Taming Master
469 The Siege Weapon Appears 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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469 The Siege Weapon Appears 3

Kwang- Kwakwang-!

The moment the huge hammer fell on the floor, a bolt of intense lightning hit the area that destroyed the whole area.

A bolt of lightning literally 'struck down'.

An intense energy that resembled the flash of lightning surged up.

Was it a bolt of lightning that bolted up from the ground?

"Keu, the effect is totally like the sniper."

Ian smiled and was elated while looking at the back of his newly acquired Thor summon.

Thor, an ancient Norse God, who wielded a legendary huge hammer called Mjollnir.

Mjollnir was like a combination of a mace and a hammer. However, that wasn't so important.

The moment Ian noticed the hammer fell to the ground and crush everything, Ian decided to name him 'Thor'.

"Thor, the hammer of destruction!"


Thor had only two unique abilities.

One of them was a passive skill, which meant that he only had one active skill that could be used during a battle.

'The hammer of destruction.'

The hammer of destruction was a very unique ability that matched well with the name.

It was a thunderbolt hammer that destroyed everything once it fell to the ground.


As Thor lifted his hammer high into the sky, huge energy began to whirl in the air.

Subsequently, tremendous waves of energy were being sucked around his huge hammer.

A technique with a relatively long charging time of five seconds. It was surely going to be difficult to hit a target with that skill.

But Ian didn't think it would be difficult to hit a target with the 'hammer'.

The reason being…

"Ddukdae, Abyss Hole!"


It was because of the 'Abyss Hole', the best CC of the summon Ddukdae, which sucked everything.

The Abyss Hole of Ddukdae began to suck in all the skeletons in the dungeon to the location where the hammer fell down.



The skeletons who were caught in the CC looked into the air with a puzzled look.

However, that didn't stop the hammer of Thor'.

The huge golden hammer fell onto the Abyss Hole that kept sucking everything around it.

Kwang- Kwang- Kwakwang-!

[The summon 'Thor's' Unique ability, 'Hammer of Destruction' has been triggered.]

[The vitality of the Skelton warrior has been reduced by 289,809.]

[The vitality of the Skeleton Archer has been reduced by 318,982.]

[The summon 'Thor' gained experience equivalent to 9,801,928.]

[The level of summon 'Thor' has been increased.]

[The summon 'Thor' has reached the level of 126.]

[The summon 'Thor' has reached the level of 127.]

The hammer of destruction was a skill that was really powerful. However, it had a charging time that was too long to hit.

In addition, the damage done by Thor was overwhelmingly strong when compared to any familiars of Ian.

His damage was even higher than Karceus.

'All of his combat abilities are lacking apart from his attack and defense.'

Of course, in terms of DPS, Karceus would be stronger than Thor even if their levels were the same.

That was because of the difference in their agility.

Thor's attack was more powerful, but his attack speed was slower than Karceus.

However, the one that could deal the highest damage in a single shot was by far Thor.

Thor was still just level 127 yet his damage was already reaching 300,000.

Thor's current damage was 5,334.

Karceus had the same stats when he was at the level of 150 to 160.

'This is all because the hammering factor of destruction is 2,500 percent.'

In addition, the offensive power of Thor had a huge impact on why Thor was leveling up so fast.

Within just three hours of hunting from the time he was level 1, he had already reached the level of 127.

The attack power of Thor wasn't enough to affect the speed of the hunting just yet.

So how did it affect the speed of how fast he leveled up?

The secret was related to the XP system of Kailan.

'I didn't expect the Macta XP bonus to be this useful.'

The experience acquisition system of Kailan was a very complex system.

Along with the basic distribution system, one would get a bonus experience depending on the level of contribution one did in the battle.

In particular, the one who last hits the enemy would get the most bonus experience points. Thor's powerful attack made it possible.

No matter how strong the damage of Thor was, there was no way he could beat the level 400 monsters with having a level just above 100.

However, Ian decided the monsters' 'Macta' based on the degree of attack possible.

And that was why it allowed Thor to level up much faster than the Phoenix.

At this rate, Thor could reach level 180 to 200 before the beginning of the war.

'Huhu, Phoenix too is approaching the level of 300… I might be able to use these two properly.'

While watching the fast-growing Thor, Ian's smile reached his ears.

