Taming Master
500 Necklace of the Underworld King 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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500 Necklace of the Underworld King 2

Ian thought that he heard Mukan wrongly.

There were just two ways for a user to enter the Underworld.

'An NPC might fall to the Underworld when dead, but reborn users can't enter the Underworld.'

Because of that, Ian's only way to enter the Underworld was to fight with Mukan and win.

Not knowingly, Ian gulped down his saliva.

'Can I win over this guy?'

Ian looked at the king, narrowing his eyes.

Underworld King, Mukan: Lv 500

'Damn, his level is of 500 surely…'

Mukan, a transcendence being's level was at MAX of 500.

It was good news that he was in the human dimension.

If they were in the Middle-Earth, there would have been no way for Ian to win over the King of the Underworld.

In the Middle-Earth dimension, the King of the Underworld would surely belong to the top talented beings.

If there was some way, there wouldn't be a reason to break through their heads anymore.

There was no choice for them but to get past him.

To there.

Ian took a step forward and placed his Judgment of the Spirit king in front.


With a low but heavy voice, Ian spoke,

"If I win, you will open the path to enter the Underworld, right?"

When Ian asked it, Mukan responded with widened eyes,


"Nice. Then…"


White glow was emanating from the body of Ian's.

And the golden spear that he was holding in his hand,

The 'Judgment of the Spirit King' floated in the air.

"Should we try playing once?"

* * *

The 'transcendence power' wasn't the power that could be exerted properly on the earthly dimension.

If that was the case, did it mean that it had no meaning?

Of course, that wasn't the case either.

The higher the transcendence level, the stronger would be the combat power of the human dimension.

However, stats in the Middle-Earth was only 10 and only 1 or 2 things could be used in the human dimension.

That was why there was a difference in the combat power among the same leveled beings in the 500s.

The same way how Lich King Chalian was much powerful than the minions of the same level.

Which meant that the King of the Underworld Mukan would be powerful too.

At least, stronger than the Lich King.

"Even if this is the earthly dimension, you humans think you have the confidence to take me on?"

Panic and confusion were clearly written on the face of the Underworld King Mukan.

The biggest feeling was the 'interest' of the challenger who took up the offer, there was a bit of ugliness mixed in there.

The transcendental beings.

They never realized that there would be a time when the humans of the human dimension would challenge those who were higher than themselves.

"Long and short paths, not something one can know by seeing."

"There are things that you can't see unless you challenge."


Mukan knocked his curved blade on the floor.

Black clouds spread around him, pushing back the humans that were around him.

"Uh, uhhu?"

"What is this? Just pushing us backward?"

The black clouds didn't cause any damage to the users.

But the unknown force just constantly pushed back the users.

And undeniable force.

However, at the very time, a user who found one person standing inside of the black smokey clouds, opened his mouth feeling surprised.

"Uh, why is Ian in there?"

"Yeah, right? What just happened?"

In the vacant lot that was created by the black clouds, only Mukan and Ian remained in between.

After a while, the voice of Mukan took over.

"I will accept your challenge!"

And with that, system messages came in front of Ian.


[Underworld King Mukan has accepted your challenge.]

[The 'Absolute Power' has been manifested.]

[You are in the area of 'Darkness Field'.]

['Test of the Underworld King Mukan' quest has been triggered.]

-Test of Underworld King Mukan (Hidden) –

Mukan, the seventh king to rule the Underworld, the king who guards the path of life and death.

You've successfully summoned Mukan after collecting all the fragments of the Underworld King's necklace.

You have fulfilled the conditions needed for obtaining the 'Power of the Underworld King', the dream of every warlock.

But you, not being a warlock, haven't been empowered by Mukan and you have asked for unlocking the path that would lead one to the Underworld.

Being the gatekeeper, Mukan has informed you that it could only happen by winning the confrontation with him.

The challenge is done by a human to the Underworld King.

This is a reckless challenge that has never been attempted in the history of the continent.

However, you have challenged, and Mukan has already accepted it.

If you win over the battle with Mukan, he will open the path to the Underworld.

But if you lose, he wouldn't.

You will also receive a 'death' penalty in exchange for challenging the power of the Underworld King.

Win the battle over Mukan and be guided to the Underworld.

Quest Difficulty: ??? Unknown

Quest Condition:
User who collects all the pieces of 'Underworld King'd Necklace Fragment'
A user with fame of over 30 million.
User who has opened the 'transcendence level' system.

