The God Player
13 Karma strikes back
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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13 Karma strikes back

"haaa.. haaa. haaa..." Pedro tried to catch his breath as he suddenly stopped running in front of the village soldier on duty.

'What's with this adventurer?' The unmoved village soldier stared at the exhausted Pedro but before the village soldier could utter a word Pedro spoke as he pointed to where he came from.

"There are two adventurers being chased by a wild pig and is injured!" Pedro lied hoping that the village soldier would take action immediately and there is a chance that Berting and Starberry would be saved.

'This is the least I can do for them.. I am not that cold hearted person.. But I cannot act personally and risk losing everything I gained! Besides, Though they're just exhausted, they looked like they had been in a furious battle, so I didn't exactly lie...' Pedro slapped his face lightly after feeling guilty of lying to the village soldier.

"Is that so? Then, I have a task for you young adventurer!" The village soldier calmly replied and shocked Pedro.

'This doesn't look good! I might get another quest.. I have four potions left!' He started to become worried when the village soldier continued to speak.

"I, Village soldier Tam Darko, request you to rescue the two adventurers from the wild pig!" Village soldier Tam spoke calmly at the now shocked Pedro

[Quest: Rescue Fellow Player!

Rating: A-rated

Mission: Save adventurers Berting and Starberry and kill the wild pig! Bring the dead body of the pig to village soldier Tam!

Duration: 20 seconds (Timer starts upon issuance of the quest!)

Will you accept?]

'@@@@!!!! I dug my own grave! There goes being a hero!' Before Pedro could even react the duration started to count down.

[Quest: Rescue Fellow Player!

Rating: A-rated

Mission: Save adventurers Berting and Starberry and kill the wild pig! Bring the dead body of the pig to village soldier Tam!

Duration: 19 seconds (Timer starts upon issuance of the quest!)

Will you accept?]

"I accept!!" Pedro hurriedly shouted and left village soldier Tam not even being able to utter a single word. 'It's not like I have a choice!! My reputation with the village might reduce if I don't accept this quest! @@@@!!!'


Seeing Pedro run towards the two adventurer, village soldier Tam muttered to himself..

"Although, I want to help them, I can't leave my post.. the captain would be angry with me and the safety of the village might be compromised when I leave!!"

"Seeing that adventurer, he doesn't look the same with other adventurers! He looked a bit stronger than other adventurer... he might save them.." Village soldier Tam rub his chin while looking with suspicion to the fading figure of Pedro.


".... Nooooooo!" Berting shouted as the pig jumped and was just inches away from him. He closed his eyes as he wait for the system notification that he died..

'Something is wrong!' Seconds passed but the system notification didn't appear, he slowly opened his eyes. A golden light was blinding him when he heard an unfamiliar voice.

"I'm glad, I made it in time!" Pedro sneered as he block the tackle of the wild pig with his Faithpursuer Katana..

*Baaaag!! The impact of the tackle of the wild pig was received by the Faithpursuer Katana but the impact was strong that it send Berting a few meters backward and took damage..

"Ah!!" Pedro became worried that Berting might die and he would fail the quest. He quickly checked the interface to see Berting's remaining HP.


Name: Berting (Player)

Level: 1

HP: 17/60

MP: 50

Stamina: 0/20


"D@@@! The impact is enough to even kill a player who had high vitality!" Pedro was still shocked to the power of the wild pig. Though, he had no idea how much power the pig has, since Pedro had the undying cycle when he was hunting wild pigs earlier. It was only at this point that he had saw its true power, thru the other players.



[~Undying~ skill activated!]

HP: 1

[Player's HP is below 20%... Potion Injector Activated!]


HP: 50

[Player's HP is back to 100%.. ~Undying~ skill has been reset!]


"SH@@!! I had three more potions left! I need to end this fast!" Pedro uttered as he saw the two with a surprised expression..

'They might still be worried that they might die!' Pedro shook his head as if saying "they are really newbies on Bearth"... 'well... as an.. Elde... Expert! I'll have to show you how to survive in this game..'


"It's fine now!" ..... "Why??!" ... "Because Death is here!!!" Pedro proudly shouted the words as if he was some sort of super hero going to save the day.

'Well... I'll save some one so it is almost the same... right?'


Starberry suddenly stopped running and was shocked to the scene happening in front of her. The "Bas@@@@ person" that left them and run towards the village suddenly reappeared and intercept the wild pig that was strong enough to destroy the shield of Berting with one tackle. What's more is that his weapon was glowing with a blinding golden light that might signify that it is a rare weapon.

Both Starberry and Berting was so flabbergasted that they were rendered speechless as they watch Pedro fight the wild pig.


[Wild Pig]

Rating: Bronze-rated Monster



Attack Damage: 200

Attack Interval: 2.7 seconds

Defense: 10

Movement speed: 2 m/s



Effect: Deals 100% attack damage to a target and cause impact that would deal 25%, or less, of the attack damage with in 3 meter radius of the initial target to other targets. (The first target will receive 100% attack damage and won't be affected by the 25% or less of the attack damage.)

Cool down: 10 seconds


"Luckily, it is the same of what I fought earlier!" Pedro smirked and engaged the wild pig.

After the tackle of the wild pig, with the increased agility his movement and attack speed has increased compared to the normal players and was just a level down compared to the NPC village soldier like Tam. He quickly attacked the wild pig and dealt as much damage he could.

Seconds later, with his sword, he blocked another tackle by the wild pig and the undying cycle activated.

Given the opportunity, Pedro slashed non-stop until the wild pig cried and fell to the ground..


"My Graaaaasss...." .... The wild pig cried.

'Its last words are grass?!' He was shocked be cause the other wild pigs he killed didn't have the strength to say its "last words".

*Baaag! the body of the pig fell down and the two adventurer remained silent, still unable to process the event that just happened before their eyes.

Some one had solo killed a wild pig that can kill them with one hit. It was too much for them to take. Berting and Starberry had not seen a some one who tried to fight the wild pig and lasted long to live but the man in front of them killed the wild pig alone and in a short time at the top of that.

'He must be a strong NPC on Kagat Village!' Starberry stared at Pedro with amazement and shock until he realize to check the personal information of Pedro. A new interface beside her main interface appeared, slightly angled to have ease in viewing.


Name: Death (Player)

Level: 1

HP: 50/50

MP: 50/50

Stamina: 1/20


"A P..Player????!" Starberry shouted as she was astonished to know that the man who saved them was a player.

'It would have made sense if the man was an NPC. but.. he's a player?! what's more astonishing is that his HP... He didn't took any damage at all!!!!' Starberry was pointing to Pedro with a shock look where her eyes were like it is gonna pop out of its sockets.

"Who.. who are you?!" Berting was scared and shocked, he remembers how his shield was shattered by only a tackle considering that very few at the current stage of the game that players get their hands to different equipment and weapon other than the newbie sword. With fear and respect those were the only words that uncontrollably came out his mouth.


Pedro smirked as he tilted his head a little to the back like a super hero who had just saved some civilians.. with the glow of the evolve weapon as lighting effects.

"I am player.. Death!"


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