The God Player
1 Past Experience Part 1
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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1 Past Experience Part 1

Being born from a rich family, Pedro Armaz is a person with good manners and attitude. However, he was considered by his family a failure because he is a gamer. Still due to a "parent's love", they don't seem to have the courage to somehow abandon Pedro. During their dinner, his father, Sir Jon Armaz, started a conversation about Pedro's playing VR Games (Virtual Reality Games). Later on, his mother, Madam Lily Armaz, and his grandmother (father's side), Madam Lita Armaz, joined in and told their concerns.

This situation often happens, and Pedro became used to it. Unable to refute back due to his good attitude (he was taught not to answer back rudely to his elderly), he just listened to their concerns and waited to finish the dinner with his family.

After dinner, he took a bath and prepared to play. (VR Games in this time of technology can be played while the person is sleeping or in such state)

'1:23 AM... Pedro was in the game and playing an Adventure type VR Game also known as "AVR Games"'

"Gui... Gui... Guild Master!!! Isn't that a Hidden Dragon Dungeon??"

A girl who holds a staff and looks like in her 20's, shows a shocked but cute looking face while pointing in a warp about 300 m from their party.


"Ja... Jackpot!!" Pedro shouted after being speechless for a moment

"Good eyes Annie! everyone let's go!"

"Gooooo!" Everyone in the 5 man party rushed towards the dungeon

Playing for almost 5 years in this AVR game, Pedro and his party entered the dungeon and swept up to the door of the boss room. They've got tons of rare materials (that can be sold for some gold) from the mob but there were no weapons or accessories. This is for the reason that the weapons and accessories were dropped only by the boss.

"Guys... This is it... Everyone ready?" As a guild leader and the party leader, Pedro and his fellow players grasped their weapon tightly. They nodded seriously in response.


The seemingly ancient door of the boss room opened slowly and in the middle of the boss room is a black dragon that was awakened from its sleep.


The black dragon yawned and stared at them casually as the party walked forward!

"You dare wake me up from my sleep!"

"Man... what a scary dragon!" a male hunter said with a mocking smile.

"Be on your guard! Ready your teleportation crystals, Something is fishy about that dragon!" Pedro grasped his teleportation crystal in his left hand as he stared with a frown to the dragon.

Everyone in the party nodded and took out teleportation crystals

This is a common safety method done by the players who play AVR games these days. This is due to governments imposing laws on AVR games like "Death penalties on AVR games should result in true death of the character". This law was based on the study of a psychologist to help develop different skills like social or survival skills of the people, especially the young ones who play games most of the time. (Like shut-in gamers)... However, AVR games have some cases this law was not applicable, like deaths due to losing on valid PvP, some main quest or tutorials and the like.

The risks they face was very high since its a Hidden Dragon Dungeon, the rarest and hardest dungeon in this game. At the same time, the hard work they put on their characters this past 5 years would be lost if they die.

"Vex! Charge now!" Pedro pointed his sword to the dragon.

The party's main tank (MT) grasped his sword and shield tightly and stare at the dragon, full of killing intent. Then, he nodded in reply and activated a skill that made him ram straight to the dragon.

As everyone was following up the charge of the main tank and execute their combo, the dragon turned its head towards the party in a lazy manner.

"Humans! You're brave... But not strong enough!"

Their mouths went agape as the dragon was still able to move after being hit by the tank's charge skill with a 'stun' effect.

'How much immobilization resistance does this boss have?' Everyone wore a grim look as they, due to their instincts, check the boss name, that only appears as soon as it was engaged. (Monster details, like names, do not appear unless engaged. This was one of the features of that AVR game)

[Atlas, The World Dragon]

Rating: God Level

Description: [unknown]





A series of [unknown] greeted the party. It is at this moment that they realized that the dragon isn't something they should mess with. As quick-witted as everyone was, they immediately activated the teleportation crystal in their hands

"TELEPORT! NOW!" Pedro was anxious as his teleportation countdown of 5 seconds starts. Everyone else followed. They activated their teleportation crystal and the countdown started. This moment seemed to be the longest 5 seconds in their life as the dragon stared at them.



Suddenly, the dragon showed a faint smile and exhaled a blue flame out of its mouth.

"You think you can escape me, humans...." the dragon chuckled as everyone had a grayed vision and received a notification...

[You Died! Character deletion and automatic logout will commence in 3!]




"Nooooooo!" Pedro screamed very loud as he regains his consciousness in the real world

After a few seconds, Pedro got up in his bed into a sitting position, removing his VR helmet carefully while still in a state of disbelief to what happened.

'What was that?! A God rank... in a Dungeon?!'


'God rated NPCs can only be seen by triggering Main Story Line Quests!?'


While questions arise in his head, someone slapped hard at the back of his head. He then saw his angered father and his worried mother standing near the door of his room.

"You useless piece of @@@@!" his dad shouted while pointing his hand to Pedro "Can't you see that we are already sleeping?! It's 2:00 AM PEDRO! 2:00 AM! Here we thought something bad happened to you, only to know you... "

"Ca~ Calm down, honey... Calm down!" His mother stopped his father by hugging and pulling his father away from Pedro.


"This is the last time you'll do this young man! one more time and you'll be living in a new house!" his father scolded as he left Pedro's room...

When his father left the room, his mother sat down on the side of the bed and tapped Pedro's back!

"Don't mind him too much. Your father... he was just angry. The moment we heard your scream, he rushed to your room. He feared something bad might have happened to you! ... Only after seeing you holding your gaming helmet, that he became annoyed. He only cares about you, son! I hope that you understand. Now, go back to sleep. It's only 2:00 in the morning, I'll go talk to your father."

"Thanks, mom!" Pedro bowed slightly while he was sitting, with a saddened look!

'Sleep? I hope I can!' He lied down back to his bed and pulled his blanket up to his face.


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