*If the quest is failed, you will receive a 'death' penalty.

*'Death' penalty: you'll be in the 'Undead' state and be trapped in the Underworld for three days (While being in the Undead state, you won't gain experience and items).

Time Limit: None

'The Road to Underworld' will be opened.

* * *

"Surely, Ian God had to summon the Underworld King right away."

After a short vacation, Na Ji-chan headed to the monitoring room straight away to get back to work.

The reason he headed to the monitoring room was to watch the personal screen that displayed Ian.

It was a natural course of action.

He had to watch the situation where a user of the Korean server might end up entering the Middle-Earth for the very first time.

"Can Ian manage to win over the Underworld King? Ian and Mukan. It isn't unusual for either of them to win."

This time, Na Ji-chan was also supporting Ian completely 100 percent.

And as the content of the Middle-Earth had already been made, and even if Ian did manage to enter the Middle-Earth right away, there was nothing much he could do.

The difficulty of the Middle-Earth was more than hardcore.

"Even if it is Ian, he needs to shoot up to 450-480 levels to do anything."

Na Ji-chan's eyes started to twinkle as he saw the battle between Ian and Mukan begin.

The thing he was expecting from Ian was the 'Summoner Knight'.

Watching how Ian utilizes the Summoner Knight skill, was the watching point of Na Ji-chan.

* * *

Wheeing, hooong- Kwakwang-!

The golden spear moved in the air, blowing out energy with a powerful lightning strike.

The shocking thing was that no one was actually holding onto the spear.

The spear began to attack the Underworld King, moving by itself like it had a life of its own.

Ian's new hidden class.

Summoner Knight's unique ability, Vitality Weapon had been activated.


Mukan's silent moon blade and Ian's Judgment of the spirit king were facing each other in the air.

Mukan's eyes narrowed seeing that.

"This certainly isn't the power of the human dimension… human, you are using the transcendence power."

Listening to Muakn, Ian guessed the meaning behind them.

'Is the Summoner Knight actually available in the Middle-Earth?'

It was an unknown setting of Kailan for Ian, but in fact, the classes above the 4th tier could only be obtained by entering the Middle-Earth.

Although there were a few 4th tiers classes that were given as rewards for special quests, such as the Summoner Knight; as the basic base for Mukan the transcendence being was the 'Middle-Earth', it could be inferred as such.

And Ian's guess was roughly right.

Ian smiled at Mukan.

"Uncle, can't you just lose? I really want to go to the Underworld."

Ian made a silly joke towards Mukan and moved forward to summon his familiars.

Mukan too smiled and lifted his arm to the sky.

At the very same time, numerous deceased summons rose from the ground.

"Huhu, kid. If you really want to enter the Underworld, honestly isn't this battle meaningless?"


"Even if you die in my hands you will fall to the Underworld."

Ian who heard those words couldn't help but swallow the words that were almost in his mouth.

It was because he remembered what was written in the quest.

The 'death' penalty that he would get for the quest fail.

'Yeah well. I get to see the Underworld even if I get a death penalty.'

Ian began to concentrate on the battle after a small laugh.

Even if he had the choice, it was meaningless to die and enter the Underworld.

What was the use of entering a paradise when one won't be able to experience or gain something from it?

Ian began to smirk and taunt Mukan.

"Uncle, aren't you saying that because you don't have the confidence to beat me?"

Mukan's brows went close at the provocation of Ian's.
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"Man, you're quite stupid."

"If that is not the case, then stop talking useless stuff with me."


Ian who hurt Mukan enough with his verbal power jumped forward and picked up the Bloody Revenge.

The Ego weapon Judgment of the Spirit King, that could be controlled even though it wasn't in his hand.

So Ian rushed to the Undead of Mukan that blocked the way ahead.

Lich Knight: Lv 500

Skeleton Warrior: Lv 485

Skeleton Knight: Lv 490

Ian who checked the level of all the undead couldn't help but frown.

'Now 500 is the base level.'

However, it wasn't unexpected.

Even the Lich King who was supposed to be at a lower level than Mukan was at the level of 500.

And of course, the measures were already in place.

A low voice came out of Ian's mouth,

"Summon Ban."

Another special unique ability that only the Summoner Knight had, the Summon Ban.
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    《Taming Master》