Taming Master
448 The First Clue 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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448 The First Clue 3

- Rage of Lacamer II (Hidden) (Epic) –

Surprisingly, you have succeeded in killing Lacamer before the Dark stained Helliem woke up.

The minion of Lich King Chalian, who had possessed great power and power of darkness, you managed to kill him in an incredibly short time.

This has provided you with the chance to save the Knight's General Helliem and some other knights of the Imperial Knights.

The darkness that was encroached on them now ceased after killing Lacamer.

But they aren't fully saved.

Helliem and Knights—now trapped in the hourglass of darkness, are nothing but empty shells.

Lacamer has trapped their souls in the 'Dark Sanctuary'.

Destroying the 'Soul Crystal' that is behind the dungeon will open a portal to the Dark Sanctuary.

Take the portal to the dark sanctuary and rescue the souls trapped in the sanctuary.

Quest Difficulty: A

Quest Condition:
Kill Lacamer without removing Helliem.
Defeat Lacamer before Helliem wakes up.

Time Limit: 18 minutes 54 seconds.

Destroy the dark sanctuary and complete the quest.
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Dark Shard Bundle

* rewards may vary.

- - -

The rewards were poorer than what they thought, but the new quest came up with the conditions that were enough to energize the members of Ian.

Ian quickly read the contents of the quest window and opened his mouth with his gaze still on the quest.

"Let's move fast. There is a lot of difficulties, but don't lose focus."

Remir nodded and laughed at Ian's words.

"Sure. I have a reward of 'Necklace of Time and Space' for clearing the quest. Besides, there are some unknown items too."

The necklace of time and space was a rare item that reduced the magic casting time of wizards and warlocks.

The rank was just 'legendary' but it was a special item which was worth much more than myth items.

Hoonie too spoke with his eyes shining,

"Its the necklace of time and space for me too. Let's move fast!"

Excited at it, Hoonie ran in the direction of the purple crystal and the rest of the party members moved along with him.

Ian, shook his head seeing the quest difficulty to the lowest.

'Is this like a bonus? Feels like it, Even then an A rank quest… maybe it is because we worked hard doing the quadra S rank.'

Ian was grateful for the care that the Kailan team had shown and began to swing his spear in the direction of the Soul Crystal.

But his doubts weren't completely alleviated.

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

In less than 10 seconds after the party members attack, the crystal got destroyed.


[Soul Crystal has been destroyed!]

[Dark Portal is created.]


A giant purple portal sprang up where the crystal was.

* * *

Though Ian was natural, the somewhat lower quest difficulty of A-levels wasn't the concern of the Kailan planning team.

Then the Epic quest that could be activated with the special conditions in the Quadra S hidden quest, it couldn't be considered as a bonus quest.

If so, then was the difficulty level A, a fake set placed by the Kailan team?

The answer was, it wasn't.

The difficulty system set by the main system of Kailan couldn't be touched or messed by the planning team.

Even if they tried to touch the system, it could only be done by the users with ability.

Then why was I tagged as an Epic quest with only an A?

The answer was in the quest window, 'Time Limit'.

Time Limit quest for 18 minutes and 54 seconds.

If one had too much time to clear the quest, then the difficulty would be easier.

The time limit for the hidden quest was set in proportion to the time remaining after clearing the quest of 'Rage of Lacamer'.

Of the time limit set on the Rage of Lacamer's quest, the time remaining after the clear of the quest was doubled, as the time limit for the current one.

In other words, Ian's party completed the quest in 9 minutes and 27 seconds left, the double of it, 18 minutes and 54 seconds was set as the limit.

That too was an unexpected result for the planning team.

The first thing that the planning team thought was that, when clearing these kinds of quests, no matter how quickly one tried, it was impossible to have more than two minutes left.

In the normal strategy, no matter how quickly it was cleared, leaving more than 1 minute was tough.

How could they even think of having 10 minutes remaining?

Watching Ian's party clear up the quest on the screen, Na Ji-chan muttered,

"Oh, that was actually a quest that made me take medicine to relax..."

They destroyed the Soul Crystal and moved to the dark sanctuary, and now the users had to destroy the sanctuary that was like a sphere.

The Dark Sanctuary's durability was 300,000.

At first glance, the durability figure may look easy to clear.

However, there was a catch.

The dark sanctuary was close to infinity, and any attack done wouldn't cause damage of more than 1.

In short, the 300,000 could be destroyed only by attacking.

