Taming Master
454 The Secret Passage of Remus 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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454 The Secret Passage of Remus 3

'What the… what kind of speed is that?'

The bird of fire was soaring high in the sky with flames around it.

Ian's eyes wavered while looking at the Phoenix.


On the other hand, the phoenix looked down on Ian with a triumphant expression.

Ian, who swapped his weapon, started to point his bow in the direction of the Phoenix.

'Hitting it with a fast projectile or magic is a no no… The only way I can do this is with arrows.'


Pulling back the bowstring to the end made the bow scream.

At the same time, Pin, who was in the sky, was being approached by the bird.


It was a fierce dogfight between the two God birds.

In order to limit the range that the Phoenix could move to, Ian sent Pin first to fight it.

That made it easier to predict the movement of the Phoenix.

The arrow which left Ian's finger began to cut through the air.

Ping- PiPing-!

And as Ian's orders came out, the black magic of Lugarix started to glorify the battle.

"Darkness Blessing!"


It was an exaggeration to say that all the Warlocks had that basic magic spell.

A spell that grants the target a Dark Blessing and temporarily granted one's attack with 'dark' attributes.

Since it was basic magic, the buff effect wasn't that great, but Ian had a reason why he activated the spell.

It was to bury the possible damage of a dark attribute and allow Helliem to use his Dark Vision.

Ian did it that way because it was impossible for them to match a dark-range attack to the Phoenix.

The Phoenix had a very high agility, but more importantly, it hadn't even come down to the ground yet.

It wasn't known how it was when using a skill like Fire Lane or Blizzard, but Lugarix didn't have such a wide area magic with his dark attributes.

Which was why Ian came up with the next best alternative to hit the Phoenix with dark attributes.

It was very difficult to hit a Phoenix flying at its top speed, but Ian had the skills to hit it at least once or twice.


Five arrows which had dark energy surrounding them were shot into the air in the direction of the Phoenix.

What was unusual was the arrows shot by Ian were flying slightly off the mark.

Ian's mistake was as big as the arrow that was in the air.

However, it wasn't a mistake.

It was Ian's intention to at least get one arrow to hit it right.


Feeling the arrows of darkness flying towards it, the Phoenix quickly swung in the air.

But two more arrows came flying out at the place where the Phoenix avoided at.

No matter how fast the Phoenix was, there was no way it could avoid arrows that were already about to hit it.


Ian's prediction shot was right.

[Caused devastating damage to the mythical 'Phoenix'.]

[The vitality of 'Phoenix' has been reduced by 298,072!]

['Darkness Blessing' has been triggered, an additional 15% (44,710) Shadow Damage has been dealt.]

Since the Phoenix was quick right from the start, they had to come up with a trick.

When the two arrows of Ian hit the body of the Phoenix, Ian quickly ordered Helliem.

"Helliem, Dark Vision!"

"I understand, Lord!"

As the dark smoke rose, Helliem disappeared from the ground.

The place where Helliem appeared at was right above the Phoenix.


With great force, the sword of Helliem fell on the torso of the Phoenix.

Bang- Bang-!

The vitality of the Phoenix fell to the bottom in a flash.

[The Unique ability of your retainer 'Helliem' 'Dark Vision' has been triggered.]

[Your retainer 'Helliem' has done devastating damage to the 'Phoenix'!]

[The vitality of the Phoenix has been reduced by 291,8092.]

2,591,225 was the vitality of the level 90 super speedy Phoenix. It was easy to deal millions of damage to it.

If the damage they dealt to it was close to three million, then it would die in an instant.

But somehow its vitality, which had fallen to the bottom of the gauge, went up in an instant.

Ian's eyes shone brightly when he saw what just happened.

'Well, the vitality that was drained was filled again because of that sphere in the world tree.'

The red sphere on the world tree had a vitality of 5 million.

The 3 million damage that the Phoenix suffered was immediately filled with the vitality of the sphere, so the Phoenix had to be crushed again.

Unfortunately, there was no way to hit the sphere directly.

It was because the world tree was surrounded by infinite vitality spheres.

'If that's the case, then I'll have to deal tons of damage to the Phoenix itself…'

Presumably, if he could inflict 6 million worth of damage at once, the Phoenix would die and turn to an egg.

Ian decided to use Bbookbbook and Karceus's Breath and mobilize all of his attacks.

