The God Player
2 Past Experience Part 2
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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2 Past Experience Part 2

"Honey, Let's just forget about what happened this morning. Pedro... He is a good boy. He is kind and respectful to all of us, especially to his grandma. He has good grades at school. You can't wish for more. Besides, games were his only hobby."

Mr. Jon keeps thinking about the things Pedro's mother pointed out before he left their house.


"President? President Armaz?" A board member who was doing his presentation called Mr. Jon's attention.

"Oh... Sorry... Can you repeat that part!" Mr. Jon recovered from his daze as he glanced to the board member.

"Uh, President... Our company, The Armaz Energy Corporation, is trying to expand to other countries in South-East Asia... One of the proposed ways of endorsing of our company is through the incoming AVR Game called 'Bearth'."

"Game??" Mr. Jon Armaz wore a frown as he slammed his left arm to the table. "Why a game?"

"Please calm down President! It might seem unbelievable at first but... the information we got is credible. This game is not ordinary. This game can't be played with the regular gaming helmet we all know about. Over the past years, studies were conducted regarding the VR Games and the health of players. It was found that the deterioration of the health of players become normal. As a solution to this, the scientists were able to develop a new type of gaming hardware called "VR Box". the specifics are in the files I sent to you earlier. These VR Boxes required a great amount of energy to work. From this, our very own Atomic Energy Crystal IV fits the job!"

"Still, isn't it too small of a start when we are considering to expand to other countries?"

"Well... President... that's what we thought at first, that is why we didn't dare to partner with the developers a year ago. However, two days ago, we learned that every government in the world would be advertising the game and this new technology!" That information years ago was classified to a point that even top companies learned about it a few days ago.

"What??" Mr. Jon frowned of astonishment! The other board members started to talk to each other that made the room noisy.

'to think that even our government would go this far!'

"If I am not wrong, this would be the good... No... the best start for our company to go internationally! Sponsoring a set of players to promote us could cost low compared to other advertisements, at the same time information about our product will be spread across players!" One board member stood from his seat, that seemed like he was fully supporting the proposal.

'@@@@! These games are a curse! First my son, now our company!' Mr. Jon cursed inwardly as he thought on how 'games' keep following him in his life.

The room became noisy again. Minutes later...


Mr. Jon struck the table hard that got everyone's attention and made the room to be filled with silence

'Why didn't I thought about that sooner!'

Everyone in the meeting room remained silent as they stare at the President.

"Uhm... I have a proposal! Since it is a good opportunity, why don't we let my son lead the game matters? I mean, none of us has of much knowledge about these games. My son, was at least, someone that can be trusted and will always put the priority of the company over any other thing." Mr. Jon expressed his opinion. It was hitting two birds with one stone.

"If no one has problems with that, let's vote! Those who are in favor of advertising thru the said game and would be lead by Mr. Pedro Armaz, please raise your hand!" Majority of the board members raised their hand as an agreement to the proposal and was approved immediately.

'It seems like you're gaming experiences will not be put into waste, son!' Mr. Jon wore a wryly smile. He was not in favor of his son playing games because he feared that Pedro's future would be destroyed. However, whatever he tried to do, Pedro was still attached to games. So, he decided to put Pedro's gaming experiences into use.


During their family dinner, Mr. Jon Armaz shared about the proposal to their family and said that Pedro "must" participate in order to somehow put his so-called "gaming skills" into use. Pedro was happy to be given a chance to prove himself to his family, especially to his father. At the same time, He also felt pressured knowing that this will play a huge part in the future of their company.

As the AVR game, Bearth, was released, every government in the world promoted it and the newly developed technology called VR Box. Pedro played the game and was able to establish "Ares Guild". The guild was sponsored by their company, the Armaz Energy Corporation. After a year, they became known because they were one of the professional guilds to enter the Tier-C Guild Rankings. Their company did well because of this. Yet, they were not able to completely dominate because of other competitor companies that also had Tier-C or higher Guild Rankings.

The guild struggled to even be in Tier-C Guild Rankings because of the tight competition between the professional guilds. Putting all his best and effort, The Ares Guild was able to reach the Tier-C Bearth Championship Finals on the 6th year. Unexpectedly, almost half of the guild members that were participating in the finals terminated their contracts a day before the Championship final. This caused them to lose the Championship finals. The effect of their loss caused the guild to slowly fall on the guild rankings up to the point that they were even removed in the tier-C guild rankings.


"Cheer up son.." His mother patted his back.

"A lot of things had already happened, what matters is what will you do next... besides, our company has already achieved its goal long ago, so you don't need to think about the company.." His father also consoled and tried to reduce the heavy feeling that his son is carrying.


'That's not the point!'

Angered, Pedro didn't finish his dinner and ran up to his room. His parents were shocked because it was the first time Pedro acted like that. His mother tried to chase him, but his father stopped her and looked at her, telling to let their son have a moment on his own.


'Haa... What did I do to deserve this?' He was staring at the ceiling, and he was still sad.


Hours later, he felt hungry. Remembering that he was not able to finish even half of his dinner, he then went down to their kitchen. Pedro, not wanting to cause another problem, decided not to wake his parents and their maids. He decided to eat the bread he saw. He cut it into smaller pieces and placed it in the oven.


While the oven was heating his bread, an explosion occurred that was followed up by an electrical blackout in the whole house.

He accidentally touched a part of the electrical wire of the oven that had a rat bite on its cover. Pedro was electrocuted and died. (This is where rats or others pests bites on electrical wire covers that are often not seen immediately and can cause accidents like this. In some cases, it can cause the start of "fires" on wooden houses)

His vision became dark at that instant. Then, he slowly became unconscious.


'Am I still alive? or is this afterlife like those fantasy stories?' Pedro questioned himself while slowly opening his eyes. To his shock, he was uttered speechless for a minute. Then, he came back to his senses while recognizing the familiar surroundings.

'Imm... Impossible.. maybe... this is just a dream?' Pedro kept questioning his self and tried to slap his face to know if he could feel pain.

"Ouuuch!" with the full force slap, He cried as he felt a huge pain in his cheeks. "This is too painful to be a dream.."

Still confused, Pedro saw a VR gaming helmet beside him... 'What's with the gaming helmets? aren't they replaced by VR boxes 6 years ago?'


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