Taming Master
509 The Reunion with Behemoth 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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509 The Reunion with Behemoth 2

With three large, wicked horns on its head and a red huge horn on the nose.

A huge body that would make one think of a dinosaur and a face that matched with a rhinoceros.

As soon as Ian saw the huge bump on its tail along the dorsum, Ian couldn't help but feel elated.

"Uhaaah! I saw you!"

As soon as Ian screamed out loud, another voice overlapped his.


It was 'him', that devastating roar that Ian had been searching high and low for.

Behemoth: Lv 19 (transcendence)

The last piece of the puzzle, and the main key that was needed for Ian to create the strongest beast possible.

But thanks to a certain someone. The behemoth that was in Devildom turned into an extinct creature that could no longer be found.

'This guy, if I just seal this guy…!'

Ian's eyes were filled with joy.

The egg of the Behemoth, which had been in the corner of his inventory for several months, could now be hatched.

One of the two things that were needed for hatching the eggs of the behemoth—the 'extreme fire'—had already been prepared, and now he only had to seal the spirit of the behemoth and complete it.

'There is nothing that my Gripper uncle doesn't know!'

Excited, Ian put aside the Judgment of the Spirit King that he had in his hand and pulled out the spirit magic seal stone he was handed by Gripper.

Now it was time to approach him and use the seal.


The behemoth who saw Ian stared at him with ferocious eyes.

Witnessing that, Ian couldn't help but gulp.

'If that guy gives me one correct hit, I'll die right away. I can't ever let that happen.'

Ian was nervous as he was approaching him.

However, Ian realized that something was strange.


The Behemoth which had seen Ian was moving back and further back.

'What is this? Why is the one with the higher level doing such a thing?'

Ian who didn't understand this just pushed away the thoughts from his mind; however, the reason why the Behemoth was moving back was pretty clear.

In the memories of the magical beast, the strong image of Ian in the Devildom remained hard in its memory.

-Kukk, kukku-! (Don't come near me, you monster!)

The behemoth was vigorously moving its body and trying to flee from the sight of Ian.

But Ian had no idea why he was behaving like that, and his nervousness increased further.

'Why are you behaving like that? I'd rather hope for you to attack me, that is an easier way to approach…'

Originally, it was Ian's plan to use the stone as the Behemoth would rush towards him for attacking.

Though the attack power of the Behemoth was huge, his movements were dull which gave enough time for Ian to avoid the impact.

However, the guy on the other side was showing unexpected behavior.

Instead of trying to attack Ian, his body was moving back.

And the situation turned further troublesome for Ian.

'Trying to get closer with its unpredictable body movements is a gamble…'

The Behemoth's four legs were thumping and smashing everything in the swamp, and his huge tail that was moving in his back.

Since Ian was small, any misdirected approach could pull him into the muddy water.

'huh… is this the only way?'

Ian stepped back and summoned both Pin and Bbookbbook.



Into the ear of Pin, an order was given in a low voice.

"Pin, take Bbookbbook on your back and then drop it onto the behemoth."

The Behemoth had a giant dinosaur-like appearance, and he needed all four legs on the ground to hold up.

So no matter how much it was struggling, there was no way it could prevent something from falling from the sky.

Unless it was lying on the ground.

'This may be a little dangerous, but in the end, I have no choice but to use the space distortion.'

Once Pin dropped Bbookbbook from the sky, Ian would change position with Bbookbbook.

On the other hand, without being aware of what was happening, Bbookbbook who was held by the toenails of Pin looked back at Pin and asked,

"Bbook! Pin-ah, why are you doing this, bbook? Is it because I ate your meatballs secretly yesterday?"

Even with Bbookbbook acting out of character, Pin faithfully followed the orders of Ian.

The reason why Bbookbbook was chosen for this operation was simple.

"Bbookbbook-ah, it couldn't be helped since you're the smallest and the hardest."

"Mas… Master. I was in the wrong bbook!"

With the polymorph, the smallest size, the back of the Behemoth could be approached more likely, and excluding Bbakbbak, the next one with high defense was Bbookbbook, so it was chosen.

And as Bbookbbook was taken away, Ian started to move much more aggressively to keep the attention of the Behemoth on him.

"Friend, it has been a while, right? You have no idea how hard I had to work to find you."

-Kkukkk! Kiyaaaa! (You came to the afterlife to search for me!? Even in the afterlife you're not leaving me!)

"I will resurrect you onto the earth. Can't you just believe this hyung and follow me?"

-Kuk-kkkuk-! (No! I hate you!)

The behemoth was really disgusted by Ian.

He continued to beat through the swamp with his huge body making the area unapproachable for Ian.

And after a while…


The behemoth became scared because he felt something on his back.

