Taming Master
503 The Road leading to the Underworld 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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503 The Road leading to the Underworld 2

Anyone could who would see would instantly admire the battle that was happening between Ian and the Underworld King.

Even Shakran was very excited to see the battle of Ian.

'The Underworld King… the name surely is NPC type.'

Ian and the underworld king were very powerful, none of them were even weak.

And from the standpoint of Shakran who did nothing but see, it was like watching a battle effortlessly.

It didn't mean that he was just enjoying the show.

He was trying to put the skills, the attacks and the methods of combat that were being used.

Shakran immediately recalled the conversation that he had with Ian the day before.

- Kid, How are you going to fulfill the promise now?

- How do you think will happen? We'll call the King of the Underworld and ask him to open the way to the underworld.

- Is it definite that the King of the Underworld will actually open the path to the underworld?

- It is sure. It is the knowledge that we got from Kaka's head.

- That so.

- But, there is one thing that I'm worried about.

- What is it?

- This King's necklace. It is a consumable item.

- …?

- The number of times that the Underworld King can be summoned by using the necklace is three. If we can't open the road to the underworld at that time, it'll be difficult for us.

- Huh… you think the Underworld King opening the way to the underworld won't happen smoothly?

- Right. Surely we can open the way to the underworld with 3 chances; there won't be any problem, but by any chance, we fail all three times, then I won't be able to fulfill the promise.

- Of course. It is a content that hasn't been seen, there is no chance of succeeding.

- So what I want to say is.

- Hmm?

- I have a suggestion to make.

- go ahead, kid.

- I'll give you uncle, one of the three opportunities.

- Oho?

- Surely, if I opened the path to the underworld in the first place; our promise will be fulfilled, but if it fails, the second try will be handed over to Titan.

- That is a good deal.

- Instead, it is supposed to pay off the debt between us.

- Fine. Let's do it that way.

Three chances provided by the Underworld King's Necklace.

Ian and Shakran agreed to share the opportunity for each, between Lotus and Titan.

What about the last left chance?

It was a tentative decision when both Ian and Shakran failed.

'Huhu, the kid failing is a good thing for me.'

And watching the battle that was going on between the Underworld King and Ian, Shakran was getting much more confident.

The underworld king was obviously strong, but he had the confidence that he could win over him.

It was a well founded confidence.

While watching the battle so far, he analyzed the skills of Mukan and thought of ways to break him down.

'So, kid, if it is a little hard, give up early.'

Shakran smiled while fidgeting with the necklace in his hand.

-Underworld King's Necklace-

Classification: Goods

Rank: myth

The necklace of the fifth King of the Underworld, Mukan.

It was a mythical necklace that can be completed after collecting all three fragments that were scattered around.

With the necklace in possession—the Underworld King Mukan can be summoned, and by passing the test given to you, he will present a gift according to your power.

*If the Underworld King's necklace is present, the amount of dark magic is increased by 25%.

*If the Underworld King's necklace is present, dark spells are cast by 15% faster.

*The Underworld King's necklace loses its strength after three uses. (If the necklace is used three times, it will break into three fragments and will get shattered in the human dimension.)

Current tries available (2/3)

Waiting time for re-use (359: 15: 27)

The number of times the necklace could be used was 2.

If Ian failed here, Shakran's turn would come.

'Huhu, I wish I had a chance.'

There was cooldown, but it didn't matter.

There was work that had to be done, and during that time, he could prepare well for the battle.

If Ian wins over the Underworld King and passes to the underworld, it was beneficial as they will be able to access the new content quickly. It was an even better situation.

Shakran was thinking a lot and began to focus way more on the battle.

Was it around 10 minutes?


The momentum of the Underworld King, who was competing with Ian has changed suddenly.

"Man, this is right! Well then, stay there this time too!"

With the Underworld King Mukan in the center, an intense whirlwind began to swirl around him.

[Unique ability of King Mukan 'Commander's Roar' has been triggered.]

[You are in a 'stun' state.]

[Agility has been temporarily reduced by 10%.]

