The God Player
14 Fate?
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The God Player
Author :RDestroyer
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14 Fate?

A month ago...

"Talia! Activate your teleportation crystal now!" A handsome looking guy on his early 30's screamed on the top of his lungs as his sword blocked another player's sword.

"But... Brother Mathew!" Talia, the young girl who was around 16 years old, cried as the teleportation rune below her feet started to shine a bright light.

"Shiiiiiing!" Bright light shines in the area where Talia was located.

Afterward, The light slowly dissipated and the young girl was nowhere to be found. A huge grin appeared on Mathew as he grasps his sword tighter.

"Now... I can let loose a bit..." Mathew sighed and became calm...

"Such big words... We are a legion of 5000 players! You're just one! No matter how strong a have your own limits!" a player among the crowd shouted. It was followed by the laughter of the legion army of players Matthew is about to face.

"To think that Warlords Gaming sent a large force of player just to deal with a single professional player! HAHAHAHA!" another player from the crowd mockingly shouted.

"To target a core player of the Pancit Gaming! They must have been really desperate to win the Professional League Championship!"

As the crowd kept mocking about the situation...

"So... It's Warlords Gaming after all!!" Mathew finally released a frightening aura with killing intent from his body.


"Sh@@!!" the swordsman cursed as he felt the frightening aura Mathew released.

"You're courageous... But... not strong!!" Mathew muttered as a golden light shone from his sword.

"..." the swordsman was shocked to the point that his eyes were about to pop out of its sockets. His sword was sliced into half by Mathew's sword. It went straight and also sliced the swordsman in half.

"Nooooooooo!" the swordsman helplessly cried as he turned into white light.

The legion army turned silent and was shocked by the event that had occurred before them.

'A player was sliced in half with one strike? Moreover, that swordsman is an MT!' almost all the 5000 players thought how scary their target was...

"Are we gonna stare all day or fight??" Mathew broke the silence by taunting the 5000 players. He waved his left hand like saying 'come and attack me!'...

"B@@@@@@! You think you're that almighty!??" Players were enraged and charged straight to Mathew.

Swords, arrows, and spells rained down on him one after another. He skillfully dodges each attack while swinging his sword that cuts every player it hits into two.

Bright light shines around the battlefield as the number of the players on the legion army dropped to 4000.

"This is not good! At this rate... he'll literally kill us all!" a cloaked man asked a cloaked tall man beside him.

"Use the annihilation crystal now!" The tall man commanded angrily

"But... It will also kill all of the 4000 players! Including us!"

"Can't you see? It's just a matter of time! We would be wiped out by that man! We would die either way!"

"But..." He stared at a distant watching how Mathew kept killing player after player and got closer and closer to them. He retrieved a dark crystal that was releasing a more frightening aura than what Mathew released.


"Not good!" Mathew's attention was in the direction of the two cloaked men. He was focused on the crystal that one of them was holding.

"Booooohh!" Before Mathew could get near to the two cloaked players, a mushroom cloud of smoke rose from the crystal.

The smoke soon spread up in the whole area until it even passed Mathew.

*Cough... cough... cough...

All players, including Mathew, coughed hard as they started to lack oxygen. Seconds later, amidst the black smoke where one can't almost see anything, white lights appear around Mathew.

"Sh@@!! It's an annihilation crystal! Log out!!" Mathew panicked as he tried to open his player interface. This is one of the few life-saving methods the players of VR game utilize.

Before Mathew can log out... a system notification appeared to his screen.

[You Died! Character deletion and automatic logout will commence in 3!]



"...." Mathew was speechless. He regained his consciousness in the real world.

"I'm in big trouble..." He carefully removed his VR helmet. Then, he walked towards a desk and grabbed his phone.

"I should inform guild leader about this.." Mathew started typing the details of everything that had happened.

"Eee... Eee... Eee..." His phone ringed and the caller was his guild leader. He accepted it, and his guild leader spoke in a calm way.

"What had happened has happened, Mathew! We didn't expect the Warlords Guild to act this way just to win the championship!"

"What should we do next guild leader?" Mathew asked with a heavy heart. Now that his character was instantly deleted, his value to the Pancit Gaming is good as zero.

He has the talent, but he had no character to use. Creating a new character would take years for it to be strong enough to participate in competitions. Acquiring other accounts from other players is impossible because avatars were locked per person.

"For now... Don't tell the other members about this... the competition is just a week from now... I'll personally inform them to take extra care when playing!" his guild leader explained.

"For you... we'll figure out something after the competition! I hope you understand!" The guild leader finished his point to Mathew.

"..." Mathew was rendered speechless. He was a core player but not the most important one in their guild. Their guild took a loss when they lost a player like Mathew. However, Their guild was participating in the Professional League Championship. The guild leader can't act harshly and create events that may compromise their chance to win the championship.

"I know that this is hard for you Mathew... take a rest for now! bye bye!" His guild leader responded as he ended the call with Mathew.


"I think, I am over in this game..." Mathew had a sad look in his face. He placed his phone to the table.

"Since I have nothing to do..." Mathew sat in a chair and opened his computer. He surfed the net, watched videos, and even opened his mail due to his boredom. After the long list, he noticed something.

[Developers of Bearth Online is Inviting you to its Closed Beta Version!]

Mathew was not that interested, but he had an inside feeling telling him that this is a hope given by the Lord to him.


After a week, their guild fought in the Professional League Championship.

They won a tight competition. Mathew was happy, but he felt sad because he wasn't able to participate in the event. After thinking for a week, He made a decision to play Bearth and its closed beta version.


"That man is not bad. He moves like a professional, and I assume that he had a good skill set! It took me hours to kill a wild pig... but that man took only seconds..." Mathew muttered as he gazes at Pedro, Bert, and Starberry.

"Though I know the majority of the professional players on AVR Game, this was the first time I saw him! I just hope he is not affiliated with any of the guilds! Let's evaluate him first! Talent without a good attitude or good manners would be a tragedy in AVR games!" Mathew professionally followed and observed Pedro until he got back to the village.


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