Taming Master
587 Soldier“s Counterattack 3
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Taming Master
Author :Park Taesuk
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587 Soldier“s Counterattack 3

From the general to the High general, there were many senior positions, from officer to generals.

And the number that Ian chose, was really the 'God's choice'.

By taking advantage of the first power, to have managed to destroy a high-ranking officer without any damage to himself, and creating a situation in which the soldiers were forced to attack him.

And the position of Ian was at the point where the 3 devil army soldiers could come to him.

With diagonal space between him and the two soldiers, and two squares away from a soldier who had an empty space behind.

And the 3 soldiers of the Devil army were bound to attack him.

And if they just leave Ian like that, then Ian who received the winning buff would run towards them.

But to attack him at an unprotected state, was also a chance that one won't be able to raise for killing a soldier.

And as the first turn passes, the opponent soldier's turn would return and they won't be having any other choice but to attack Ian.

'If only two of the three would attack me, I will be promoted to an officer without much difficulty.'

Ian had already gotten 1 kill.

And with another two more battle wins, he would be promoted to an officer post.

Before the first turn and before getting targeted by the opponents, the primary goal of 'ranking up' had to be achieved.

And if that first goal was successful, the probability of Ian's big picture becoming into reality was more than double.

'Of course, if the pieces fall into the places just as planned, there is a necessity that I shouldn't be defeated.'


Ian's sword and the sword of Chris slashed as they hit one another.

And with the same forms, the battle between the two seemed very fierce.

No, it was beyond fierce, rather Chris seemed to be the one with the upper hand.

Ian was in the field, but Chris seemed to be constantly pushing him.

"Screw you!!!"

With blazing fire emanating from Chris's sword, his new form shot forward momentarily.

'Inferno Descend', the most powerful attack technique used by the warrior users of the Devildom.

And as the name implied, it was Inferno Descend, but the expression of Ian was rather calm.

Chris who noticed the expression of Ian's face bit his lip with concern.

'Soon he won't be looking like that…!'

Inferno Descend was a powerful attack skill in the Kailan, with an attack coefficient in the top 1%.

And unless the opponent was a knight class, he wouldn't be able to stop or end the massive blow.

Ian was perfectly cornered with no room to escape.

But not surprisingly, however, things didn't go as Chris had thought.


With a weird resonance in the vicinity of Ian, his new form got evaporated in an instant.


A situation which he hadn't predicted and Chris lost his cool.


Ian's swords which had appeared behind Chris went through the back.


With the blowing wind, the vision of Chris turned to black.


[The battle has ended.]

[The Devil Camp, user 'Chris' has been defeated.]

[User 'Chris' has been summoned outside the battle.]

Chris's body turned black.

And in front of Ian's eyes, system messages began to emerge.

[The 'Celestial Army' soldier user, 'Ian' has won.]

[Ian user's kill point: 2]

[Acquired public value, and accumulated additional 50.]

Ian's smile curled up seeing them.

* * *


The YTBC's studio went silent for a while.

And what had broken the silence of the studio was Hines, who was so excited.

"Wah. What was that?! How can one show such skill in that single moment?!"

With a sloppy expression, Hines stared at the screen and jumped out of his seat in excitement.

There was a little late in understanding the skill management and control that Ian had just shown when defeating the user named Chris.

And everyone in the studio, excluding Hines, were still silent.

Lucio, who was curious asked Hines,

"Hines, what just happened? Don't just enjoy it alone, explain it fast."

After hearing the request from Lucia, Hines finally came back to sense and began to comment.
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"It all happened so quickly and I can't say it for sure…"

Hines gulped and signaled the broadcast PD.

And the battle scene was edited and played slowly.

Hines spoke again,

"Ian just seemed to have used the 'Space Distortion' skill."

"Space distortion means…"

Lucia, who thought for a while, opened her eyes and thought of Ian's distortion skill.

"Isn't the space distortion skill which changes the location of Ian and his familiars?"


"Then how did…?"

Hines pointed to the blue light which had appeared and then disappeared on the screen and spoke,

"You see this blue light?"

