Taming Master
524 New Content, Spirit Spell 4
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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524 New Content, Spirit Spell 4

Ku-kung- Kung-!

"What is that?"

At the Ice spire, on the 25th floor.

With a loud vibration coming from the bottom, a man looked down to see what was happening.

And the other guy who was next to him asked,

"Ralph, what was that? The time limit is very short!"

"I know, Chesk. There are exactly 5 minutes and 30 seconds left. "

"Don't act too freely, Ralph. Don't you think that it is better to clear it a little sooner?"

"Wait a minute now. I think there is someone below us."


Kalian's Ralph was a top-ranked US server and the second-ranked warrior class user.

A few days ago, he succeeded in forming a base party for the Spirit Dimension.

The number of party members was 4, including the party leader Ralph.

Ralph ranked 2nd in the warrior class of the US server, Chesk ranking 4th in the archer class. And a priest of 14th rank—Muel, and a 7th ranking summoner, Inisco.

In fact, Ralph knew about the Spirit dimension a week ago.

The reason why he couldn't enter was because he couldn't find a summoner who met the conditions.

Currently, there were less than 10 summoners in the US server with a level of over 400.

It was just yesterday that Ralph had entered the spirit dimension.

Which was why he was a bit shocked by the situation.

'Has the information about the spirit dimension been leaked already? How could a late comer get inside, already!?'

Currently, most of the rankers in the US server were extremely dedicated to clearing the Lich King episode.

As far as Ralph knew, there was no one who would come to attack the spirit dimension in a given situation.

Ralph's eyes which were looking below the stairs were shinning.

'Who could it be?'

Since the spire was completely open in the middle, it could be seen.

And the staircase just wrapped around the corners of the spiral tower.

Ralph's eyes were quickly scanning for the intruder.

After a second…

'Found it!'

His eyes came across a man with a sword in his hand.

A man who seemed to be wearing a knight class equipment.

Ralph's face soon took a ridiculous expression.

"What? Don't tell me… he came in alone?"

Chesk who heard the mumbling of Ralph stepped in.

"What? There really is someone?"


Chesk tried to look in the direction where Ralph's eyes were stuck to.

"That one, what kind of a guy is he?"

"Any guess as to what kind of a ranker he is?"

"No, can't say. He looks like a knight class from the looks of it… but can't confirm, as the helmet covers the face."

Ralph's face was turning crumbled.

He had given up all the contributions of the Lich King episode just to monopolize the new content, that was the whole reason he had come to the spirit dimension.

'If only I could just PK… this is getting one of my nerves.'

Chesk grabbed Ralph's hand and opened his mouth,

"Let's worry about it later, let's move to the next section, Ralph. Muel and Inisco are waiting for us."

"Khum, think so?"

"And, there is no need to worry."


"That guy will barely make it to the gate."


"How can a knight class user who had lost all the party members even come till here?"

"Lost the party?"

"Think about it. How could he even enter here without a summoner?"


"He came in with a party, just like we did, but is left all alone."

Ralph shook his head and tried to clear all the negative thoughts with the reasoning of Chesk.

He was too embarrassed to have missed such a simple theory.

It was a prerequisite condition that a summoner was needed to enter the Gate of Pan.

And this time, his face turned normal and brighter.

'Yeah well. The difference is a lot.'

Dozens of spirits were surrounding the knight class assumed user, and without any concern or regret, Ralph took another step forward.

The fact that a latecomer had entered the spirit dimension, meant that the content information about the Spirit dimension had spread throughout the world.

Which gave him another reason to hurry.

* * *

From the mouth of the spirit, lava sprung out endlessly.

A unique ability of the 'Casa' which was similar to the water cannon—a 'Lava Cannon'.

Fire streams of canons started to flow into Ian who was about to land.

No matter how one saw it, there was no place he could retreat to, and it didn't seem like it could be escaped.

Ian looked at the point where the lava cannon would hit.


With a low resonance, Ian's shield began to shine with a blue glow.

"Dragon's soul!"

From the mouth of Ian, words came out a bit sloppily.

And blue light began to shine around Ian.

Three translucent shields were created around Ian.

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Mysterious shields with three coordinates appeared around Ian.

Three shields which were created in a noticeably short time began to block the incoming stacks of the lava.

Though the angle or the coordinates of the shields were a bit misaligned, the three shields were summoned in the wanted positions.


However, that wasn't the end of the crisis yet.

It wasn't three Lava canons that were shot at Ian.

The other two lava canons were still rushing in his direction.

An instant situation.

If Ian fell to the ground, then the lava would hit Ian.

But at that moment, Ian came down and swung the shield's angle.



Under the pressure that was being exerted by the Lava canon, Ian was pushed back a little.


Using the force of Lava, he landed in the place a little behind where he should have originally landed.

And as Ian got pushed out of his direction, the last stream of Lava canon hit the original trajectory.


And subsequently, lines of system messages came before Ian.

[You have successfully blocked using the shield!]

[Absorbed 88.95 percent of the 'Lava Canon'.]

[Vitality has been reduced by 174!]

['Wrath of the Dragon' unique ability has been triggered.]

[Attack damage has been increased by 0.5 percent.]

