Taming Master
470 Hammer of Destruction 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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470 Hammer of Destruction 1

Along with Lucia was the major reporter Hines, and he was entering the station with excitement as it had been a very long time.

'Huhu, this is going to be fun in many ways.'

Hines was excited because of two reasons.

The first one was due to the huge battle of the human world users joining together after a long time.

The second one was the biggest reason why Hines was buzzing with excitement.

Till now, almost all of the game broadcasts in Kailan had been limitedly broadcasted through crystal balls.

The reporters and the casters in the broadcasting station commented on the videos and pictures that would be relayed through the crystal balls placed on the field.

Occasionally, the reporters would access Kailan and broadcast their own personal videos, but that was a very rare case.

It was because most of the content organized by the broadcasting section was of high level, which made it difficult for the reporters to meet.

However, this time the 'broadcast capsule' of LB was going to tell a different story.

Kailan's first-ever capsule that would support 'Master Observer Mode'.

The observer mode was a system that literally let one enjoy the game from the observer's point of view.

Until now, Kailan had never supported the observer mode.

In fact, no RPG game had ever supported an observer mode.

There were many users, including the game broadcasters who hoped to support the observer mode in Kailan.

Not only for the convenience of broadcasting, but many users wanted to enjoy a play while directly looking at the play of the users.

And thus, the first-ever introduced observer mode by LB was the 'Master Observer Mode'.

The Master Observer Mode was available only with the capsules that were provided by the LB.

In addition, if one tried to violate the terms and conditions, LB company would ban that user's IP arbitrarily.

And there was a valid reason for the new capsule to be made with such restrictions.

It was because the permissions in the Master Observer Mode were quite broad.

The permission to play the screen by connecting to any objects or coordinates at any point. Even the point of view of a monster or NPC could be accessed depending on the use of the enormous authority being used.

'One can observe from any point of view that they want… it is possible to present a really dynamic show.'

That was the reason for LB to specify the terms and conditions while accessing the Master Observer Mode, and it could be presented only if the broadcasting schedule was announced beforehand.

If not, the privacy of the users would be violated.

In addition, the terms and conditions mentioned that the observer needed to distribute the broadcasted revenue in proportion to the time spent for broadcasting.

There were a lot of shady terms, but none of the broadcasters seemed to mind them.

That was because of the difference in the quality of the video that could be gained from using the Master Observer mode.

'If I manage to take a shot of Ian or Shakran or any rankers in particular… I'm getting excited by just thinking about it.'

Hines's pace began to get faster and faster.

There was still one hour for the broadcast to start, but the excitement to test the Master Observer mode in the new capsule was making him lose rationality.


Kim Yong-woo, who had been stressed to the level of not being able to close his eyes to sleep due to the company strain, was sitting in front of the TV after a very long gap.

Actually, he was supposed to still be at work; however, he seemed to get off work early since he had been working hard.

'There is no way I can miss the YTBC broadcast today.'

The broadcast of 'Annihilate the Legion of Darkness' had already been promoted on a huge scale since the day before.

It was a broadcast which wasn't just promoted in the official community of Kailan, but also by LB. It was receiving a lot of attention from Kailan users.

And that was the case with Kim Yong-woo, the biggest fan of Kailan.

The broadcast was being promoted to have something new, which made it even more interesting. But apart from everything else, there was no way one would be willing to miss the content of the 'Annihilation of the Legion of Darkness' where the human rankers would fight.

Yong-woo, took a chicken leg into his hand and mumbled,

"Ah, when is it going to start? Cut down the worthless advertisements."

While his gaze was still fixated on the TV screen, Yong-woo was looking grim.

After a while, his anticipated Kailan broadcast began.

- You have waited for quite a lot of time, viewers.

- This is reporter Lucia of YTBC.

- And this is Hines.

- Where exactly are we Hines?

- We are in the highest level hunting ground of Kailan, the Ulphir grounds.

- This is the first time for me being here. Have you seen the Ulphir grounds before, Hines?

- I haven't actually been here, but I did see it quite a few times.

- Is that so?

The two reporters' broadcast was connecting as smoothly as ever.

Yong-woo was pleased and decided to lean back into the couch.

"Keu, You mean that the Legion of Darkness is inside that castle?"

The two reporters briefly talked about the battle that would happen that day, followed by a brief description of the newly introduced Master Observer mode.

However, the explanation of the observer mode was boring for the impatient Yong-woo.

"Stop with those depressing explanations and show me the battle screen…"

And with in a moment, the discontent of the mumbling Yong-woo turned to wonder and astonishment.

"What… what is this? This isn't a personal broadcast of Ian; this is supposed to be a general broadcast. Then how is the video being transmitted from Ian's point of view?"

