Taming Master
573 The First Battle, Dimensional Mirror 1
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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573 The First Battle, Dimensional Mirror 1


[The first one to enter the 'Warrior's Village' from the Korean server.]

[Outside items cannot be used in the Warrior's Village.]

[All items will be locked.]

[Fame increased by 200,000.]

[Obtained 30 Hero Score.]

As the white light had filled his view, the first thing that entered the eyes of Ian was the system messages.

And Ian, who read the system messages, couldn't help but feel weird.

'Outside items can't be used?'

Ian, which confirmed the last line, found it interesting.

'There is a Hero Score in here? Oh, ho.'

The points which he had tried to collect, when trying the Spirit Dojo, were the Hero Score.

Immediately after checking the status window, Ian found out that the Hero Score he obtained was of the same concept.

'I thought they were just points that can only be used in the Spirit Dimension…'

A thought just entered Ian's mind.

'Is this Hero Score, a currency in the Warrior Village?'

All the items were banned, and he was given 30 Hero Score.

Ian guessed that this was the planning team's intent upon seeing those two messages.

Although his guess was more like an 'intuition', Ian had faced this situation almost twice.

So Ian was convinced that his gut feeling was right.

'If I knew it then, I would have worked harder there.'

And while Ian was trapped in his thoughts, he heard someone's voice.

"You look like a bandit, a new entrant maybe?"


Ian's eyes turned toward the source of the sound, and there it was, a heavy armored Knight.

And on top of the knight, the information of the NPC was there.

-'Commander Parker'/ Lv. 20 (transcendence)

And the words of 'Parker', who stood far from Ian, continued, "I'm a little worried about putting in untrained ones, but I can't help it. There are no trained recruits in the village."

"Huh? What are you…"

"There are less than 30 minutes until the battle begins. Hurry and get ready!"

Ian, who hadn't been able to determine the situation he was in, felt embarrassed with this encounter.

The only words he said was to get ready on the first meet.

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Instead of panicking, he thought it was weird.

'No, doesn't he have to tell me what the battle is?'

Ian was thinking about how to ask 'Commander Parker'.

But before he could, the system messages popped up.


[The conditions have been met.]

['Quest Trip Preparation' quest has been triggered.]

-Trip Preparation

Recognized worthy on the Brave Path, you have arrived safely at the Warrior's Village.

You have taken the first step in being an 'Intermediate-being'.

But to be a true Intermediate-being, you need to be accepted by the Warrior's Village.

And in order to be recognized, you'll have to earn 'Merits'.

In the southern part of the Brave Canyon, the Battle of 'Dimensional Mirror' is about to begin.

Make sure that you are well prepared when joining the advancing Heaven's army.

When you're ready, go to the commander, Parker, and he will join you.

Quest Difficulty: None

Quest Condition:
Recognized by the Ancient Heroes.

Time limit: 25 minutes 32 seconds.

Reward: 15 Hero Score

A quest window, which had put the concern and doubts of Ian to rest, appeared.

After confirming the quest, Ian was more convinced with his initial guess.

'The Hero Score is surely the currency needed to buy an equipment here.'

With a satisfied smile, Ian stepped forward.

The village was huge and was lined with buildings on either side, but looking at the signs, it looked like they were stores.

'Kay, should I get to work?'

Shopping was always fun.

And Ian began to walk faster.

* * *

"Um, Team leader."

"What is it Miss Ji-yeon?"

Na Ji-chan, who was writing a report with a good mood, looked over at Kim Ji-yeon.

After listening to her tensed tone, he was sure that something interesting had happened.

Kim Ji-yeon gulped and looked into Na Ji-chan's eyes and opened her lips.

"I just got a call from the monitoring team."

"Don't drag it, just spit it out."

"The first three rankers who entered the Warrior's Village have gotten the quest of Dimensional Mirror battle."

"Uh… mirror… dimensional battle?"

Na Ji-chan, who was thinking about the Dimensional Mirror Battle, had no choice but to gulp as he remembered what it was.

It was because the 'Dimensional Mirror' map was a map that users shouldn't be able to enter yet.

"I don't get it, Miss Ji-yeon, why did the Dimensional Mirror Battle start all of a sudden?"

At the question from Na Ji-chan, Ji-yeon scratched the back of her neck and responded, "Today is Sunday, Team leader. And it hasn't passed 12 yet."


"The Sunday quest? The Dimensional Mirror Battle quest? Did you forget it, sir?"


His head began to spin as he heard what Kim Ji-yeon said.

It didn't take long, and he understood the situation little by little.

'Then, the quest event of the week was in the 9 to 10-hour duration? Then the time right now…?'

Na Ji-chan, who was feeling dizzy, checked the clock.

The time on his smartphone was exactly 9:45 pm.


There were many quests in the Warrior's Village.

