacamer who was fighting with Yu Shin couldn't avoid the fire blast.

Kwang- Kwang-!

The attack spell of the 1st ranked flame magician—the Fire Blast—had tremendous power.

Ian confirmed how much damage it did to Lacamer's vitality and remembered it.

'483,000 damage…!'

Ian memorized the number and called out Grrr.

"Grrr, Annihilation Rays!"

Grrr roared.

"Grrr Kwahh!"

Bang- Bang- Bang-!

The Annihilation Rays from Grrr surged forward with huge momentum.

The annihilation rays rushed towards the Death Knight that Ian left out earlier.

After seeing that, Yu Shin who was a bit flustered asked,

"Hoonie-ah, what is that?"

Hoonie replied as if it wasn't a big deal,

"I don't know either. That hyung always do weird things once or twice, right?"

That made sense to Yu Shin.

"Hmm, that is true."

Of course, the women who were listening to their conversation became more flustered because of the two.

"I don't think those two are normal either, Levya."

"That... that's true."

The Death Knight who just had 10,000 remaining vitality was taken down with Grrr's powerful skill.

It seemed silly to throw such a powerful attack to a monster that didn't have that much vitality, but Ian would never do something without thinking it through.

As soon as the Death Knight's vitality went down, Ian's gaze went towards the vitality of Lacamer.


The moment Ian checked the vitality of Lacamer, he clenched his fists.

"That is it! That is it!"

In the midst of dealing with the undead, Hoonie asked,

"What is it?"

Ian smiled and responded,

"I just found a way to defeat this guy."

* * *

"End of meeting! Thank you!"

"Great work. Work hard from now on."

"Huhu, that's what we are planning to do."

"Uh… I will never forgive you, Ian!"

In the meeting room of the planning team.

A member of the planning team who about to die—not literally—due to the work stress created by Ian, opened one or two doors. They then began to take their seats.

Even after working overtime for a whole week, they still didn't have enough time.

Even Na Ji-chan who was heading to the monitor room sighed.

"Huhu, I'm sweating from my eyes now…"

Na Ji-chan sat in front of the monitor and wiped away his tears.

His role was to monitor Ian.
Na Ji-chan's mission was to predict how long it would take before Ian completed the quest.


A monitor was turned on.

The video that was playing in it wasn't a real-time video.

After Na Ji-chan left work, the dungeon fights of Ian were recorded.

Na Ji-chan leaned back in his chair and began to look at the video of Ian.

In order to predict the quest clear point, he couldn't afford to miss a single video.

"Huhu, they gave you a huge candy… there isn't one now. Now, what are you going to do?"

The other day, Na Ji-chan saw the emergence of Muran and was convinced that the quest would be a success.

Muran was indeed powerful. If Ian took the Summoner Knight class according to the plan, then they could counter Lacamer.

The unique ability of the Summoner Knight was the Summon Ban.

No, precisely speaking the Summon Ban wasn't an inherent ability of the Summoner Knight.

Every Summoner class had a unique ability that they got when reaching tier 4.

Summon Ban was a skill that literally blocked all of the summonings of the opponent for a time period.

The counter skill for Summoners.

As of the moment, there was no other skill like that which would be lethal for Lacamer.

If he couldn't summon the Undead because of the Summon Ban, they could've killed Lacamer in no time.

One might assume that Muran had the skill, but that was wrong.

To begin with, Muran was never a Summoner.

Muran was just an NPC who was able to transfer his abilities to the one who would succeed him, which was why the Summoner Ban skill couldn't be used.

If a class other than a Summoner gained Muran's chrisXJF, he or she would be given a quest to change to another class.

Either way, Ian wasn't a Summoner Knight.

Because of that, he didn't have the skill 'Summon Ban'.

Na Ji-chan was looking at the low-probability of Ian killing Lacamer.

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"Keu, this time Ian God made a huge blunder. Why would one throw the food that was served right into their mouth…?"

If Ian had chosen to kill Helliem, then their odds would've increased.

However, Na Ji-chan predicted that Ian would save Helliem.

"Surely! The Ian I know would've done something like that!"

The battle video was getting much more exciting.

The more Ian and his party members struggled with Lacamer, the more cheerful Na Ji-chan felt.

If they failed to clear the Underground, Ian's chances of getting rid of the Lich King would be reduced significantly.

As a result, Na Ji-can couldn't help but root for Lacamer.

"Keu, nice! Crush them all!"

Na Ji-chan was cheering for Lacamer wholeheartedly.

That didn't last though. He soon stopped cheering.

"Why are you doing that…?"

Na Ji-chan became anxious when Ian started to do weird things.

"What… are you doing?"

What Ian was doing was something a planner like Na Ji-chan couldn't understand.

After looking at the scene unfold a little more, Na Ji-chan's mouth went wide because of shock.
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    《Taming Master》