Yong-woo wasn't able to understand the observer mode even as it was being explained.

It didn't take much time for Yong-woo's 'boredom' to turn into 'admiration'.

"Kiya, this is crazy awesome!"

The video on the screen was displaying the 'Skeleton Knight giant' who was wearing an armor of Gold.

Bang- Bang-!

As the huge golden armor fell from the sky, a large pit formed on the ground as if it was hit by a meteor.

Yong-woo started to drift into an illusion that made him think that he was the skeleton knight and was wielding the hammer.

* * *

"Supporters, provide a shield for Thor!"

"Yes, Majesty!"

"Okay, Ian!"

The powerful Lotus was trying to get through the enemy lines as quickly as possible and get closer to the walls.

In the forefront was Ian's summon, Thor.

A large army of Lotus that was in a triangle formation was steadily attacking the defensive front of the Legion of Darkness.

Ian smiled bitterly as he saw Thor swinging the hammer at the forefront.

'Thor's attacks can't even hit a golem.'

The Dark Golem, one of the main forces of the Legion of Darkness was the most agile monster among the golems.

However, it was still a golem that was relatively fast.

Despite the frustratingly slow movements of the skeleton, the hammer of Thor moved quite well.

Hoonie who was walking alongside Ian spoke with a distressed expression,

"Hyung, is that really supposed to be the secret weapon?"

"Yes, it is."

"How do you plan on using something that can't even hit a golem?"



Despite hearing the answer from Ian, the distress of Hoonie didn't seem to go away.

It was because he didn't exactly understand how it could be used for a siege.

'What? You're planning on destroying the wall with that?'

Honestly, it was all fine for Hoonie to not understand what Ian was trying to do.

The only thing that ignorant monster could do was to swing its hammer at the wall; however, that seemed meaningless to Hoonie.

It wasn't like breaking the wall was an impossible task, and it was too inefficient.

'At least tens of thousands of attacks are needed to destroy the wall. At what time do you plan on breaking the wall with that speed of yours?'

The durability of the wall surpassed millions; its durability was around 10 million units.

No attack power was strong enough to break that kind of wall in one go.

If that was said by some other user other than Ian, Hoonie would have surely laughed.

However, it was Ian.

Ian was quick-witted compared to Hoonie, so there was no way he wouldn't have thought of a strategy.

'What is your plan?'

Hoonie looked over at the mighty looking skeleton knight.

In the meantime, the army of Lotus was getting closer to the wall, and the battle started to get much more intense.

"You humans dare to set foot in the land of Chalian! I'll turn you all into ashes!"

With the roars of the Undead monsters who seemed like named ones, numerous dark spheres poured down from the wall.

A soft mumbling could be heard; it was from someone who was very familiar with higher tier dark attribute magic attacks.

"Death meteor…"

Numerous dark meteors started to fall in the direction of Lotus's army.

Fiolan who was in the rear looked over at Ian with a tensed look.

"Ian, should we take a tempo back?"

The death meteor had a strong destructive power; however, the speed of its movement was relatively slow.

After its activation, it was possible to avoid them.

In general, a step back tempo, like Fiolan has asked was the solution for it.

Waiting out until the meteor fell and then move again.

That didn't mean that they would take in any damage.

While retreating, the camp would get distracted, so losing a few troops were inevitable.

Nevertheless, the shields backed by the magicians would be able to reduce the damage, but not much compared to taking a step back.

However, Ian shook his head and answered Fiolan,

"Don't pull out, Fiolan. Push further in."


"If we take a step back, one more vicious cycle would begin. Do you know that the cooldown time of death meteor is relatively short?"

"That… I know."

If the Lotus army would take a retreat of a few steps, the dark meteors would return once again after its cool down.

That would turn into the vicious cycle that Ian was talking about.

"What do we do then? Should the shield spells be connected?"

Fiolan tried to calmly communicate with Ian even during the crisis.

That was only possible because of the belief she had in Ian.

Ian smiled and spoke to Fiolan,

"You don't need to back down or connect the shield spells."


"Just ignore it and let them blast. I'll take responsibility for what will happen."


In the blink of an eye, Ian landed on the shoulder of 'Thor' and shouted a command with confidence,

"Focus on breaking the line in front of you!"

After discovering the meteors that were coming in from afar, the Lotus users were turning jittery. However, when they heard Ian's orders, they began to wield their weapons.

Because of the belief, they had in Ian, not even a single member of the guild moved away from the formation.
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Dozens, maybe hundreds of troops could vanish in a moment.

Suddenly, a sharp cry rang out from the middle of the battlefield.

Kiyaaaah-! 123
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