The God Player
4 First Step
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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4 First Step

'in game name? hmmm..' Pedro keep thinking of different ways to have the best start in the game. He remembered from his memories that the first "Cheat code or trap" set by the developers started with the ign(in game name) of the players.

Casually starting, even the closed beta players choose names based on their liking. Until only the official launch of the game that they learned that they can also get skills from selecting their ign. This was due to an incident where a casual player was fond of the dark attribute and named his character "death". He then received a unique skill that allows him to retain 1 HP instead of dying or having instant death. This was a very good skill considering that deaths from AVR games like bearth can cause instant deletion of their character. This person was scouted by many guilds, including Pedro's Ares guild, but he joined a guild called "Starter Pack" that later belong in the tier-B guild ranking. Knowing this, new players started selecting their ign carefully and some got skills.

"Hope"(where the player was given a legendary skill that boosts the attack damage and Hp regeneration of you and your allies by 70% as your hp falls below 20%) and "Faith"(where the player also had a legendary skill that boost the attack damage of you and your allies by 150% and increase your life steal by 100% of your damage when your hp falls below 10%) .... this two are the most well known ign that gave a legendary skill right of the start. both skills' only weakness is that when the player's HP returns to 30% the effect will end and a cool down of 3 minutes will start. This skill gained allowed the two players be part of a guild that was later ranked among the tier-A guild ranking.

"Man, just deciding for the Ign is so hard.." Looking on a sheet of paper where all sure ign that will give him a legendary or gold rated skill. Truth to be told, Pedro only had a limited knowledge about the skills and how to get them, other than those he personally obtained and those skills that were popular. Top players, especially the tier-A players, didn't share that much information about their skills, what more on how did they obtain it.

*dong..dong..dong.. Having trouble with the selection of his ign, their doorbell rang.

'It might be the delivery of my VR Box!' Pedro thought as he rushed down while trying to calm his excited feeling.

"Mr. Pedro Armaz?" The delivery man asked as he saw Pedro came out of the door

"Yes, it's me.." he replied excitedly as he saw four man carrying a huge box as long as a bed but half the width. The delivery man followed Pedro to his room and started to install the VR Box.

The delivery man gave him liters of the "Lifo", a liquid food composed of nutrients the body need in case the players fails to eat on proper time. This was included the package he ordered online.

"Right, I should tell Annie and the others that I'll be switching to Bearth.. " realizing that he has thing to settle to Annie, He decided to send a message to her about him switching to Bearth. He was thinking if he should invite them to join the switching to playing to Bearth, however he remembered what happened after they were annihilated by the dragon, so he decided not to invite them.

"Me, switching to Bearth is already a hint that this would be an unusual game.. it's up to them whether they'll also play Bearth or not.."


The VR Box was installed after an hour. He also received the reply of Annie and how she felt about Pedro leaving them. She also included in the message that they decided to continue to play the current AVR game they are playing since Bearth is still in its closed beta stage, and its too early to tell that Bearth is a good game.

"then don't follow of a time traveler or a reincarnate, which ever you prefer. Hahaha" He muttered to himself then laughing.

He remembered his father, and realized that his father will surely get the information that he purchased a gaming equipment. He decided to talk to his father later, and not let this opportunity for their company to pass. He planned to show his father the specifications of the VR Box and formulate a proposal good enough for him to consider. Pedro would do this to secure his future in the game and with the help of a sponsor, he can build up a gold farming team that will be crucial specially in the early phases of the game. (In the early phases of the game, other that the skills, one should not forget how important weapons, equipment and accessories are. Silver-rated weapons and above for levels under 20 are only available in the auction due to their rarity. In the closed beta in his past life, there were only few silver-rated that was seen in the auction and there was not a single Gold-rated and above equipment, weapon or accessory that appeared.)


During dinner Pedro was scolded repeatedly by his father. Only then, after they finished that he opened the topic about his proposal. His father was more angered at first, but Pedro's persistence made his father realize that something was different from Pedro. He would not even raise a topic about their company to him. He listened to Pedro's proposal and upon seeing the specifications of the VR Box made his father a bit curious about it. His father stated that he will take it into consideration.


Days passed, Pedro's excitement grow and grow much larger. 'I will make sure to be the best player, this time around... no.. I'll be the best player' upon affirming it to himself, he comfortably lied down on the VR Box as he wait for the opening of the Closed Beta of Bearth..

[The Servers of "Bearth: Closed Beta Edition" is now open!] the system prompted

[Start the game now? Yes or No?]

"YEEES!" pedro shouted unable to contain his excitement 'sh@@... that might have been to loud! Father might come again and slap me!' Pedro feared that it might happened again, so he prayed hard that it won't happen.

[Log in successful! Player welcome to Bearth!]

[Character creation Initializing! 3!]



[Appearance Editor Initializing! Note that only few facial details can be change and all real life body specifications will be retained!] This is a way so that players would be most comfortable when playing. It would help them ease problems in movement and maneuverability of the players.


[Say "confirm" if Appearance Editing is done!]

"Confirm!" Pedro said in low voice trying to contain his excitement.

'now! the first part... the "Ign" selection!' he chuckled with a grin in his face.


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