The control that Ian just displayed was perfectly designed.

Starting from the coordinates of the three summoned shields, using the Lava as a recoil in the last minute.

All the actions were calculated.

'The time difference is much worse than I imagined.'

The five Casa's unique ability was triggered at the same moment, but their distance from Ian was different.

Ian first blocked the three lava canons nearest to him and then went to block the farther ones.

Using the time difference between the two Lava canons with the largest distance, the coordinates for landing was changed.

It was theoretically possible, with calculation and movement.

Ian confirmed his cut down vitality and mumbled to himself,

"Much stronger than I thought?"

Ian had absorbed nearly 90 percent of the damage and took in 174 damage.

In other words, if they were hit in the earth, then he would have suffered nearly 1600 damage.

'Three stacks and I would have died.'

With all the item stats at 0, Ian's transcendence vitality was less than 5,000.

If the damage was about 4,800—it was natural he would've been goaled.

Although the amount of damage they had was unexpected, it turned out cool.

'I'll have to stay on.'

Ian recovered the shield.

It was time to fight back.

'Should I start with the ones who lost their unique ability?'

Ian glanced around and jumped forward.


The wind spirits 'Silap' were rushing in, and the target Casa's were in the back.


Ian moved his shield against the Silaps lightly and began to wield the Bloody Revenge.

At the same time, system messages came in front.

['Wrath of the Dragon', unique ability has been triggered.]

[Attack damage is increased by 0.5 percent.]

['Wrath of the Dragon', unique ability has been triggered.]

[Attack damage is increased by 0.5 percent.]

Ian had a simple strategy.

With the fast attacks from the Silaps, he was trying to stack in the maximum buffs.

An attack buff with the 'wrath of the Dragon' unique ability that stacks 0.5% for every successful shield block.

And preventing the Silaps from attacking, it would allow him to get a maximum of 100 stacks.


In addition, the Wrath of the Dragon had a 15% chance of reflecting the absorbed damage.

['Wrath of the Dragon', unique ability has been triggered.]

[Given damage to the lesser wind spirit 'Silap'.]

[Inflicted 487 damage to Silap!]

Spirits with vitality less than 10,000, but the cumulative damage of 400 to 500 wasn't negligible!

And so by just blocking, Ian was able to cut down their vitality little by little.


Ian tried to squeeze through the spirits and began to attack the nearest Casa first.


Since the buff was already superimposed, Ian's blade was very sharp.

In addition, the Casa was a magic offensive spirit and because of that, the tanking was much weaker than that of the Silap.

[Lethal damage done to the Fire spirit 'Casa'!]

[Vitality of Casa has been reduced by 502.]

[Vitality of Casa has been reduced by 635.]

As soon as the attacks started to get hit, the vitality gauge started to fall.

And the vitality of Ian wasn't that great either.

[Vitality left: 2,984]

Successful shield blocking doesn't account for 0 damage, so the accumulated damage had been made.

Of course, he can't stop or dodge all the time, so he decided to get attacked.

Ian regularly checked the vitality and the stacks of the 'Wrath of the Dragon' buff.

'38 overlapping… it will be hard to hold on till the stack gets full.'

When the wrath of the dragon gets a 100 stacks, the buff would come, but another ability could be activated.

For 5 seconds duration, he would be completely invincible.

But before the 100 stacks could be made, it looked like the vitality of Ian would be running out.

'Then, I can't help it.'

Ian started to move much more aggressively and began to attack the 'Casa'.

Did it take 20 seconds?

Ian took down one of the Casa and almost died at the same time.

That moment, the unique ability of Undine, the water spirit which was behind Ian followed.

[The water spirit 'Undine', unique ability 'Blessing of Water' has been initiated.]

A shield began to flow all around Ian with a light blue glow.

Ian jumped in front of the Casa with his backed shield.

A fireball had come flying from the Casa, but it didn't matter.

No, he had to get hit with the fireball straight on.

Only then would they fill up the lost vitality.

['Casa' has been seriously damaged!]

['Blessing of Water' has been triggered.]

[Vitality has been restored by 1,209.]

In addition, the attacks from the Silaps from the back were received.

[Vitality has been restored by 598.]

[Vitality has been restored by 759.]

Due to that, Ian's vitality which dropped to the bottom was back to a safe level.

The 'Blessing of Water' was a unique ability that lasted for 3 seconds, but it was enough for Ian.


A transparent protective film which fulfilled the role vanished into the air.

And if the Blessing of Water had to be used again, Ian had to wait for another 27 seconds.

'There is wrath of the dragon. I'll hold it till then.'

Ian, who completed the battle cycle, began to run wild.

He started the damage calculations and all the designs were done perfectly, so there was no reason to falter.

['Wrath of the Dragon', unique ability has been triggered.]

[Invincible state has been triggered.]

Ian wielded a sword with blood and cut things crazily.

However, though Ian was raging out, not one spirit had died.

Only a dozen of them had got their vitality cut to half or less than half.

Ian wasn't aiming for that, but he was trying to bring down as many of spirits as he could.

How much time had passed?


Once again, a system message came in front of Ian.

['Blood Split', unique ability is ready to be used.]

And with that, the bloody red color of the sword began to shine again.
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