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[All combat abilities have been temporarily reduced by 5%.]

[King Mukan's combat abilities have been increased by 15%.]

[All dark attribute skill damage increased by 20%.]


[All Summoned familiars combat abilities have been reduced by 50%.]

The dark whirlwind slowly spread all over the place.

A feast of gigantic buffs and debuffs that were notified by the beep of the system message.

In particular, was the last message…

'Sh*t. This is a simple summoner debuff? All the combat abilities have been down by 40%, this makes no sense...!'

From the point of the Summoner Ian, this was a critical debuff.

At the same time, the individual's combat abilities were similar to that of a warrior, so it will hit less for Ian.

Accurately checking each of the debuff figures, Ian swallowed his spit and fixed his word.

'Hoh, what to do? This is much easier than I expected.'

Ian's eyes looked over at Mukan's head.

The vitality gauge was exactly halfway.

'If I keep going this way, I can win without much difficulty…'

Ian wasn't showing everything that he had got.

There were unique abilities that he had saved for the crisis times, and the skills and buffs of the used Selamus were back for cooldown.

In particular, Kaka's skill was one of the skill that was being saved.

'What am I supposed to do? Do I need to win here? If not…'

Mukan was moving slowly towards Ian while wielding his curved blade.

And to go against him, Ian had no choice but to use both his hands to battle.

'But it is still too early. If we do power pitch from now on… it is sure that all my buffs will go out before the vitality of Mukan is down.'


Only the sound of Mukan's footsteps could be heard on the battlefield.

Ian started at Mukan with his Bloody Revenge still in hand.

'If I by chance fail here, can Shakran uncle manage to succeed?'

If would be really fortunate if Shakran could have succeeded in taking down the Underworld King.

Whatever the case, the road to the underworld will be opened.

Surely the fame and the other rewards that could be gained from killing the king would be a waste, but that didn't mean much.

'Uh, I'll give over the leftover chance of the necklace to Hoonie.'

1 second, 1 second.

Ian's head started to work a lot.

But that was it.


Something passed through the mind of Ian like lightning.

'But then, there was one ridiculous easy way, right?'

Since he had only thought about overcoming the Underworld King, so he had never really thought about it, he was wondering why he hadn't considered the option that was the easiest.

Taking down the smile that was on his lips, Ian as before, started to look at the Underworld King.

* * *

'That kid, what is he doing? Did he do it out of purpose?'

The unique ability of Mukan, Commander's Roar, didn't just after Ian.

The debuff range was so wide, that every user on the map of the battlefield was affected due to it.

Therefore, the eyes of Shakran knew what debuffs would have an effect on Ian.

It was such a high range of debuffs that even Shakran wasn't able to think of an answer.

And the slight smile on the mouth of Ian made him wonder a lot of things.

'If I was in that spot, maybe I would've been better suited.'

Shakran started to grin thinking about it.

This increased the chance of developing a best-case scenario.

'Kid, you're more likely to fail. It wouldn't have been that easy for me either, but I would be in a better situation than you are.'

The most critical part of cutting down the combat abilities of the familiars, that wasn't such a huge hit for Shakran.

'Kid, are you going to give up?'

While Shakran was busy thinking of all sorts of things, the smile on the face of Ian got erased.

In the place of his smile was the most serious expression he had ever seen.


With light footsteps, Ian's body began to move.

And subsequently, all around Ian to be precise to the point where Kaka was next to Ian, black smoke started to rise.

Shakran who confirmed the skill mumbled in a slow voice,

"Dreaming Devil… you might just win, kid."

However, in the eyes of Shakran, he was looking at Ian as if there was some backlight for Ian.

Like the way the sky brightened for a while just before the sun went down.

If it was the way, it was virtually impossible for Ian to defeat the Underworld King, and Ian's move seemed like the last outbreak before his death.

After a while.

"You did well, human. Stop it now, I'll send you to the afterlife."

As the voice of Mukan rang out, his curved blade fell on the head of Ian.


And that was the end of the battle.
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    《Taming Master》