Taming Master
471 Hammer of Destruction 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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471 Hammer of Destruction 2

A huge lump almost similar to that of a rock—fell from the air.

The shadow of the mass of the huge rock fell.



Urgent and panicked calls came around from the surroundings, however, it was too late to recognize what was happening.

'Uh… apply for the war? I could've just gone to some dungeon with a party like I always did…'

Liana, a level 330 magician class user, she saw what was rushing right towards her and closed her eyes.

With very good equipment for level and control, she had met the DPS standard of the Lotus Guild and was able to join their war against the legion of darkness.

Honestly, she wasn't interested in the war.

The reason why she decided to apply, was to have a personal view of the gameplay of Ian God.

She had the chance to look at Ian's play up-close, however, she missed the timing.

Her lack of control for the magician class at the level of 300 was natural, if she were good enough, she would be able not to get hit with one of those sluggishly moving rocks.

But as her mind was occupied elsewhere, she had to face the shameful experience of getting buried in those rocks.

'Even… even then, maybe I'll get to see the play of Ian from the back? Even with the Death Penalty, I can recover within a few days.'

Liana closed her eyes and sighed.

However, something felt strange the next moment.


She should have been dead and logged out, however, it had been a few seconds.

She opened her eyes which she had closed.

She looked at the sky and turned puzzled.

The rocks which were flying towards her were destroyed and scattered everywhere, and there was a huge red beautiful bird flying in that spot.

Also, there was some intense gold energy surrounding the bird.

Liana couldn't help but smile looking at the beautiful phoenix, which made her forget all the fear in her till a moment back.


* * *

Huge dark spheres were beginning to cover the sky.

Most of the troops on the battlefield began to take a step back, but the only place—the one camp of Lotus Guild was the one that was moving forward without any hesitation.

Yong-woo who was watching the TV mumbled at the absurd situation that he was seeing.

"No, why aren't you going back Lotus? That is suicide!"

Kailan's diehard fan, Yong-woo was a fan of Ian too.

There wasn't anything about Ian that he didn't know.

"What in the world are you doing Ian God? You used the Death meteor to kill the Khalifa when fighting against it, you should know better about the power it holds."

The picture on the TV was showing the image of the giant skeleton.

Almost for 5 minutes, the broadcast was constantly capturing that being, it was because of the battlefield, the skeleton was the most visible part.

"This is frustrating. Even if you use the Dragonic Barrier of Elcarix, you won't be able to cover that wide of a range…"

Even the skills of all of Ian's familiars were registered in the mind of Kim Yong-woo.

There was no way he would know of the specific coefficients, he just roughly knew what skills they had.


As the slow dark spheres made their way to the ground, Yong-woo's heart began to pound crazily.

Right then, a familiar voice rang from the speakers of the TV.

[Phoenix, the guardian of the Sun God.]

Watching all those hundreds and thousands of videos of Ian, there was no way he would forget that voice.

And with that, a huge explosion rang.


The rocks that were about to fall just exploded in the air.

Breaking through the blast of rocks, a beautiful bird began to fly into the air.


A beautiful Phoenix was summoned by Ian.

Yong-woo who saw that couldn't help but mumble,

"What is that? Did Ian have such a familiar?"

The reason why Yong-woo was surprised was simple to understand.

He knew about the destructive power of the rocks.

The fact that the familiar was looking all fine even after taking in the rocks meant that the gorgeous summon was close to invincible.

Yong-woo's face started to get interested in the turn of events.

However, he was much more surprised within a short while.

The intense gold energy radiating from the phoenix began to spread out.

The moment that golden energy was touched…

"The meteors have disappeared!"

All the meteors which were about to fall just disappeared.

As if a picture was effaced with an eraser.

* * *

It wasn't as strong or powerful as any offensive magic spells, and the death meteors were very slow.

Ian made full use of the shortcomings of the Death Meteor.

'Nice. Nick, you have erased all the meteors in the sky!'

Ian's summon—Ni, the guardian of the Sun God.

A fraudulent inherent ability to invalidate all the attacks that were in a 50 meters radius from the phoenix, and Ian wanted to use that.

In the situation like what had just happened, it was a skill that no magician could ever perfect.

"What, what was that?"

"The meteors just disappeared!"

The moment Nick flew, around 30 percent of the meteors that were floating in the air melted and disappeared in the golden light.

However, Ian wasn't satisfied with that.

"El, Haste!"

"Okay, dad!"

He mobilized the Haste spell of El's to buff his Nick even faster and then wiped out all the meteors in the sky for the duration of 3 seconds that the 'Guardian of Sun God' was still one.


To explain it simply, the erase—which could disappear in the range of 50 meters in all the directions, was moved for 3 seconds to erase all the falling meteors.

The users who had witnessed the scene were all puzzled and shocked.

"Did you see that?"


And not to mention the netizens who were watching the broadcast.

- OMG… guys, wasn't that a cheat skill?

