Taming Master
548 The Attribute Room 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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548 The Attribute Room 3

After defeating the Guardian Machine, Ian had a questionable item in his hand.

That was the 'Lesser Machine Summon Blueprint' item.

When he first got it, he was filled with excitement.

It was the discovery of a new content that could provide him with the new kinds of summons.

However, the excitement was just for a moment.

Kailan wasn't ready to open the new content for Ian that easily.

It just threw out tow lines of information to Ian who was tying to check for the item information in detail.

[The legacy of Sealed foreign civilization!]

[To unseal it, you need the item 'Password Decoder'.]

For that very reason, Ian had no choice but to put that blueprint back into his inventory.

The information about the so-called 'decoder' wasn't even known to the No.1 Explorer class user, Lilson.

He utterly had no clue on how to release the seal, and the quest to the spirit dimension was still in progress.

Of course, Gripper might have known it too, but the thought just lasted for a moment.

Since he had many other quests that he had to proceed with, he thought that he might be able to get a clue along the way.

It was all because the episode of the spirit dimension was moving along closely with the Mechanical Civilization.

And Ian's thoughts were on point.

Like that, he got that item called the 'password decoder' from the rock monster.

Although it was a half-sized 'faulty' one, he still had it in his possession.

'Once I clear of the contaminated mine, I need to think about it.'

Ian took in the items obtained and quickly placed them to the inventory as he had to head towards the iron gate.

The rock monsters were chasing him, but with the agility that they had, it was close to impossible for catching Ian.

And arriving at the iron gate, Ian inserted the Key of Rock into the large keyhole in the corner.

And as the size of the key itself was that of a baseball bat, it wasn't so hard to place it in.


Ian placed the key and turned it clockwise, and the dungeon began to make sounds again.


And the remaining rock monster began to collapse.



A sigh of relief came from Ian's mouth as he confirmed that the key was working.

If there were any mishaps like the key not fitting and such, Ian's heart would have collapsed right there and then.

After a while, came in the system messages.


[You have successfully escaped from the 'Room of Rock'!]

[The limit of the Summon skill has been released.]

[The limit of the Return skill has been released.]

[The first phase has been cleared.]


Ian wiped off the sweat that was flowing down his forehead and released the muscles on his right arm a little.

As the muscles were used way beyond their limit, they wouldn't open up that quickly nor did the pain go away.

If the combat would have gone for another 10 minutes, Ian would not have made it alive.

'Well, what is next?'

The space, which had been a large rectangular room had then turned into a long passage.

And Ian stepped in.

The restrictions on both his Summon and Return had been lifted, but it was no longer meaningful for him.

By using the return scroll, he didn't want to give up on the quest at all, and he had no thoughts of summoning anyone else other than Chirpy and Agbi.

If someone else would have heard the intentions of Ian, they might think that Ian was being foolish.

As he had just passed the first gate, barely, he might have wanted to be stubborn by sticking up with them.

However, Ian wasn't the kind of person.

Ian was anticipating that the gate that would appear in the future was going to be much easier than the 'Room of Rock' that he had just passed.

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'Unless another room with the rock attributes comes up again.'

The main spirit of Ian, Agbi, was a fire attribute.

And there were just two attributes in the Kailan that went poorly with the fire attribute.

And they were the rock attributes and the water attributes.

However, since he had just passed the rock attribute, it was more likely that it would appear again, and the only remaining paranormality was the water attribute.

If so, would Ian go ahead with a mindset of 'I don't think that there would that many water attributes out there, right?'

That wasn't it either.

Even if the phase of water attribute did come out, Ian was confident about clearing it.

It was because he had a spirit with the 'lightning' attribute, the most powerful which went against the water.

Ian had 'Chirpy'.

'Besides, I have the unique ability of Judgment of the Spirit King with a little lightning attribute.'

And with that kind of thought, Ian entered the dungeon without any hesitation.

In the process, the machine monsters from the beginning had appeared, however dealing with them wasn't so hard.

Unlike the guys in the attribute room, the guys in the passage of the mine weren't much different from the machine monkey's in terms of power.

Maybe 12 minutes of a walk?

The system messages had come up for Ian, about the second phase.


[The machines installed in the mine are moving.]

[The second phase has been triggered.]

['Grass Room' has been opened.]


Ian who had checked the system messages couldn't help but smile.

