Taming Master
547 The Attribute Room 2
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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547 The Attribute Room 2

"Kay, Remir noona, please!"

"Okay. Go!"

The guild party of Lotus was hunting peacefully today.

At first, the guild party of the Lotus Guild was just hunting on the outskirts of the Ulphir mountains, and now they were far into the depth.

In the meantime, as the level had risen, and the party power had enhanced.


Explosive sounds on the battlefield could be heard, bondage skills were tied.



Hoonie's Greater Bondage and Remir's Greater Flame Magic were linked, and a powerful synergy had been triggered.

And as soon as the flame magic was summoned by Remir, the various magic spells started to come on the battlefield.

Chang- Chang-!

The most outstanding one was Fiolan's ice magic skill, Frozen Hell.

Which seemingly had less power than that of Remir's magic, but now, in the process of hunting right now, the magic could be seen as a core.

The extra option of the Frozen Hell, 'Chill addiction' was a very useful option against the trolls.

*Chill Addiction

-It spreads a powerful chill to poison the targets, reducing their agility and the attack speed by 50% for a duration. Also, the vitality of the target's regeneration would be reduced to 90% until the condition has been resolved.

The chill addiction effect was one of the top tier options among the many ones.

It was because the debuff was much stronger than any other.

In particular, the effect of reducing 90 percent of the vitality regeneration was a disaster for the trolls.

The biggest weapon for the trolls was their tremendous regeneration speed.

The trolls in the Ulphir mountains would be able to heal in 20 seconds if they were close to death.

However, the recovery rate had been suppressed by 90 percent, which was a very hard counter.


The fragments of ice spun like a tornado and began to circle around the whole body of trolls.

Subsequently, the skin of the trolls which had been affected with the 'Chill Addiction' had turned into blue.

"Fiolan, nice!"

"Kay, finish it now!"

The party members rushed towards the five trolls who were almost in a state of death.

The trolls were so powerful that they could kill an archer or a magician with one wrong move, but with the Chill addiction in effect, there was no reason why it can't be attacked.

And the trolls were swinging their clubs very sluggishly.

"Yu Shin, let's start with the ones in the back!"

"Okay! Leave it to me!"

The Lotus dealer was very excited about the Trolls which weren't able to move any longer.

The effect of chill lasted for just 10 seconds, so by killing them off, the battle would end.

But, at that moment.


From somewhere in the Forest that was behind them, a loud horn started to rise.


"Crazy, what is it now?!"
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And the faces of the party members started to hear the sound went stiff.

As the horn rang out, the Troll priest had appeared.

"Sh*t! Do it quickly!"

"Remir noona, didn't the cooldown comeback?"

"No! I just used it a while back!"

The reason why the Troll priest was creating a buzz wasn't because of the fighting ability.

The tricky thing was that it would support the other trolls.

Various powerful buffs would be used, and the heal of the other trolls could be freed from the debuff.

And now, if that priest troll got rid of the Chill Addiction, then the situation would take a turn for worse.

"F*ck! Should we maybe move out?"

Mumbled the leader of the party, Herz.

If they retreat now, there wasn't going to be any damage to the party, but the trolls whose vitality had been shaved so far would be going to waste.

Right then, from behind Herz came a voice.

"You are speaking in a low voice, Herz Grandeur."

Herz who realized who was speaking didn't even bother to look back and answered,

"Then what are we supposed to do in this situation, Kaizer. Even if we do have you and Helliem with us, his situation is a bit…"

However, Herz wasn't able to speak anymore.

It was because, suddenly from the back of the party, huge shadows began to pop out.


And Herz who saw that was shocked.

They were the retainers that Ian had left behind.

Them moving without any orders being placed was the first time for Herz to see.

"Uh, uhoh…?"

The other party members were flustered too.

In the situation where everyone should have retreated, the NPCs were rushing out to do an excessive attack.

The most shocking part was…

"Blackie, why is he there?"

Blackie which had been in the back till then was at the forefront.

"What would a level 300 do in such a situation?"

Hoonie stared at Blackie with an expression that wasn't comprehending what was going on.

However, after a while, the whole party's shock and fluster turned into amazement.


With black wings spread on either side and moving to the front with a rush.


Blackie, with its wings spread out, went past the five trolls.

And just as the shadow of Blackie had passed…


A huge explosion of darkness had occurred and swallowed the trolls.


Herz, who was looking at the vitality gauge of the trolls, couldn't believe what he just witnessed.

'Doesn't make any sense…!'

Blackie just had the level of 300, and the attack that it just did, caused significant damage to the trolls.

Surely, the 15 percent of vitality that the trolls were left with, was now down to just 10 percent, but considering the level difference between their powers, it was just great.

Herz was busy scanning the battlefield.

