Taming Master
467 The Siege Weapon Appears 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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467 The Siege Weapon Appears 1


That one word fits well for the huge colossal skeleton knight.


Ian's mouth was wide with the exclamation.

It was because of the appearance of the summon that dwarf Han was making, which looked like the skull Giant King that he had played against Radeus.

At least the Skull Giant was armed with shinning and glittering Radeus, but the guy in front of Ian was bare.

Ian asked Han with a trembling voice.

"Han is this the guy…?"

There was a great sense of desolation, as he was expecting a high myth item.

'I was hoping for it not to be this guy…'

He couldn't confirm the name because the summon wasn't completely finished yet, but it would have been the 'sculpture of Giant King'.

'Why… why does it have to look like the same?'

And at the depressed Ian, Ha asked a clean question.

"Majesty, you have come?"

"Huh, yeah. The shards that I left yesterday…"

"Right. That is this guy right here. How does it look, doesn't he feel great?"

Han didn't notice the melancholy of Ian and introduced his work with a proud look.

However, it turned Ian much sadder.


If he hadn't faced the Skull Giant King when fighting with Radeus, Ian would have probably looked up at it with fascination.

That was because he was so big, that Ian couldn't even compare it with his other familiars.

In terms of visuals, he certainly looked like a tier 1 summon.

Ian was depressed and wanted to hit Han on his head, however, he decided to put up with it for once, considering the friendship.

'Yeah, well, Han had made so many weapons till now… it is fine to make a mistake once.'

Ian was desperately trying to control his anger.

Ian who was worried about how this summon was supposed to be used in the future opened his mouth.

"How long will it take to complete this guy?"

"The original schedule is to be done the day after tomorrow, but I might complete it by tomorrow morning if I stay up all night."

"So, you'll be done with this by tomorrow?"

"Yes, majesty."

Looking at the glistening eyes of Han, Ian tried to recall what he should say.

'It doesn't seem like it is that useless to take it out of the war, but I will stay up all night…'

Even then, in order to boost the morale of Han, the best blacksmith of Lotus Kingdom, Ian decided to encourage him while hiding his bruised heart.

"I have no one but you, Han."

"Thank you, your majesty."

"Tell me anything more. If you ever require anything, tell me."

Ian, after a formal encouragement, turned back and began to walk out of the room.

Right then, an unexpected result came out of the mouth of Han.

"If that is so, I have a request…"

And with those words of Han, Ian immediately began to contemplate.

* * *

"Kook- hook-"

A man with a solid body and coppery skin, with a rough breath—was stretching his hands.

And a small dwarf was standing behind him with an excited expression.

"Right, River! It is the perfect temperature!"

The dwarf was Urk Han, the best blacksmith of the Lotus.

And the man's identity was River, one of the ranking blacksmiths in the Kailan Korean server.

'Uh uh, why did I have to come here just to suffer?'

River's entry into the blacksmith tower was a very recent task.

And the reason he came in here instead to be in his own forge, wasn't any different.

From a friend in the Lotus Guild, he received information about the chief blacksmith of the Lotus, who was a dwarf.

He took the job at the Lotus Forge intending to learn the blacksmith skills from the dwarf.

River, who had excellent blacksmithing skills, could easily gain the attention of Han, and that was why he joined.

He did succeed in becoming the disciple of the dwarf.

When River's bellows ended, the giant lump of heat swelled appropriately, Han kicked up the iron hammer.

Kang- Kang Kang-

Mezyl was one of the most processes in determining the quality of the armor.

A balanced form was essential for creating a solid weapon with a good performance, and it required a sophisticated work output.

River wiped off the sweat and held the hammer in the direction of Han.

'Huh, even if it is an NPC, how can it hammer for a whole day?'

River was watching Han the whole time, he couldn't help but feel compelled to admire the endless spirit of the dwarf.

Except for the time when he had to eat and sleep, Han never let go of the hammer.

"Sir, I really think that you're amazing."

"What do you mean?"

"The spirit of sir is hard to follow."

With that, River began to hit with his hammer once again.

Han just shook his head and answered,

"My spirit is still lacking."


"I can't forget the spirit that the majesty had shown me before."


"I saw the majesty take a posture and stay in that position for three whole days in the mine… I still can't forget that."


"I'm still very far away."

Urk Han mumbled the incredible story and stretched out the hammer in his hand.

River shook his head and continued to mend.

Kang- Kang- Kang-

'How is such a ridiculous sized armor made?'

The weapon that Han and River were making the whole night was of enormous size.

It was almost dozens of times larger when compared to the normal armor.