This was because the second phase has begun with the 'grass' attribute, which was vulnerable for Ian's fire attribute but strong for the lightning attribute.


The mine started to work again, and the chamber which was similar to that of the first phase had been created.

And subsequently, huge monsters of tree sizes had been summoned throughout the space.


Ian immediately summoned his longbow with a wicked smile.

This was the time to release the stress that he had piled up from the rock monsters.

* * *


The door opened with audible friction.

Harin's head turned in the direction of the sound.

In the place where the door had opened, no one could be seen.

Whenever a door opened, someone had to come in, but the door had opened as if a ghost had entered.

That was creepy enough, but Harin smiled.


It was because even without seeing who had come in, she knew just who was there.

Looking back into the kitchen, Harin continued to do what she was doing.

Bubble bubble.

Swirl swirl.

The kitchen was filled with delicious smells that would make anyone drool.

And between that noise, came another weird sound.


And Harin opened her mouth with a smile.

"You come here often, Bbookbbook-ah?"

The ghost which had come into the room was Bbookbbook.

The door opened and no one could be seen because Bbookbbook was short.

And as the kitchen table was covered with the utensils, the end of the door wasn't visible.

As he walked up to Harin's side, Bbookbbook opened his mouth and said,

"I'm hungry Bbook. I want to eat the creamy meatballs like the ones in the last time, Bbook."

Like a five-year-old kid asking his mom for food, Harin, and his kid.

Harin stroked the head of Bbookbbook with a gentle voice and spoke,

"Hold on a second. I will make them soon."

"Bbook! Harin is the best!"

With a satisfactory smile, he leaned next to Harin and began to wait for the food that she would make.

And Harin was making the 'cream meatballs' he asked.

"But Bbookbbook-ah."


"Why are the vacation so long these days?"

"Master is raising the spirit friends these days, so busy."


"You have been very busy for a while. So it is good to have a long vacation."

Harin and BBookbbook were having a daily talk.

At first glance, the conversation would seem very absurd for anyone else.

However, if one looked at it a little more, it could be seen that BBookbbook was in a very different situation right now.

Bbookbbook wasn't summoned by Ian, however, he seemed to be stalking the human world.

Ian, of course, had a special skill that came from raising the Taming Master to the Top tier.

A sympathetic skill.

Even if the summoner wasn't present, the summons could still be present without being called by the summoner, and can even keep them while staying logged-out.

And now, Bbookbbook was moving around with no skill in place.

If Bbookbbook had been summoned under the sympathetic skills, he would have been in the kitchen of Harin.

If Ian had connected with the skill, he could see everything that Bbookbbook would be doing.

And Ian had no idea where Bbookbbook was.

"Bbook- Bbook-!"

Bbookbbook was scratching the neck of his with his short legs.

He was walking around the human world like an anime character searching for his past self.

Bbookbbook was currently stalking the human world as if he was searching for a Hero, and sweet Harin kept BBookbbook happy as he was deviant from Ian.

"Hungry Bbook! It is like my stomach is attached to my shell bbook!"

"Wait up boy. I'm almost done."

"Boy huh… I'm hurt Bbook. Don't speak like master BBook."


"Bbok- Bbook-"

The two were soon done and sat down at the table to start eating.

The creamy meatballs were the favorite of BBookbbook, and the favorite snack of Harin too.

Harin who saw BBookbbook take in the meatballs, asked with a concerned voice,


"What is it Bbook?"

"Maybe, are you worried about something these days?"


"Like feeling a bit depressed. Just the words... don't you miss hunting?"

At the question from Harin, Bbookbbook shook his head.

"BBook! Now way BBook!"

"Well, then why is your expression so dark…? If there is something that is worrying you, talk to me. Who knows? Maybe I can help?"


Harin's subtle words made the eyes of Bbookbbook shake.

And Harin noticed that.

"Come on, say it. What is the problem? Are you getting fat so your shell is getting tighter?"

Bbookbbook shook his head.

And looked at Harin's face.

"I'm just talking with Harin right, bbook."

Harin heard BBookbbook's words and started to get excited.

Seeing the expression of Bbookbbook, Harin thought that something very interesting would come out.

"Okay. I won't let anyone else know about it, tell me."


As if thinking about how it was supposed to be put, BBookbbook closed his eyes.

And after a while, Bbookbbook opened his mouth and the excitement started to flow for Harin.
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