Even if one used a DoT attack skill that could attack more than 10 times in a second, then it would take at least 5 to 10 minutes to attack the structure.

So Na Ji-chan and the planning team thought that the hidden quest would end in despair for the users.

If they fail by running out of time in a quest that could be cleared only by taking durability, then literal curses would come out of the mouth of user's mouths.

But in the case of Ian's party, it was the opposite.

- What? Is it a quest that was meant to bother the planners?

- Yeah well. Is it a quest that is the end?

- It looks like it. By the way, it is over half.

- There is time!

- If so, then why set time limit? Even if the party attacks a level 50 dungeon, it could break within 18 minutes.

Rather being cursed at, Na Ji-chan looking at Ian in the screen was cursing.

Na Ji-chan trembled and vowed vengeance.

"Keuk, Let's see…!"

* * *

Far less than 18 minutes before the time limit, the Dark sanctuary was destroyed within 10 minutes.


Numerous dark particle debris created a whirlwind.

Subsequently, many white souls escaped from their bondage and found freedom.

[You have successfully destroyed the Dark Sanctuary!]

[The many souls which were trapped in the Dark Sanctuary found freedom!]

A few more system messages began to pop up in front of Ian's eyes.


[You have successfully completed the quest 'Rage of Lacamer II (Hidden) (Epic)'.]

[Earned experience points of 10,500,000.]

[Fame of 300,000 has been acquired.]

[Affinity with Hero, Muran increased by 10.]

[Remaining time: 8 minutes 55 seconds]

[Clear rank: SSS]

[You have earned the 'Dark Shard'.]

[Earned gold of 16 million.]

Ian and the party all had a single look.

After clearing the hard quest and taking the rewards of hard work, the pleasure of taking rewards for laziness was much more of a pleasure.

The party got excited and confirmed their rewards.

"AH! Necklace of time and space option A! awesome."

"Hoonie what's your coolness factor?"

"I 1.63. noonas?"

"Hut, I have 1.97."

"Really? True? Seriously?"

"No matter what, I never lie. It really is 1.97. maybe the max is 2.0?"

"Cra, crazy! I have never seen anything more than 1.8 at an auction house…"

Remir and Hoonie received the same reward on the same day, and was a good item accordingly, Levya and Yu Shin too were satisfied.

Ian too confirmed the rewards that he got.

- Dark Shard Bundle –

Rank: Myth

Classification: Goods

Lich King Chalian's servant, Lacamer had crafted a long shard of darkness for a very long time.

Each piece of shard contains a powerful soul that cannot be known, and when all the pieces are assembled, they form a complete 'legendary' undead.

However, assembling the shard piece requires excellent dexterity, and the complete undead stats will be determined in proportion to the dexterity of the assembled user.

Complete undead becomes a 'summon' that belongs to the user. (Regardless of class, it can be called as a summon).

Summons no longer require leadership to summon the familiar.

If the alchemy fails due to lack of dexterity, the item will be destroyed.

This item belongs to 'Ian'.

It cannot be transferred or sold to other users, and won't drop even if the character drops.
- - -

'Wow, this looks good, right?'

An unusual item that could produce a 'legendary' rank summon.

So far, such an item wasn't seen in Kailan, and it was definitely as valuable as the necklace of time and space.

No, for Ian there could've been a better item than that.

'It is a class independent option, and meaningless for me as a summoner… it is nice that it had no leadership.'

The rank itself was a legend but wasn't much to Ian.

Already most of Ian's familiar had ranks more than that of legendary, and even the myth familiars were good.

But if he didn't take any leadership, then it was a different story.

Legendary summons that could be summoned without restrictions, it was surely a great power.

The only part of it, however, was the 'excellent dexterity' which was needed to create a higher-level individual.

'I need to find the blacksmith of Pyro Domain after a long time.'

Ian's best friend and retainer, the dwarf.

"Huh, are we done now?

Feeling excited about the reward, Ian closed the inventory and looked around.

But then, the scenery around them started to change.

Woong- Woong-!

After a while, Ian and his party were removed out of the dark sanctuary to the dark room.

They came back to the lab of Lacamer's.

Subsequently, the space before distorted and a purple haze formed in front of Ian's eyes.


Whether he was nervous or not, Ian unknowingly fixed his spear.

But the very moment, Ian's face gave out a bright smile.

It was because of that—that Ian decided to go through the tough nerve-wracking quests.

The Imperial Knight General Helliem appeared before Ian.

"I see you, Ian Grand Duke."
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    《Taming Master》