The God Player
12 Saved?
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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12 Saved?

"Sister Star.... are you sure we will do this?" a young looking man who was almost 6 feet tall was holding a newbie sword and a bronze looking shield had a conflicted expression unsure he will follow or not.

"No worries Bert! We're two that pig is just one! Based on our inside information, those are the easiest monster to kill.." A good looking woman who seemed to be in his 20's replied with confidence and a smirk on his face.

"But sis..teer..." The young man tried to reason out but the woman frowned and stared at him

"Do you want me to replace you with other tanks! I'm sure there would be many who would want to take your place!" The woman threaten the young man with the idea of replacing him with other tank player.

Truth be told, in the initial stages of the game, including the closed beta version, shocked by the difficulty of survival in this game, many players faced death after playing only in an hour or less. For this reason many players decided to focus on tank-type characters.(Tank-type characters are characters by players which focused on having tanking skills like defense improvement skills or vitality increasing skills.)

"No.. I'll do it! Ready!" The young man jolted, held his sword and shield tightly. 'Here goes nothing!'

"Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!" The young man shouted as he lift his sword to attack the pig who was eating the grass.

"oink!" The pig stared to the young man with a crimson red eyes and rushed towards the young man

*Splat.. Blood burst in the air and fill both the young man and the pig


"Those six years of Bearth experience really come in handy..." Pedro smirked as he flawlessly extract the meat and other parts of this pig like a professional chef. After extracting the meat that he can get from the pig, he opened his interface, stored the meat into his inventory, then looked to his personal information.


Name: Death (Player)

Level: 1

HP: 50

MP: 50


Attack Damage: 15

Magic Damage: 0


Str +1

Int +1

Vit +1

Dex +1

Crit +1

Agi +9

Special Attribute

Luck +5

Charisma +5

Instinct +0



Rarity: Legendary-rated skill

Skill Type: Passive

Effects: Instead of dying, Player will gain 1HP instead. Only works once until the cool down was met.

Cool down [Special] : (Skill is available)

[A skill that is only one of its kind]

Skill: ~Scout 1~

Rarity: Bronze-rated Skill

Skill Type: Active

Effects: Temporarily increase the player's movement speed by 10% and increase the player's vision by 100 meters for 30 seconds.

Cool down: (Skill is available)

[A Skill required to learn skill ~Scout 2~]

Skill: ~Bleed~

Rarity: Bronze-rated Skill

Skill Type: Active (Offensive Skill)

Effects: Inflict 100% damage to the enemy and has a 30% chance to inflict 50% of Strength(Str) per second for 5 seconds. Does not stack. Can only be used with a sword!

Cool down: (Skill is available)

[A skill developed by soldiers and warriors to sharpen their swords on critical times!]

Skill: ~Earnest A~

Rarity: Gold-rated Skill

Skill Type: Passive

Effects: For every kill the player made, Permanently increase player's attack damage by 1.

Kill/s: 5

Cool down: [Not Applicable]

[A skill gifted to the childrens of war!]


[Faithpursuer Katana]

Rating: Bronze-rated weapon

Level Requirement: 1

Weapon Level: 3


Attack Damage: +13

Agility: +8

Special Effect:

[LevelUP]: Experiences gained by the player can be used to increase the level of the weapon.

[Evolve]: Increase the rating of the weapon by reinforcing the weapon with the required materials. There is a 50% chance to gain the effect of the absorbed weapon, equipment and accessory.

[Evolve Bronze-rated to Silver-rated]

0/1 Silver-rated damage type accessory

0/1 Silver-rated warrior equipment

0/1 Silver-rated one handed sword

0/1 weapon level 20

[This Katana was a blessing of the Ents to the warrior who stood with them against the orcs and trolls who tried to conquer the forest and set it on fire.]


"Those five pigs had left me with four Intermediate potions! I could sell those meat a silver coin each.. I could earn big here, I must rush to the village and restock with potions!" Pedro closed his interface, then he continued to walk to the village ignoring the wild pigs from a far.


"Heeeeelp! Heeeelp!" a good looking woman in her 20s and a tall young man covered with blood was running towards him as fast as they could. behind them is a wild pig with crimson red eyes.

Pedro looked and scanned the two person. 'An NPC? I might get another quest? This might look like a hunt quest...'

He instantly stopped from analyzing and was shocked when two new interface to the side of his main interface appeared in an angled position.


Name: Starberry (Player)

Level: 1

HP: 50

MP: 50

Stamina: 3/20


Name: Berting (Player)

Level: 1

HP: 60

MP: 50

Stamina: 2/20


"Heeeeelp! Pleaseee heeelp!" Starberry and Berting shouted as they close the gap between them and Pedro.

'They ain't NPC..' Pedro's facial expression twitched, he frowned.


"Heeelp! Mister!!!" Berting kept shouting while running at his top speed.

When the gap was just meters between the two and Pedro.. Pedro smirked to them.

'Thank God! we're saved!' The two looked at each other with a sense of relief


A few minutes ago..

*Splat.. Blood burst in the air and fill both the young man and the pig

"Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiink!" The pig screamed loud after it rammed on Berting's shield. Blood filled the shield that came from the pig's nose and blood kept dripping from both its nose.

"Waaa! My shield is broken! Ruuuun sister! This pig is too strong!" Berting shouted as he just ran past through the still standing Starberry. Berting even forgot his shield and sword that was on the ground and ran as fast as he could.

"Oh..." Seeing the red eyes of the pig and the blood dripping out of its nose, Starberry returned to his senses and ran immediately as fast as she can.

"Oiiiiiiiiiink!" The wild pig angrily shouted.

*Boom!!!! At this moment, the wild pig also ran and chased the two. The gap between them was closing at a fast rate. If Berting had not ran ahead, he would have been tackled again in just a matter of seconds.

"We're doomed sister! What the hell's with that pig! One attack and my shield broke!" Berting complained to Starberry after seeing the gap between them and the wild pig become closer.

"Look! Some one is ahead!! Heeeeeelp! Heeeeelp!" Berting sighted a man walking ahead and started shouting for his dear life.


Seeing Pedro turn around made the two at ease..

When they were just meters away from Pedro they saw a huge grin in his face and suddenly turned around and ran towards the village.

"SH@@!!!" Berting and Starberry screamed as they saw Pedro started running and the gap between the two and Pedro increased.

'What speed!' Both of them was surprised to how fast the gap between Pedro and the two of them increase.


'If you can reach me!' Pedro turned around and ran towards the village with a huge grin in his face

"I might get trouble if I help them, I can kill the wild pig, however, I'm not confident to last long if those players attacked me! That wild pig is tempting enough for them to risk their life hunting it... there is no assurance that they won't attack me! After all, I had four Intermediate potions left!" He uttered as he continue to ran. The gap between him and the two has increased fast.

The two started to slowdown due to their stamina running out and the wild pig was just meters behind them.

'F@@@ that man!!! I thought he'll save us! But in the end he also ran!' Starberry thought inwardly as she starts to feel the fatigue and slows down.

"We're almost there! Bert! Block the wild pig! I'll compensate you well!" Starberry proposed to Berting as they saw the village fences, but the pig was just a few steps from their back. If Berting received the tackle of the wild pig he would surely die from it but on the other hand Starberry would get a little gap enough for her to reach the village and ask assistance from the village soldier who is guarding in the village entrance.

"Oiiink!!!!" The wild pig shouted as it was about to reach Berting.

".... Nooooooo!" Berting shouted as the pig jumped and was just inches away from him. He closed his eyes, unwanted to see the next events..


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