Though it was the best option to use the passive skill of Helliem—the 'Soul Destroyer'—and trigger its 'unrecoverable' effect, the chances of it working was too low.

The Soul Destroyer had a 15% chance to trigger.

The skill would probably trigger if Helliem constantly gave out hits, but a single shot from Dark Vision made the Phoenix fly higher in the air.

"Kay, give it your all in just one hit!"


When Ian whistled, Pin who was tailing the Phoenix came to the ground in an instant.

Ian climbed over and decided to control Pin.

'6 million in a single shot… it isn't impossible.'

When Ian flew with Pin, the two dragons who were following him soared at the same time.

Lugarix and Elcarix were on the back of Karceus and Bbookbbook to assist them in the battle with their magic.

Unfortunately, summons like Bbakbbakk and Ly couldn't help, so their summoning was canceled.

Ian's summons tried to narrow their distance to the Phoenix.

And the next moment, unique powers all came out upon Ian's order.


The powerful Breath from Karceus and Bbookbbook came out with a roar.

At the same time, the torso of the Phoenix began to glow red.


Many of the feathers of the Phoenix started to spread out, and the Phoenix's feathers burst into light.
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Ian doubted what he was witnessing for a moment.

All the inherent abilities that seemed to devour everything in the air got devoured by the light from the Phoenix.

An unexpected scene in just three seconds made Ian confused.

'Is this the unique ability of the Phoenix…?'

Ian would know the answer to that if he could check the Phoenix's information window, but the unique ability that it just showed was amazing.

Although it was hard to schedule the timing as the duration was short, it overthrew the flow of the battle in an instant.

And just like that, all the attacks that were used earlier became useless, and the Phoenix's timing when it used its unique ability was perfect.

'I want it!'

The more he suffered, the more greedy he was turning into.

But apart from that, making the Phoenix into an egg was just getting much harder.

Ian's strategy was to take him down in one shot and not give him the luxury to recover.

'Should I just try believing that it can't recover?'

His first strategy failed, but Ian wasn't disappointed.

There were dozens of unique abilities to operate on. They had to look at things with a clear mind in order for them to succeed.

'It would've been easier if I brought Remir along…'

After remembering a few unique abilities that the Magicians had, Ian sighed for a brief moment.

Taking the Phoenix down would be easier even with just one basic magic attack from a magician.

Remus who was watching the battle of Ian from the ground sighed.

"It isn't easy for Ian either. The Phoenix in the hold of the world tree is invincible, and it was made like that for a reason."

Remus wasn't disappointed with Ian.

Rather, Ian was showing much greater abilities than he had imagined.

The only problem was the world tree that kept giving vitality to the Phoenix, and that was to be expected.

Whatever was Remus intentions, Ian heard his murmuring, and it hurt his pride.

'Does it look like I had given up? I would never do that.'

Ian's mind started to work, and he thought of attacks that could hit the phoenix.

'If I brought Ddukdae with its Abyss Hole… no, I just saw that unique attack of the Phoenix, the Abyss Hole will get absorbed.'

No matter how much Ian thought of it, the best attack he could think of using was Helliem's Dark Vision.

Aside from the coefficient of the skill, the level of Helliem was overwhelmingly high.

'I need to make the most of the abilities of Helliem.'

Ian's head started to work.

After thinking hard about it, he finally came to a conclusion.

'Dark Vision, Chains and Dark Strikes?'

Ian's eyes were recalling the inherent abilities of Helliem's.

"Right, that!"

He came up with an amazing idea on the spot.

Ian's gaze went towards Lugarix who was riding Bbookbbook.

"Lugarix, can you summon a Dummy?"

Lugraix was puzzled at that question from Ian.

"A Dummy? Yes, I can summon it. There is no Warlock on the continent who can't summon a Dummy. But why are you asking?"

A Dummy was like a 'scarecrow'.

The most basic summoning skill one got as soon as they moved to the Warlock class, a skill that summoned a creature that looks similar to the one who activated the skill.

But a Dummy didn't have its summoner's stats.

A Dummy could only replicate its summoner's vitality.

A Dummy was usually summoned when there wasn't enough time to summon the Undead or to use it as a temporary tank.

In addition, a Dummy had a huge weakness.

Since a Dummy had no ability to judge the enemy, it was perceived to be 'neutral' in the system.

Because of that, it could get caught from an allies wide area spells and die.

However, from Ian's point of view, it was an awesome idea to use it.
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    《Taming Master》