The Philosophers Adventure
1 The wannabe philosopher
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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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1 The wannabe philosopher

On an unknown mountain range , atop the highest mountain , a young man was sitting on a rock and enjoying the view. This young man's name was Sam. He was an ordinary looking young man with brown eyes and black hair , he had kept his beard and mustaches to look more like a mature philosopher or a genius writer who has no time for trivialities like shaving. In actuality he was just a first year graduate student of philosophy who was trying to look like a wise and composed philosopher ...

" ha ... such a wonderful view... How can the hustle bustle of a city ever compare to this magnificent view ... this is heaven ... I remember , i think it was a Mughal Emperor , who when saw the beautiful mountains and valleys of Kashmir , said " If there is a heaven on earth, it's here,... it's here..., it's here... " ... If i get a chance i would surely visit Kashmir and Himalayan ranges once .... hmm .. the clouds are darkening may be it will rain i should get going.. "

The young man stood up and started moving down the hill , as he was ascending he was thinking.

[ It has been a years since I joined the university , but since i am majoring in Philosophy it will be really hard to find a job in the ... Did I make a mistake by choosing Philosophy instead of Science, all my friends who are majoring in science , says they will receive job offers from different companies in there final year itself and if they pass the assessment its completely settled , with guaranteed jobs there life would be a smooth sailing .

While they are living a comfortable and luxurious life , will i be like the great Socrates who died on the street while being forced to drink poison as punishment . while I don't think Socrates considered this as a punishment but more of a liberation at last, .... private life of the great philosopher was not much of a success....hmm.. I shouldn't feel discouraged , I should believe in my self and the path i chose ....

This reminds me of Writer Thomas Hardy's words "People go on marrying because they can't resist natural forces, although many of them may know perfectly well that they are possibly buying a month's pleasure with a life's discomfort."

I know if I had chosen science, i may have found a good job ,but Even when living that luxurious life ,my heart will say that this is not the true path or this is not the path i believe in.

After all science have always considered what can be experimentally proven to be truth , and consider things which can be fathomed only through the five senses of humans as real. This is like putting a limit on mans imagination and its vast potential , science has greatly helped in development of human race but i think it has also made humans more materialistic and comfort seekers... I can't disregard the pioneers of science who propose great theories of science and seeks truth... but for some reason i think it is not the true path, a true path is limitless it is like ones imagination that wanders without any restriction ,It can create what ever it wants or destroy it as the mind behind that imagination wills .... only unrestricted philosophy or Daoism can be true paths...

Haa.. Why should i tire myself by focusing on future problems , who knows what future might bring maybe it would be a smooth sailing for me , the future reminds me of the upcoming Avenger movie , I think it would be really cool... Thanos is really an ass-kicker.. but he can't compare to my favorite super villain , Galactus The Devourer of worlds ... he eats planet for breakfast.... ]

As he was thinking he heard an earsplitting sound and blinding light


Suddenly he remembered something his uncle once told about lightning striking down on the hills before heavy rain are really dangerous.

" fuck I need to run there are no big trees in the surrounding ,I am a sitting duck , I need to enter the forested area quickly "

He ran for a cover but it was already late 'Speak of Cao Cao and Cao Cao arrives.'

Boom ... kachak...

The enormous lightning got attracted to the only thing that stood up on the barren hill slope.

The massive amount of electricity struck directly over Sams head , major amount of it passed through his skins burning it with the heat and went into the earth , a minor amount of current entered his brain but ,was enough to short circuit it . the electricity passed through his pineal gland like breaking a shell and a portion of the electricity got absorbed into it activating something , the rest of the current passed from the brain to his spinal cord and neurons .

Passing through the spine it reached the end and at somewhere two finger gap below the navel inside the body where the so called mystical Dantain should have existed ,a small portion of the electricity got absorbed again , A minor amount of the current was a absorbed into the thymus gland in between his lungs ... all of this happened within seconds.


[fuck you Cao Cao...]

The immense pain of high voltage current passing through his body was unbearable... but the pain didn't last long as his neurons which send the message of pain where already fried .. there was only darkness in front of him as his eyes have already been burned ... no sounds could be heard as the thunderclap has already broke his ear drums and blood was oozing out of his ears .. He couldn't feel his body as his neurons where burned and the sense of touch also lost , his tongue was also paralyzed , only his sense of smell remained a little and the smell of burned flesh was entering his nose...

If some one was to look from the skies they would see on the mountain slope a small crater has been created, smoke was coming out of it and at the center of this charred crater a burned figure was taking his last breathes his iris have become white, the skin was burned black and cracked, there was some twitching on certain body parts which were slowing down..

As he was closing to death his consciousness was fading away, there was no more thoughts in his mind. With his other four senses being incapacitated the only sens remaining was the sens of smell, but unknown to himself his whole fading consciousness became focused on this one sens and slowly his consciousness entered his breathing for some unknown reason he could understand the whole process of breathing ,air going into his nose passing through neck all the way into lungs and coming back and going out through his nose .

As his consciousness continued to fade away , the concentration on his breath was also increasing ,now he could see oxygen being sucked in and carbon dioxide exhaled out, but his breathing has become slower , for some unknown reason he knew it was not the breathing slowing down but his body giving away its life as he was dying.

But a miraculous thing started happening all of a sudden as his concentration on the breath increased so did the number of breath taken in a minute also increased, soon he realized it was not the number of breath that increased but the time taken for a single breath that has decreased and this was because the air that was inhaled was not going all the way into lungs but was returning from half way . All of a sudden he began to realize more he concentrated lesser the breath time.

within a little time the inhaled air that was going into his nostrils started returning after only going up till the neck , and this length of the breath was becoming shorter and shorter ...

Soon the length of breath become so short that the inhaled air only went only two finger width length under the nose and was exhaled out .

As his consciousness was going to fade away completely, His last thoughts were

[ I wish, i won't be this weak in my next life , hit by some random lightning and dying , feels really pathetic.

It is not fair , why should i die like this, why should I ... i will not submit to this fate , I will destroy this fucking fate i will destroy this destiny . I am so angry ... i want to destroy everything..just shred and rip apart everything before me with my bare hands.... i will devour everything in front of me ...haaa.. i am loosing my consciousness.. i am weak ... no i will not succumb to this .. i will fight.... .]

As that thought manifested in his mind , a special kind of energy was released from his third eye. It was not exactly an energy , but a vibration a will and it went into the place where his tongue was attached to the mouth , where in an atomic vibrational level, a ball formed from white energy string were continuously vibrating in a specific frequency . The vibration from the third eye reached the string ball and ball started transforming ,the frequency of vibration started slowing down and stopped ,as it stopped the white strings started turning black and the black strings merged together to form a black ball ,which then transformed into a black human shape sitting cross legged in a meditative position , It had long golden hair ,there was a triangle on the stomach of the body and there where four symbols inside the triangle which connected together to form a fifth symbol....

At the same time everything became still for Sam and he knew he was dead , but for some unknown reason he knew this was not real death since his consciousness remained even though his body was in a state of death... after some time for some unknown reason his consciousness started fading away , but he could feel some kind of energy was entering his body and his on consciousness instead of fading away was entering into a state of deep sleep.....

Time passed by , heavy rain was falling over certain mountain range and on the slope of the tallest mountain there was scorched crater formed from lightning strike and water was filling it but the mysterious thing was there was nothing inside it other than some bits of burned clothing....


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