- Hu hu, that was too much. If one could dispel all the magic at once for such a wide area, then what is the use of the wizards?

- Ke ke, it really looks like a good skill, however, it doesn't seem that it is great.

- Why? It looks like a cheat skill for my eyes too.

- Think about it. What Ian just showed, is possible when dealing with magical opponents, such as Death Meteors which move at a slow speed, and it will be useless for opponent's skills that last longer than 10 seconds, such as Hell-flame or Blizzard that explode in no time.

- And with that skill, the cooldown too will be long enough.

- Even then… that is too.

- Just a thought, but Ian might be able to stop the Hell-flame if he carefully watches the motion of it.

- Lol… that could be too.

- Anyway, Ian God! I should have changed my panties right before the broadcasting started. Huh…

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The decision that Ian took just now, was one of the very dangerous ones.

It was assumed that the Death Meteor would handle the guilds off for a moment, but due to the unexpected reaction, the line was penetrated quickly.

As soon as they had gained access to the wall, direct damage began to occur, and the dark magicians began to rush.

"Pour in hot oil, so they won't try to climb!"

"Shoot those who are the closest to the wall!"

"Burn of the ladders so they don't climb!"

The legion of darkness began to move one by one to the wall.

Ian listened to the orders that were being given by the dark mages and scoffed at them.

'Why in the world would you go up the wall?'

Ian climbed onto Pin and soared into the air, and started to give out orders.

"the defenses of left and right, protect Thor from now on! Magicians, connect the shield and there is no need to climb the wall!"

And just like the orders of Ian, Lotus's troops moved in unison.

He started to build the original circle defense around Thor which was raising the hammer.

And subsequently, the unique ability of Thor—which Ian was dying to use began to get charged.

"Thor, Hammer of Destruction!"


Thor looked at his mithril hammer and screamed on top of his lungs.

Golden air flowed around the hammer.

And the dark magicians who saw it changed their orders immediately.

"He wants to attack the wall!"

"Use the repairmen to immediately repair the wall!"

The 'hammer of destruction' was a unique ability with a charging technique that needed a fairly long time to use—around 5 seconds.

Then was Ian planning to stay still for the 5 seconds as the skill would be played?

There is no way that he would.


The only defense line that could be seen was Thor, and Ian moved to the sky.

Moving into the clouds high enough, Ian began to attract incoming perforations.

Arrows from the enemy defense tower of the castle were flying in, and Ian was able to survive from those attacks by using the Dragonic Barrier.

And with that one shot.

"Bbakbbak, summon!"

At the same time as Ian's words came out, a huge dragon of sort got summoned.

Not as giant as Thor, but he was huge enough to be beastly.

Ian was planning to use the method that was used in the Pyro Domain's war in the past.


With a very violent sound, Bbakbbak the giant fell down near the wall.

Ian quickly pulled back so he could get away from the range of the defense tower and watched the scene unfold with nervous eyes.

'The timing seems to be right…'

The lower the altitude, the faster the pace that Bbakbbak falls.

At that moment,


Throughout the battlefield, massive sounds started to rise because of Thor.


Thor's mithril hammer, which was done charging for 5 seconds, fell to the wall.

Kwakwang- Kwakwang-!

Thor put the hammer down only once, however, the explosion didn't stop with once.

It was all due to the additional damage that was attacked to the unique ability of the Hammer of Destruction.

[The unique ability of 'Thor', 'hammer of destruction' has been activated.]

[The 'Wall of darkness' has been dealt!]

[The durability of the 'Wall of darkness' reduced by 5,879,809!]

[Additional damage has been triggered for attacking 'inanimate'.]

[The durability of 'wall of darkness' is reduced by 17,609,890.]

System messages started to pop up in front of Ian.

Ian who confirmed it could feel great pleasure rise inside him.

'Keu, the coefficient multiplication! Passive seems to overlap too.'

Thor's hammer of destruction inflicted more than 20 million of nonsensical damage.

It was nonsensical because of this;

The giant's hammer, a passive skill that gave 150% of damage buff and an extra 500% buff when attacking the inanimate objects.

Thor's damage, was already six times, increased by an additional tenfold due to the 1,000 percent factor attacked to the Hammer of Destruction, resulted in an odd number of 5.88 million.

And that wasn't the end.

Random addition damage of 50- 500 percent factor, another option attached to the hammer of destruction.

When that burst to 300 percent, three times the amount of damage was added.

And the 20 million beings who were great and powerful as it was, wasn't enough to take down the wall.


The gold beam began to bounce from where the hammer fell, and cracks began to spread around the wall of the castle.

And the dark magicians immediately urged the repairmen to revive the wall.

"To the wall! Repair it with all your strength!"

The orders were, however, turned worthless.


Golden beam was spreading across the cracked walls.

And with that, the wall of darkness which was supposed to be of tremendous durability started to fall off like dried tofu.
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