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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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2 Wake up

It's said that the first of the demons were born out of the uncontrolled negative emotions such as anger and hatred of the creator god, and as they were born they become independent entities capable of destroying and devouring the god himself ...

Sam was in a dream like state in which , he has become a black statue sitting cross legged , but unable to move , even his eyes which were shut close . He was feeling very hungry as time went by the hunger was increasing , unable to control his intense hunger he tried to open his mouth to swallow some air at least to have feeling of swallowing something into the mouth. With his intense will he was able to open a small portion of his mouth . but as he opened a small portion something entered his mouth it was a liquid that tasted like the sweetest honey , bringing with it a very special satisfaction ,with this he tried to open his mouth more wider and more liquid entered his mouth ,refreshing his whole body and energizing it but for some unknown reason he was still unable to move , or open his eyes. But if some one was to take a closer look inside the open mouth one would find instead of normal teeth , it was filled with sharp white fangs which gave of a dreadful feeling ... after the passage of an unknown amount of time


[Aahhh....My head hurts like hell ... i am feeling drowsy, my eye lids are so heavy ... i am forgetting some thing important.. yes the lightining..]


Sam jumped up and opened his eyes wide.

[ Weird i should have died , that kind of lightning even thinking about it makes me have goosebumps ...

wait my body seems to be completely fine and i think my body has grown bigger and taller , and this sturdy muscles i think i can wrestle with an elephant ,with the energy coursing through my body .....

wait this small crater did i make this when i woke up.. wow i have become super man ...

Have i reincarnate like in those novels and my soul entered into the body some one else... hmm ...why don't i find any foreign memories of previous owner in my brain.

No the dress I am wearing is the same burned dress before lightning struck , and i have this strong feeling that this is my own body ...

wait there is a pool .. the place i am standing is also part of the pool but the water has gone dry only a little remaining...

wow the water is golden brown... is this one of those immortal pools, drinking from which makes one immortal, maybe that is how i survived ... golden light that is emitted from the pool is what is lighting the surrounding, but he had the feeling that even if he was in dark he could still see..

I can feel a special kind of energy from this water and i can also feel the same kind of energy inside my body its coursing through my whole body and strengthening it beyond human limits ,did i absorb this energy from the water ]

After going through all these thoughts he came back to himself.

[ i need to find out where I am first and what happened , this seems to be a big cave then where is the entrance , I will look around ]

After half an hour of looking around he came to a conclusion there was no entrance and possibly this was no cave but an air pocket inside the earth or inside a mountain.

Is it possible that this is heaven or hell and i am going through some test or something ...

no use thinking too much i will wait and see. The problem is air, food and water.

After one day... Sam came to conclusion, this was neither heaven or hell and he was very much alive... as for the cave being created by some immortal being this was very much possible ,but he didn't find any restrictions or force fields ,restricting him from doing anything ...

So he decided to go with the theory that this must be a naturally formed air pocket and the golden brown liquid must be something that got collected naturally .. like spiritual energy being very thick or getting collected in certain places , in those novels...

[most probably I have fell into a naturally formed hole , which was exposed due to the force of lightning strike and after falling I probably reached this air pocket but the hole got filled up again... and I am still alive because of this supernatural environment ...]

But the most astonishing thing he found out was about himself. His body has become strong to an unknown level , his full powered punches could destroy big boulders ..... toughness of his body has increased to a level that he could detonate a grenade by holding it in his hand ....

Most surprising was his brain ,his IQ has increase spontaneously ,his calculation abilities has become so fast that it was like a supercomputer, if you in put a data you get a result that instant no matter how big the data, he also had this feeling of epiphany that he was relating every knowledge that he has ever collected and coming out with new conclusions and conjectures ...

His five senses has improved its perception level a hundred times or maybe more.

When his super sens and super brain was combined he could notice even the minute of changes happening all around him, it was like he was some unknown beast with a very keen perception.

Another Amazing thing was he had also developed a new sens ,like a sixth sens or a spiritual sens through which he can observe everything around without relaying on the other five sens.

With the help of his super brain he came to a conclusion that this was through the vibration state of the surrounding and he was able to somehow perceive this vibration, it was like seeing and knowing without looking.

He also noticed that he was not hungry or thirsty anymore and his body was absorbing energy from the surrounding automatically , but the energy absorbed from earth through his feet was much more compared to that which was absorbed from the surrounding and it was also nourishing and strengthening his body minute by minute. He also got the feeling that he didn't need to breath to stay alive .he could absorb the energy to stay alive.

With the problem of food ,water and air was solved , he became more relaxed and started taking things more slowly and thoroughly , he was taking even the minute details into consideration.

fifteen more days passed by, now a young man could be seen sitting in lotus position and meditating , there was a golden brown color aura surrounding him...

He opened his eyes , he was born with brown eyes but now they had golden tint to it ,but instead of giving an aggressive air like the brown eyes of a tiger ,it was giving out a calm and composed feeling.

After 15 days of searching and contemplation he came to the conclusion he came to the conclusion that this was some naturally formed air pocket , with some sort of naturally formed spiritual essence which has great power to transform ones body and mind, also the essence was related to earth as he could feel a solid connection with the earth after absorbing the essence .

He also found out that he could know what is happening around him in a 10 meter radius if he closed his eyes and concentrated on using his spiritual sens , it was as if a heat detection but more in a transparent mode such as an x ray scan , at the same time he also found out that if he used his spiritual sens on earth it reached about 60 meters.

After using his spiritual sens all around the cave he found a bright energy source inside the small pool ,which almost numbed his spiritual sens and his head started aching after looking at it , he stopped looking at it with his spiritual sens, but when looking at it with the naked eyes he found there was nothing unusual , after some experiments he came to the conclusion that what ever that was inside was not alive or harmful, otherwise there would have been an accident already . so he approached the center of the pool cautiously , the pool only had the liquid essence up till his knee. After searching he found a golden sphere and holding the sphere he could feel his body become vibrant and filled with energy .

Unlike the pool which decreased after drinking from it , the sphere felt like an unlimited energy source , he also had this vague feeling that this pool was formed due to this sphere. But he didn't know how long it would take this sphere to form this liquid essence. After experimenting with it for some time he came to conclusion that the amount of time taken to form even a single drop of essence was very long, since it would take longer to conduct experiment he started focusing on other things like getting out .

Within these 15 days he had come up with a schedule he will dig in a 45 degree angle until he becomes tired and rest for a while , drink a gulp of liquid ,which would make him feel as if he had a sumptuous dinner .

Since he didn't know how deep he had fallen, and how long it has been since he had fallen into the hole ,he was worried his family might have been really worried about him.

[ I don't know how long it has been exactly, but by my calculation it has been more than ten days , and i have dug about 800 meter long tunnel... if it was not for this special power to move earth according to my will that i have gained , i don't think i could have dug this much.. but still i am unable to reach the surface , i don't know what to think anymore, according to my calculation i should have reached the surface long ago ... this dose not make any sens, if i had fell down a hole this long after getting seriously injured by the lightning , i should have died more than ones . And there was nothing that suggested that i had fallen through a hole , from where i have woken up the first time and no evidence of any naturally formed tunnel that closed up... the answer lies outside i need to get out of here as soon as possible, the only positive thing is my control over earth is increasing day by day which is a great help in digging...]


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