But the most important quests were the main quests, which came on Sunday. They were the quests that were related to the promotion of the system.

After the promotion, the title, 'Elite soldier', would be given to a user who became an 'Intermediate-being'.

And as it was, a user couldn't participate in the Sunday quests until that user was done with basic training quests.

The commander, 'Parker', was supposed to speak to a user after that user completed the 'Basic Training' and obtain the title 'Trained Recruits'.

There were no trained recruits in the Warrior's Village.

That was why Commander Parker had created such a situation.


A light sigh came out of Na Ji-chan's mouth.

It was, in fact, a problem that even they hadn't considered about.

The 'Brave Path' was a place that took around half a day for it to be cleared.

Meaning, the users weren't supposed to enter the Warrior's Village on Sunday even if the server had opened.

That too before 10.

'But for seven users to pass so quickly…'

While rubbing his forehead, he sat down and explored the quest that was triggered in the Warrior's Village.

First, he had to understand the situation, and in that manner, he would be able to understand what kind of problems might arise in the future.

Kim Ji-yeon, who was seated beside Na Ji-chan, was quietly looking over at the monitor, and after a while, the two of them talked.

"Hew, this isn't as troublesome as I thought."

"Looks like it, that's fortunate."

"Hu uh, Ian himself was horrible enough, but now, we have seven content destroyers…"

Na Ji-chan once again looked at the list of the rankers and shook his head.

Kim Ji-yeon looked at him and cautiously asked, "But sir."


"There is always that one thing that you used to say."


While looking at Na Ji-chan who didn't quite understand it, Kim Ji-yeon spoke with a very clear voice.

"We need to always think of the 'worst' case scenario."

"I sure did."

At the acceptance of Na Ji-chan, Kim Ji-yeon continued, "What if in the Dimensional Mirror Battle, the rankers in the platoon are promoted?"


"Then those users in the platoon might not be able to join the main quest."

The main quest of the Warrior's Village was a linked quest that started from the 'Basic Training'.

And to receive the basic training, a user had to be a 'trainer'.

However, if a platoon with rankers was promoted, they would be promoted from the training class to the 'new recruit' class.

In other words, they wouldn't be able to receive the Basic Training, which was one of the most important content.


From the mouth of Na Ji-chan, a sound of realization had leaked; a lament filled with desolation.

Of course, the probability of being able to do it was very small, but who were the users there right now?

The top rankers of the world.

It was also possible that they would be promoted right from the start.

"Can't be helped, Miss. Ji-yeon."


The voice of Na Ji-chan was depressing as ever.

"We're doing night shifts this time, too."


"The same with team 2 and team 1. Spread the news quickly."

As soon as the words fell from Na Ji-chan's mouth, a gloomy air began to settle in the office of the Planning Team 3.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ian, who had no idea of the tragedy the planning team was in, was humming a song while enjoying shopping.

"Hiya, it has been a while since I have seen these simple options."

Ian was a very high-level user in the ground, almost at a full level.

Which was why the items he had used had a blast of colorful options.

However, the items on display at the 'Brave Forge' were not only ordinary, but they also had shabby options.

-Strong Hero Ironblade

Classification: one-handed sword

Rank: general (Transcendence)

Wear Limits:
Power 50 or more (transcendence)
Above 'trainer'

Attack: 277~325

Durability: 215/215

Options: Power +15 (transcendence)

An iron sword crafted by the blacksmith 'Tiver'.

Among the weapons that have been made in the Warrior's Forge, these are of great quality.

Ian, who had confirmed the item information, mumbled something with a smile.

'But, I have no choice here…'

Ian didn't like the items there.

All the colorful and bright items of Ian were in his inventory, and he couldn't wear them.

'There isn't much time left. I need to find an item right away.'

Ian confirmed the time remaining until the quest of Warrior was over and picked up the item he had selected.

As he guessed, the currency used in the Warrior's Village was the Hero Score.

Ian had a total of 150 Hero Score, including the 30 Hero Score he obtained when he entered the Warrior's Village, but he only used 25.

Ian definitely wanted to buy a better item, but he didn't see anything desirable.

"These are the only weapons that are given to the trainees."

And for that reason, the only equipment that Ian could buy was a bow and a pair of leather armor.

The orb-like item he got in the Spirit Dimension that increased one's magic didn't seem to exist in any of the shops there.

[You have equipped the item 'Strong Hero's Bow'.]

[You have worn the item 'Tough Hero's Leather Armor'.]

"Well, good luck to you, my friend."

"Thank you!"

After greeting the blacksmith, 'Tiver', Ian began to move slowly.

The quest 'Trip Preparation' had around 10 more minutes remaining.

'Well, something crazy is about to happen, but is it really starting?'

With a calm expression, Ian moved forward.

However, Ian didn't know that the moment he came out of the forge, two users had jumped in.
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