He felt like something was pinching his back.

The next moment, Ian triggered a spell.

"Space Distortion!"

From somewhere, a small turtle appeared in front of the behemoth's eyes.

"What are you looking at bbook? Is this the first time for you to see a turtle?"

The behemoth somehow felt that the unusual-looking turtle was familiar to him.

-Kwah? Kuakk-? (Why does it feel like I had seen this turtle somewhere before?)

"Not saw it somewhere, saw these a lot bbook. You really are a stupid lizard bbook."

-Kiaaa! (I'm not stupid!)

Maybe he was able to understand the words of the behemoth, so Bbookbbook immediately started to insult him.

And finally…

-Kwaahh! Kiyaaah! (You ugly turtle! I will never forgive you!)

The behemoth which seemed to be in a rage. It opened its mouth to the sky.

"Bbook, Bookbok!"

After looking at the Behemoth that looked like it wanted to swallow the turtle, Bbookbbook who was terrified began to take a step back.

But that was for a moment only.


With a huge sound, the whole body of the Behemoth was engulfed in white light.

"Phew, I almost died Bbook."

Bbookbbook shook its head and sat on the ground.

The body of the behemoth which was covered with white light got sucked into the sealing stone that was in Ian's hands.


At the same time, new system messages started to emerge.


[You have used the item 'Spirit Magic Sealing stone'!]

[You have successfully sealed the magical beast, 'Behemoth'!]

['Spirit Magic Soul Stone' use has been a success!]

[The Sealing Stone has absorbed the power of the Behemoth's spirit.]

[Transcendence experience increased by 57.]

Ian stood all alone in the place where the Behemoth had disappeared.

"At last…!"

After achieving what he came for in the Underworld, a wicked smile came up.

* * *


The swampy riverside of the Cocytos river.

A lingering sound was ringing, and two shadows which were wearing robes were there.


Along with the short resonance, the shadows that appeared had a giant sickle in their hands.

A low moan came out of the mouth of one of the black men.


The man began to move very slowly.

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Smoke rose from his feet. It was almost like a new form was moving around.

"You missed it again this time."

At the statement of the first man, the other one responded while nodding slowly,

"That rat-like guy dared to walk around Erebus, avoiding the eyes of the Overseeing inspector."

The two men were the overseeing inspectors of the Underworld.

They had been moving along the trail left by Ian for a few days.

"Lord Mukan will be angry…"

"We can't do anything about that. We just have to catch that guy somehow."

The expression of the two men which were already dark for not being able to catch Ian turned much darker.

"I won't miss the next time."

The two of them clenched their fists.

But both of them didn't realize.

That it was their last chance to catch Ian.

* * *

"Ah, this is because I'm getting a little older."

East end of the Colonar continent.

Quite a lot of users were moving in and out, but there was a dimensional tower that people couldn't find.

Gripper was playing with Selipa in the backyard of the tower while leaning onto a chair.

"It is taking time for that one to grow these days."


At the last visit of Ian, Gripper had given Selipa the Regression Pill.

In other words, It was reset to the level of 1 and started to grow again.

It was because he had learned from Ian about the perfect way to bring up a summon by applying the 'Summons Cultivation'.

And what he learned from Ian was very amusing.

Even though the level of Selipa was still in the double digits, it had grown even stronger compared to the time before its level was reset.

"Huhu, surely Ian is like a scholar. It is a pity that he is a summoner."

Gripper who was thinking about Ian for a moment started to climb into the tower after feeding Selipa.

He had spent the whole day cultivating Selipa, and now he wanted some rest.

And before entering the stairs of the tower, Gripper couldn't help but grumble.

"The rainy season is hell. Maybe I should try developing that 'Aircon' that Ian spoke about last time."

Surely Gripper could cool the lab with his magic.

He could even teleport himself into the portal while using 'blink'.

But using magic was annoying too, and the thing that Ian said about the aircon could keep the room cool all the time.

Gripper finally climbed the stairs and opened the door to his lab.

The next moment, Gripper's face frowned and wrinkled again.

"What is this! Why is it so hot in here?"

It was because he was feeling tremendous heat from the lab, almost like someone had left the stove on.

The lab, on the top floor of the tower, had to be a cool place as it had blowing breeze from the sea, but this situation made Gripper feel like he was being betrayed.

"I need to freeze everything."

Angry at the temperature, Gripper raised his hands and cast Ice magic.

No matter how annoying it was to cast magic, he couldn't hold himself anymore. He was planning on activating Freeze for the entire tower.

But after a while, the casting that Gripper was doing with all his might suddenly had to be halted.

"Wait, hold on, Gripper! Look for a second!"

From the lab, the urgent voice of someone could be heard.

And that voice was a very familiar one.
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