"Hmm, it is very faint."

"That is the summon effect. It is the afterimage of the blue shell which is blurry… It looks like Bbookbbook."


"So I can explain it a bit easily, in that second, Ian had used three skills."

And only then did she realize the situation, a late realization sound came out of Lucia's mouth.

"Ah…! After summoning his familiar behind the asmodian user, he used the space distortion to swap and then dismissed the summon!"

Hines shook his head and answered,

"That's it."

What Ian had just done a moment back, was very similar to the unique ability of the magicians, which was exclusive for them, 'Blink'.

At first glance, it looked like Ian used blink to fall right behind Chris.

'Inferno Descend isn't a skill that needs casting time… so how did Ian manage to do it in that short time?'

To summon in Kailan, the coordinates of the place the summon had to land needed to be selected.

And with the control that Ian had just shown, he had to have placed a coordinate for the summon.

And the Space distortion had to be triggered again at the summon's coordinates, and then the summon was dismissed right away.

That wasn't such a difficult task, but it wasn't such a task that could be done in a short time.

It was such a short time that others couldn't even react to until they would be hit by a skill.

"It is really creepy."

At the mumble of Lucia, Hines could feel goosebumps rise on his body.

'Perhaps the overseas user didn't even realize what Ian had done.'

Unless one knew that Ian had a skill called Space Distortion, they could never grasp the movement.

Hines began to broadcast once again in an unsettled voice.

* * *

The battle was flowing just as Ian had expected.

After Chris who was attacked by Ian, the other soldiers immediately began to advance to Ian.

And the result according to Ian's plan…


[The battle has ended.]

[Devil Army soldier user 'Srikes' was defeated.]

[User 'Srikes' has been summoned outside the battlefield.]

[The Celestial Army user 'Ian' has won.]

Ian's victory ended.

[User Ian's kill point: 3]

[Acquired public value, accumulated an additional 50.]

The crowd of the Devil side went silent.

The atmosphere which wasn't so serious until Ian had taken the second victory, was completely different.

"Haa… those loser bastards, why couldn't they even go against a normal soldier?"

"Our side ones were soldiers too."

"But even then, we had the buff going on."


"That too, with the consecutive battles. The medical aide didn't even heal once."

"Ha, this hurts me so much."

The Devil camp users didn't get nervous about Ian's skills.

It was as if Ian had purposely not revealed the kind of power that he uses.

Apparently, with the exception of the first questionable battle, the rest were in the heat battles.

Then what was the reason why the Devil Camp users feeling settled down?

It was because of the system messages which had popped in the succession.


[The Celestial Army, Soldier 'Ian' has performed 3 kills on the God's Word Board.]

[Conditions have been met.]

[User 'Ian' has risen to the position of 'Officer'.]

The power gap between the soldiers and officers wasn't so negligible.

Ian had raised 3 kills and succeeded in the promotion, and that resulted in much more gap.

Their soldiers just broke down because of one 'Soldier'.

Of course, although the Devil camp was still more advantageous, the rise of the Celestial Faction couldn't be ignored.

And it was natural for the Devil Camp users to burn while seeing this.

On the other hand, the celestial users' momentum had begun to flow.

Wah…! Sweep all the Asmodians!"

"This is the attack of the soldiers, you devils!"

"Nice! Let's turn the table like this!"

In the same place where gloomy expression was present, the laughter and smiles were back to the faces of the celestial camp.

Even on the mouth of Ian, a small smile could be seen hanging.

The first challenge, the most difficult of all the challenges had been crossed successfully.

'Nice, one step at once…'

And with the next consecutive messages, Ian began to feel much better.

[Successfully 'promoted', and vitality restored.]

[Achieved 'Valiant Soldier'!]

[After the battle, the settled public value will be increased by 15%.]

For Ian, who had been thirsty for the public value, the message was like a blessing!

And that didn't end there.

The next messages were much more important for Ian.

[You have been promoted to 'Officer'.]

[Choose your career title.]

[Electable Positions: Aide/ Lance/ Knight.]

[Which position would you like to select?]
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    《Taming Master》