Among them, the size of the hammer in the hand of Han was the best.

'Can there be any person who can pick up such a crazy weapon?'

Last night, the two people went and melted an ore and brought out several tons of weighing ore.

In other words, to be able to wear such tools, one must be able to handle thousands of pounds of weight.

What was even more surprising was that the ore that was used was the most expensive one.

Around 500 kilograms of Mithril was used, so the cost of making the weapon couldn't even be guessed.

'Hu, I can see the end.'

Kang- Kang- Kang-

Beating the red hot plate, River tried to garner his concentration.

Finally, all the plates they were making were completed, and the equipment set was finally finished.

-??? Set Item: Build Complete: 99.25%

As the design itself wasn't based or made by River, it was tough to know the item name that was just completed.

However, like the huge amount of effort and materials that were spent, it seemed like a true work.

'What kind of a thing will come out of it…?'


When the cold water was poured in, the reddish metal started to look white.

After a while.


Connecting the parts of the armors that were separated, the item was finally made 100 % complete.


[The item 'Great Plate of Mithril Armor(Legendary)' is now complete!]

[The item 'Great Plate of Mithril Armor (Legendary)' is now complete!]

[The item 'Great Plate of Mithril Amor (Legendary)' is now complete!]

[The item 'Giant Mithril Hammer (Legendary)' is complete!]

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[Successfully crafted the 'Great Battle Set' item!]

[You have succeeded in making a set item of 'Legendary' for the first time!]

[Fame increased by 450,000!]

[Dexterity has been permanently increased by 75!]

System messages began to appear in front of River's eyes.

Everytime River read the lines, he felt the illusions of fatigue that he had accumulated over the past two days be washed away.

* * *

"Ho, I might be crazy. Why did I allow it?"

As soon as he opened his eyes in Kailan, Ian grunted and headed to the direction of the Royal Forge.

Ian's head was relaying the conversation he had with Han yesterday.

- Then, your majesty, I have a request…

- What is it? Tell me, Han.

- Can I use some of the Mithril ores that you have collected?

- Mi… th… ril.. ore?

- Yeah, majesty.

- How will you use that?

- To make the secret weapon of Majesty much more powerful, a Mithril ore is a must.

- That… skeleton, are you talking about it?

- Yes, majesty.

- How much will you need?

- I'll know when I start working with it, around 50 or so.

- That, that much?

- Yes.

- What are you going to make…?

- And I will be needing a thousand more iron ore. Uhm, and…

The minerals demanded by Han were of enormous quantities.

It wasn't like that it was a tremendous amount.

And the cost of the ore wasn't a joke either, they were the wanted minerals.

One iron ore was traded for 50,000 gold, and the iron ore alone cost around 50 million gold.

After all, the total value of the minerals that were supported by Ian added up to a ridiculous amount of nearly 200 million gold.

'Well. Being impulsive isn't the right choice…'

He had allowed Han to use them all and used the money because he had been very useful till now, however, Ian was deeply contemplating.

Ian was taking heavy steps.

'I hope something good comes out of all that I did…'

After a while, a huge shadow came into the sight of Ian's.


A huge skeleton knight shadow was towering in front of the blacksmith.

Ian's eyes confirmed that, and his eyes were shining.

Armed with colorful armor and huge hammer, it was a huge difference from yesterday's big and ugly appearance.

And most importantly, unlike the one of Radeus skeleton, which had a dark blue armor, this one was wearing a golden mithril armor.

'What? Is it the same one that Radeus summoned?'

Ian was with half anxiousness and half anticipation while he was approaching the skeleton.

Han who was sitting in the back quickly made his way to Ian to greet him.

"Oh-oh, you have come, majesty!"

"Yes, Han. Are you done?"

"yes, majesty. Come and check it right away."

At the end of those words from Han, Ian looked to the back with a puzzled look.

"How am I supposed to check…?"

"Oops, wait a moment, please."

Han entered the forge while tumbling and passed a sphere towards Ian.

[You have earned the 'Soul Contract Stone' item.]

Han spoke again,

"You can use it to check the information of his."


Ian swallowed his spit and tried to use the Soul Contract Stone.

And system messages rushed in front of Ian's eyes


[You have used the 'Soul Contract Stone' item!]

[The contract with the Dark Contract has been made with the Summon.]

[Acquired fame of 50,000.]

[Dark Contracted Summon doesn't need leadership for summoning.]


[You have summoned, 'Skull Knight of Destruction (Myth)'!]

At the end of those messages.

Ian's eyes which confirmed the word 'myth' went wide with shock.
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    《Taming Master》