Although Blackie had done quite a lot of damage, the vitality of the trolls was still there.

However, at the appearance of the priest, all the excitement had been lost.

'It sure was amazing, but what now…?'

Herz didn't know about the unique abilities of the retainers of Ian.

And as he was in the party with them, he was able to figure out what skills they had, but he didn't know the conditions or the consumption values of their skills.

So now, he had no idea as to how the situation would turn to.

'Dammit, we can't retreat with the retainers of Jinsung out there…'

Herz wasn't able to even give an order in the situation which seemed rather unpleasant.

And the next moment, all the troubles of Herz disappeared.


From the air, Helliem's form had moved, and started to get engulfed into the darkness as they began to break off the heads of the trolls.


[Party member 'Helliem' activated the unique ability 'Dark Vision'.]

['Helliem' has inflicted deadly damage on the 'Forest Troll'.]

[The 'Forest Troll' vitality has been exhausted.]

[Successfully defeated the Forest Troll!]


[The 'Forest Troll' vitality has been exhausted.]

[Successfully defeated the Forest Troll!]


[The 'Forest Troll' vitality has been exhausted.]

[Successfully defeated the Forest Troll!]

The unique ability of Helliem, Dark Vision, allowed him to teleport to the location of the target and cause 'dark attribute damage'.

And when the target or enemy dies with the use of Dark Vision, the cooldown of the ability was reset immediately.

The wide-area attack caused by Blackie made the vitality of the trolls to fall to 10 percent.

And the Dark Vision, with a continuous teleportation attack, had come out of nowhere.

In the meantime, Kaizer was keeping the priest away.


At the same time, the trolls began to collapse.


Fluttering his black cloak, Helliem landed on the ground.

And Hoonie, who was looking at the scene, mumbled to himself with an expression of doubt.

"This hyung… he carries the fight even when he is absent."

* * *

At the same time.

Trapped in the Room of Rock, Ian was struggling.

He started to miss the retainers which were there with him.

'Dammit! It would have been so much better if Kaizer or Helliem would have been here!'

With his teeth clenched, Ian was literally like a crazed bowman.

Despite maximizing the DPS, the number of rock monsters didn't decrease.

In the end, there was a weird balance of their regen and Ian's skill.

'Just a little more! After moving this hump, the other humps will be easier.'

The muscles were starting to hurt due to the non-stop use of them, however, Ian couldn't stop.

The moment he took a break, the monsters would accumulate.

And during the place where the area for combat was lacking, if another monster got created, then clearly, the worst was going to happen.

"Agbi, from the left!"

-Okay, master!

Agbi who responded immediately flew through the space with fire.

Agbi's unique ability, Devil Fire, had been activated and the fire bounced off the side.

Ian watched the vitality of the rock monster fall down.


Ian's eyes were fixated on the two rock monsters which were on the side.

Both of them were in a state of dying, and Ian was about to give the final blow to them.

'It is enough if the overlap explosion happens.'

The explosion that happens when the marks start to overwrite, a large scale attack that would deal damage within a certain range.

Due to the large size of the rock monsters, it wasn't easy to put more than two in the range, but now it seemed possible.

Using Agbi to drive them into the corner, the were almost within a meter.

And the arrow which left the hand of Ian from the bow went and stuck to the body of the two monsters.

And before the arrows were run out.

['Hellfire' mark has been overwritten at MAX.]

['Hellfire' mark has been overwritten at MAX.]

Two lines of system messages which Ian had been waiting for had come up.


And when the two markers had burst at the same time, a loud roar spread.

Just as he had expected, the vitality of the two rock monsters was down.

[The vitality of 'Reprobot' has been exhausted.]

[You have successfully defeated the 'Reprobot'!]

[You have successfully defeated the 'Reprobot'!]

[Gained transcendence experience of 107.]

[Gained transcendence experience of 112.]

Ian gulped and ran towards the fallen two bodies of the monsters.


And the keys were hanging on the necks of the remaining two monsters which had fallen.

With the two that he had just killed off, Ian had killed a total of eight, and he thought that the time for the key was here.


Ian who jumped on the shoulder of the rock monster reached towards the dead ones.

And came the system messages in front of him.


[Obtained 16 aster]

[Obtained 18 aster]

[You have acquired the 'Medium rock elemental crystal']

[Obtained the 'Key of Rock' item]

[Obtained the item 'Broken Decoder'.]


When he had seen the Key of Rock, Ian couldn't help but make a fist.

After such extreme situations, he was able to barely get his hands on it, so he felt much gladder than he always did.

The very next moment…


Ian who confirmed another message that was written in the last, couldn't help but feel odd.

'Broken Decoder?'

In the head of Ian, a memory passed.
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