He wanted to see the huge hammer of Thor take down a defense tower.

* * *

Dum- Dum- Dum!

A loud sound of a drum was ringing throughout the battlefield.

The sound that meant the beginning of the war.

After that, many troops appeared on the battlefield with expressions that were nowhere near the feelings of anxiety or awkwardness.

This was going to be the largest battle in Kailan over the past few months.

Almost all the users of the human world were united, and that was to be expected.

After seeing the giant Ebon Castle overlooking the snowy plains, Shakran opened his mouth.

"This is a war started by the Lotus, but it wasn't necessary for the leadership to be in their side."

"Yes, master. First, you should sweep as much contribution as possible and hold down the Lotus."

The Lotus Guild had an overwhelming contribution in the Lich King episode having the first place.

It was because the location of the Lotus Kingdom was constantly being attacked by the Legion of Darkness, so they encountered them quite often.

On the other hand, Titan Guild, the only guild that was as strong as the Lotus was in the Southwest.

Compared to the Lotus, there were fewer Legions of Darkness for them to battle against.

As a result, there were fewer opportunities for them to build up contributions.

Normally, the Titan had let go of the episode content in order to pre-empt the empire content for their guild.

But, there was no reason for them to just let go of it.

One of the purposes of the Titan in the war was to fill in the gap between the contribution.

The gap was small, but Emily had already thought of something.

'The remaining budget has been used on siege weapons… We can use this to aim for a spot.'

The episode's contributions could be earned with their plays against the Legion of Darkness.

It could be obtained by hunting the dark army, skeleton soldiers or by clearing a dungeon related to darkness or by completing a quest.

And not every user would get the same number of contributions.

Contribution literally measured how much a user contributed after clearing the episode, so there was a lot in a play that could earn a user some contribution points.

And it was Emily's aim to destroy the facilities of the Legion of Darkness.

'Once I destroyed the weapons warehouse on the outskirts, huge contributions will come in. If we destroy the other towers as well, huge contributions will come in.'

Suddenly, Ian's face flashed in the mind of Emily.

'Wouldn't he know that too? Should I find something that they wouldn't know?'

Emily's eyes naturally moved towards the camp of the Lotus Kingdom.

As the camp of the Lotus wasn't far away, it wasn't that hard to see.

Emily quickly scanned the camp of Lotus.

But the very next moment, the eyes of Emily went wide.

"That? What in the world is that…?"

Standing next to the small golem was a huge skeleton.

Emily was agitated in numerous ways, and Shakran who was right next to her asked with a puzzled look,

"What is it Emily?"

She pointed towards the camp of the Lotus Kingdom.

"Master, do you know anything about that giant skeleton?"

The moment Emily asked about the giant skeleton, Shakran too looked over to see what she was pointing at.

The giant skeleton was towering in the middle of the battlefield.

Along with a striking golden armor that made it much more prominent.

Shakran, who had been watching the skeleton with his mouth wide open, smiled.

"What is that useless piece of scrap?"

Emily was surprised upon hearing what Shakran said.


"Look at the movements of that junk closely, Emily."

"I am looking at it, master."

"Who in their right mind would get hit with that slow-moving hammer?"


As Shakran said, the skeleton was just moving the hammer in the air.

It was a disaster in the least. It could cause damage sometimes, but the hammer wasn't being wielded properly.

In addition, it was taking it 2 seconds to swing the hammer once.

It sure was showing the attack efficiency that was close to a 'Ka-boom'.

Emily nodded and opened her mouth to speak,

"Master, you sure have keen eyes."

"Emily, you would've seen that too if you focused just a little bit more."

"Well, that could have been the case."
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"Anyway, there is no need to worry about that one. Its effect is gorgeous, and I was nervous for a while too, but I don't understand where that scrap was picked up. It is nothing but a meatless shield."

The eyes of Emily and Shakran was on the Giant Skeleton the entire time.

However, their interest in it had quickly gone away.

They had too much to do and too many things to care for on the battlefield rather than just pay attention to a skeleton giant.

"Through the path! We need to reach the castle!"

Shakran's voice rang throughout the camp of the Titan Guild, and all the members of the Titan guild ran to the battlefield in unison.

From that point on, the competition between the Lotus and the Titan had begun.
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