Taming Master
541 Legendary Fire King Spirit 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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541 Legendary Fire King Spirit 2

"You, do you by any chance know about the legendary Fire king?"

At those words from Syarlon, Ian stopped using the attribute essence and turned to him.

"Nope, hearing it for the first time… What's the fire king?"

After gulping, Syarlon began to speak again.

"Fire King. Literally, the Great King of Fire. And the legendary Fire King…"


"Among the spirits of the fire spirit, there are a few spirits which are sometimes born with fire power above a certain limit… and they sometimes grow up to be the spirit king called the 'Fire king'."

At those words of Syarlon, Ian's eyes began to shine.

'This smells like something huge is in here!'

Syarlon couldn't come up with such a statement without a reason.

Therefore, expectations began to swell inside the mind of Ian.

"Does this red fire egg have the energy of a king?"

And Syarlon's answer met the expectations of Ian perfectly.

"Yes. No normal spirits would be born from eggs of these sorts."


"Furthermore, the energy I feel from this is that of the Fire king… this is an energy that can be felt from at least an medium level spirit."

Ian started to get much more intrigued by the words of Syarlon and asked, "However, this spirit hasn't even been born yet…"

The two people shifted their gaze and looked over at the red egg at the same time.

Whether Ian had added the fire essence attribute, the egg began to glow in a higher dark shade of red.

The egg was burning much more redder than when it first appeared.

"This one is surely the fire king."


A sound of excitement came out of Ian's mouth.

'The great king of fire! The name itself sounds so cool!'

Ian, who barely managed to stop himself from cheering out loud, pulled out the nature marbles into his hands.

He then spoke while looking at the side of Syarlon.

"Syarlon, you too are curious as to what kind of guy will come out, right?"


"Then, let's do it now. Hatch it up."

Syarlon nodded his head and replied, "Okay. I don't know, but if it is a nature marble, then there won't be a lack of energy."

Syarlon added, "But don't get your hopes up."


"It is clear that he is the seed of the king, but he won't be as great as a king until he becomes a real spirit king."

"That… is true."

Ian looked a little sad.

Because he was under the impression that he would be growing up a king.

'Well, I don't know how long it will take until he becomes a spirit king, but… even then, he is so much better than a normal fire spirit.'

Ian once again looked over at the fire king's egg.


Taking a deep breath, he slowly brought the nature marbles in front of the egg.

"Kay, hatch up!"

At the same time, the nature marbles began to shine brightly.


[The item 'Nature's Marble' has been used.]

[Lesser spirit 'Fire spirit egg' has been increased by 6,000.]

[The conditions have been met.]

[The 'Fire spirit egg' woke up.]

Crack- Crack-!

With the sound of an egg cracking, all the sides of the egg began to crack on the red surfaced ostrich egg.

As the light from the marble got soaked in, the egg started to burn redder and cracks gradually spread all over the surface of the egg.


Subsequently, fire burst through the cracks with a loud sound.

And after a while…


The egg's shells scattered everywhere, and a small shadow appeared.


[Fire lesser spirit, 'Agbi' has been earned.]

[You have earned one of the 'Four Grand Spirit' for the first time!]

[Earned transcendence experience of 500.]

[Acquired fame of 150,000.]

[Gained spirit magic of 100 (Transcendence).]

[Gained summon magic of 70 (transcendence).]

[You can now use the spirit magic of fire attribute.]

[The resistance to fire attribute has been increased by 3.]

[Fire attribute damage increased by 2 percent.]

In front of Ian's eyes, the information window of 'Agbi' had appeared.

-Agbi (Fire attribute)

Spirit power: 5,925/ 10,000

Attribute: Fire

Rank: Lesser Spirit

Summon Duration: 225 minutes (Recall summon time: 300 minutes)

Attack: 1,225

Defense: 717

Agility: 937

Vitality: 15,750

*Unique ability

-Devil's Fire

Agbi can cast a spell again if a magical attack spell that has been used by the use of the spirit spell is a critical hit.

-Fiery Wisp

Agbi throws a fire that bounces off when the nearby enemy is hit.

The bounced fire deals 80% of the original damage and can bounce up to five times.

*When the spirit power reaches its MAX, it evolves to a higher level.

-Each time a spell that uses the fire attribute is used, you gain a certain amount of spirit power.

-The spirit power can be filled in with Fire essence (Or natures orb).

Least essence: 2

Lesser essence: 14

Intermediary essence: 98

Higher essence: 686

Advanced essence: 4,802

*The higher the summoner's summon magic, the longer will be the duration of the summon be.

The spirit called 'Agbi' was a cute one.

It had an appearance that was similar to that of a human, with small horns and a pointed tail, reminiscent of that of a little devil.


Contrary to what Syarlon had said about this spirit not being as great as the other spirit kings, the stats which Ian had seen was simply amazing.

'This seems fun…?'

The first thing that was surprising for Ian was the two unique abilities that Agbi had.

It had a tremendous superiority compared to what Jack had.

In the case of Jack, the lower spirit had no unique abilities and gained just one when he turned into an intermediary spirit.

