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The Gamer: Ultimate System
Author :XiaoYuyan
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1 1. chengye

Zhang Nan was just a normal boy with great fashion about a systems that helps each protagonists in each story he always longs to have his own system which could help him one day.

This day is just like any other day for Zhang Nan always reading novel inside his room aside from playing games. but unknown to him his deep love for system has been noticed by the world itself. and birthed the Ultimate system. with strong imagination and beliefs in some things the world itself will gave birth and this is what caused the ultimate system to be created. by sheer love, imagination, will, and beliefs of zhang nan that his so long system has been created.

the next day, Zhang Nan was sleeping in his bed when suddenly he heard a weird sound coming from somewhere. *ding* [Host has finished integrating with the ultimate system].

Zhang Nan hurriedly sit up when he heard the weird sound said ultimate system. he then asked confusedly "u-u-ultimate system??!!! it would be great if this is real and not just a dream *sigh"


[host is not dreaming right now, i was born because of your deep love for the system that you've been reading in the novel, it was because of your strong imagination that i became real]

Zhang Nan was shocked that his deep loved for the system in the novels that he reads is what makes the ultimate system now.

then he ask to the system "if you were really real then is it possible that all other mythical beings like ghost, vampire, werewolf, and magicians are all real with all the imagination from the kids?"


[Host is right, those superstitious things are real given enough imaginations and will.]

Zhang Nan was excited all along knowing that every myth that he have read could've been real.

but first he looks at the system then he says "The ultimate system is too long to pronounce may i call you by another name?"

*ding* [Host can name me whatever he likes]

Then an idea pop ups in his head. "how about I call you 'chengye'? will it is the korean term for the system"

*ding [from now on host can call me chengye]


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