The God Player
9 The Ring of Voices and The Gem of Authority
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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9 The Ring of Voices and The Gem of Authority

Seeing that the village army is doing well, It is just a matter of time before the trolls would be wiped out.

'At first, the soldiers looks weak.. But when you see them fight, It turns out to be that they are really capable..' Pedro looked at an infantry soldier who blocked a full force attack by a troll.

'It seems like, they can already manage. right! the loots from the treasure chest! They were immediately placed at my inventory after I grabbed them! Let's see what we got!' Pedro accessed the interface and went to his inventory.

He got 2 skill books, a ring, a red crystal and 2 golds. The 2 gold made Pedro the richest player at Bearth! Players doing quest will reward them a maximum of 30 bronze coins. Some quests may provide or reward some silver coins but it is not enough for players to gain a single gold coin.

The gold farming teams still don't exist in the game because Bearth is only on its closed beta version. AVR games' closed beta version were for information gathering. So, when the game was released officially, they would get an advantage and be ahead of the other players. The coins, weapons and equipment gained would be reset by the game developers to be fair with the new players on the official launch. This was the reason why gold farming never existed in closed beta version of AVR games.

He took the ring and inspected it first.


[Ring of voices]

Rating: Silver-rated accessory

Level Requirement: 1


Intelligence +10

Special Effects: Automatically translates monster language to human language.

[This was a ring once owned by a hermit who lives deep in the forest.]

Can be Traded


"Grrruuuurrrrr!" The troll keep shouting as it attacked the infantry soldiers. At this moment, It is the only troll remaining. Despite its shouting, It was unable to get the attention of Pedro who was attracted to the loots he gained from the treasure chest.

'Such a waste! If I got this ring during the official launch... I would have earned allot of gold! Since, I don't have any ring yet, might as well equip this..' Pedro equipped the light green colored ring.

"Huumaaans!! I'll kill you all!" Pedro heard a loud voice from a distant. When he looked at the direction of the source of the voice, He saw the troll commander who was almost dead.

'Awesome!!! This ring is really awesome!!! I can even understand what the troll was saying!' Pedro said inwardly while trying to calm his self. 'The attributes are disappointing but its special effect is awesome!'

"Retreaat!" Captain Aks commanded and the infantry soldiers immediately ran back leaving the troll commander, who was even unable to stand, alone.

"Archers.. Ready!" The archers pulled their bows ready to fire to the troll commander...

"The King will not oversee this!" The troll commander shouted its last words that got Pedro's attention. But before he could react, Captain Aks once again shouted.

"Firee!!!!" Arrows rained in the body of the troll commander.

*Thuuud! The body of the lifeless troll commander dropped on the ground. The infantry soldiers dropped their swords and shield on the ground and dropped on the ground to sit. They were exhausted after taking blow after blow for minutes from the trolls. Their shields were too damage to be used again. Some of the infantry soldiers even had a broken arm.


*Ssssssss.. Minutes later after the troll commander was killed, a white smoke began to arise from the dead body of the trolls. Everyone was able to witness the event. The bodies started to evaporate until the dead bodies were no where to be found. The clothing, equipment and weapons were scattered where the trolls lay dead earlier.

Everyone was used to what had happened because it commonly happen when they hunt monsters around the village. For Pedro, having an experience of 6 years of the game, He became used to it.

However, Players can extract any part of a dead monster or life form as long as the player can extract it immediately after death and place it to his inventory.

'Trolls' flesh?? Just the think of it makes me vomit?' Pedro can extract their flesh but he decided not to do it. There are two reason, one, he did not receive any quest that requires him to extract a heart or a meat. The second reason is that, trolls is not something he would want to eat. Would you eat a human-like, green skin monster?

"Adventurer! Thank you for you aid! I heard from Antonio that you spotted where the trolls were and aid the two madam in their escape! With out your help, there was no assurance that the two madam would still be alive. Likewise, casualties among the soldiers would be higher! If you need my help, don't hesitate to contact me!" Captain Aks went to Pedro and gave his regards.

"It's nothing Captain Aks, I am an adventurer! Though my goal is to explore the world, Helping other humans with my strength and knowledge is a small thing. Plus, I got to experience things I might not experience in when I'm on my own!" Pedro replied

"Well then, I need to go. We gotta clean these mess up and cure the injured!" Captain Aks turned around and walk to the other soldiers who was waiting for him to report something.

"Young adventurer! I should head back to the village now! If you return to the village don't forget to visit me!" Antonio suddenly appeared behind Pedro and tapped his shoulder.

"I will.. Have a safe trip back to the village!" Pedro responded to Antonio who was already meters away from him. Antonio raised his hand and continued walking back to the direction of the village as if saying 'Don't worry about me kid! I'll be fine!'..


'Hmm.. I should rest for a bit, Too much had happened in those 2 hours! I had at most 14 hours more!' Pedro was leaning on a tree while looking at the village soldiers who were busy cleaning up the area. He was staring where the troll commander had laid when it died.

'What does it mean when the troll commander said "The King will not oversee this!"... I should tell this information to Antonio... But... It would be hard to explain how I got the information... Telling him about the ring is not a good idea... Though, Antonio is a good man, there is no assurance that he would not be blinded by the effects of this ring.. for players it might be a low level item of some sort, but for NPCs this might be a treasure worth risking their lives..'

'I need to come up for a better excuse....'


Pedro's habit of rubbing his chin began as he try to come up with an acceptable explanation to the chief about "the last words" of the troll commander.

'Thinking of it.. The soldiers looked to busy cleaning this area... why don't I return to the troll camp and look around? I might see more treasure chests!' Pedro's heart began pounding of excitement. Decided to take advantage of the soldiers being busy at the moment, he started walking towards the troll camp.

'Right.. I haven't checked the skill books and the red crystal..' Pedro opened his interface and checked the red crystal first.

[Gem of authority]

Rating: ????

Effect: Resurrect and Subjugate 1 Life form. User has a choice whether the subjugated life form can retain its past memory or not! User will gain a skill to telepathically message, control or order the subjugated life form.

One time use only

Cannot be Traded

[A gem with unknown origins]


'What a waste.. hu hu.. I got an OP item.. but on the closed beta version.. everything I got would be reset.. I just hope I'll get it before some one does on the official launch..' Pedro imagined the number of overpowered NPCs or Monster he can subjugate. It would not be the strongest companion in the game.. At least, It is better than having a fellow player that can turn their backs on Pedro and betray him. To him, this is one of the best items he had so far, including the 6 years he played in his past life.

"Ohh well.. I'll just keep this for now!" He placed the gem back to his inventory.


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