And Agbi, which was also a lesser spirit, already had two unique abilities.

'Yeah, well, this guy might just have three unique abilities once he becomes an intermediary spirit.'

And that wasn't just that.

Its combat capabilities were also much better than what Ian had expected.

Agbi's combat abilities despite just being a lower spirit were better than that of Jack, an intermediary spirit.

Even in the case of offensive capabilities, he was superior to any of the familiars that Ian had and far more than what Ian was expecting.

'This guy is not as great as the other spirit king… Do all four spirits have such abilities?'

Of course, there weren't only positive traits.

While the stats were all superior to that of Jack, the spirit power needed for it to evolve was at a tremendous level too.

When Jack had to be evolved to an intermediary spirit, the spirit needed for him was just 1,000, but now the new one needed at least 10 times more.

In short, it was ten times harder to evolve.

Ian, who was curious, called Syarlon.


"Go on."


Ian summoned Chirpy and then spoke.

"I have another summon, an intermediary lightning spirit."

Looking at Chirpy, who was flapping its wings, Syarlon nodded his head and said, "I see that."

"The difference between this guy and Agbi's combat ability is way too great. According to Prettybbook, the difference between the Four Grand spirit and the normal spirit isn't that huge… is Agbi a special case because he is the seed of the king?"

At the question of Ian, Syarlon immediately shook his head.

"Not at all."


"I don't know exactly, but maybe the combat power of Agbi is similar to that of the other spirits."

"Then, were the words of Prettybbook wrong?"

Syarlon once again shook his head.

"That isn't it either."


"The one you have is a lightning attribute spirit. It is a 'high-speed growing' type."

"High speed… growing… type?"

According to Syarlon, the stats of the non-four spirits vary widely.

In the case of Jack, the combat power wasn't set as low, but the spirit power needed for its growth was very low.

As soon as he heard that, Ian touched his temple and nodded.

'No wonder… the spirit power difference is too big.'

If the difference in the amount of spirit needed for the evolving the two was calculated, then the combat ability of Agbi was certainly convincing.

Ian started to clear his head.

The spirit content. Whether it was real or not, was endless.

Nevertheless, one thing was for sure.

This time, the guy called 'Agbi' was a very special one.


Ian wanted to try this guy as soon as possible.

In addition, he wanted it to grow quickly and evolve into a spirit king.

'In order to do that, we must first learn the spirit magic of fire attribute.'

Ian, who was feeling good, looked over at Agbi who was floating in the air.

He then stroked him slightly and mumbled, "Let's do well from now on, kid."

Then, the mouth of the kid opened and said,

"Nice to meet you, master."


Ian, who was surprised, widened his eyes.

"You… can speak?"

Till now, Ian had never seen a spirit speak.

Which was why he was amazed when the spirit Agbi spoke.

Syarlon, who was watching Ian from the side, asked.

"Huhu, are you witnessing a spirit speak for the first time?"


Syarlon laughed once and said, "All the spirits can talk."


"It is just that the lower leveled ones find it hard to communicate with humans. Even the lowest spirits can speak to each other."

"Ah, I see!"

Syarlon turned toward Agbi.

"For a spirit to communicate with a man… this is surely is the right one."

Listening to Syarlon, Ian started to feel better.

The newly obtained spirit was excellent, which made it hard for him to be disappointed.

Ian stroked Agbi and said, "Let's grow it well, Syarlon."

"Hoho. You need to do that. It is the seed of the fire king, you know. It is very precious."

"I will make sure that it grows to be a spirit king."

"If you did kill the guardian machine, you can be trusted."

Looking into the eyes of Ian, Syarlon gave a tender smile.

Seeing Ian, he opened his mouth again.

"That is what I mean..."

"Go on Syarlon."

"Can you do me a favor?"

Upon hearing those words from Syarlon, Ian's eyes began to gleam.

The quest was waiting to be played.

'Is this going to be a hidden quest? Finally!'

Ian quickly answered Syarlon, "Of course, I will do as much as I can."

At the delightful response of Ian, Syarlon looked rather pleased.

"Huhu, thank you. It was a work I had to do awhile back, but I couldn't just leave this place as I didn't have a reliable friend."

System messages came up at the corner of Ian's eyes.

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[The quest 'Contaminated Mine in the Spirit Mountain (Epic) (Hidden)' has been triggered.]

* * *

'This surely is a quest that can progress only with the possession of a Middle-Earth title in possession, at least that's what I remember…'

Na Ji-chan's gaze was fixed on the tablet throughout the meeting.

He was very curious about what Ian was doing right away, so he couldn't concentrate on the meeting that was taking place.

'The location of the contaminated mine is obviously inside the Sprit mountain. How did this quest even get triggered?'

On the map of the spirit dimension, the spirit mountain had a map connected to the north of the spirit sanctuary.

In order to get there, he had to get the 'Warrior's qualification'.

However, as Na Ji-chan knew, no server in the human dimension had found the Warrior village, rather a warrior.

The content hadn't even opened yet.

'What could this be? Isn't this a bug?'

Anxiety started to strike the mind of Na Ji-chan like a storm.
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    《Taming Master》