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The Philosophers Adventure
Author :Half_Blind
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20 more days passed by, Sam kept on digging without an end, he has been digging for more than a month ,his features has become that of a beggar, he had several thoughts , like

[maybe I have been digging in the wrong direction ] but he was calm and erased these thoughts the very instant . he knew if he dig horizontally he might never reach an end if he was under earth , digging vertically was also out of question since ,not only was it almost impossible, if it was a mountain it would be waste of energy and time. so he was confident about the angle in which he was digging .

The thing that made him uncomfortable was that ,he didn't know how much time had passed and doing the same thing day and night has resulted in mental fatigue than a physical one.

But all that digging has not been a waste ,because he learned many new things , he was able to better control his ability , he was able compress the earth and harden it into rocks , which were more solid , and this was what he used to support the tunnel that he has dug until now.

He was able to mold earth into different forms ,he even started forming sculptors and weapons out of earth. He could create stone spears which could be controlled telepathically but only around the area his spiritual sens could reach , he also became proficient in the earth spike technique ,but this was his on version so it was a little crude the pointed edge were not as sharp and the speed of creation of the earthen spike was also not so fast , a well trained man could avoid it. But he was improving continuously with the help of his advance brain , he was improving day by day.

The other thing he found was ,when observing his on body with the spiritual sens , there seemed to be a energy source two fingers under the navel , this was like the dantain of the legends, he also found two more similar energy source, but smaller. One was situated in between his chest, in the thymus gland and the other inside his head in the pineal gland . The ability to control earth was coming from the pineal gland through the third eye point in between his eyebrows.

There were also many new discovery that he made about the place he was trapped in , after digging for some time he started finding brown colored crystals which gave out the same energy as the liquid essence , he was able to conclude these were earth element crystals like in those novels and the liquid essence was a higher form of it and the sphere probably a higher grade treasure.

He also found a special kind of metal ore while digging, this metal was dark brown color, but really heavy and his spiritual sens was deflected by it, he collected 8 such ores while digging, the specialty was that he could manipulate this metal like earth, he had found other metal ores but didn't find a connection to them, but he did find one peculiar black metal which was really hard and whose edges were real sharp, he even got a cut on the finger while collecting it. With the strength of his current body it was really hard for anything to cut through it.

Today was the 37th day and his lucky day , the reward for his more than 30 days of hard labor was delivered today . Before going to rest after tunneling for one whole day ,he send his spiritual sens outward to probe and he found that there was no earth after about 18 meters from him. He couldn't hold the excitement inside and started digging like mad.

As he reached nearer to the surface he used his whole earth controlling power to push out earth wall before him...


" Hahaha.... hurraaay... finally i am out ...."

With panting and tear filled eyes , he finally reached his destination.

But as he looked up , all the enthusiasm started draining away , There was no blue skies or warm sunlight waiting to caress him. What awaited him was a pitch black and red smoke intertwined with each other completely blocking the skies, and as he looked around the view made his eyes go wider.

" shit.. what the hell is this place .. why is the light red in color... is it really hell "

He looked around , he was in fact standing on a mountain slope ,but it was not the same mountain where he got stuck by lightning , this mountain was much bigger and was dark brown in color ,without any vegetation , and even for about 25 km from the mountain was also barren land. On the border of this barren land was the same black and red smoke which has covered the whole sky .It was like the black and red smoke has created a big dome covering the whole surrounding.

[This doesn't seem right, I need to get a better view... I should get to the peak..]

He started climbing , after gaining the ability to control earth , his speed of movement on earth has become real fast . The place he had tunneled out of was about halfway from the peak, But there was still about 10 km further up, he took a little rest and started climbing up.

After being tired from digging , it took him about an hour to reach nearer to the peak, but even before reaching the peak there were more surprises awaiting him, he found the source of the red light that illuminated the surrounding , it was a red mountain that was on fire, and lava was flowing out of different pockets of the mountain, the weird thing was the whole mountain was on flame and it was the source of light in the surrounding .

He started climbing again after getting awestruck for a while, by now he has started becoming numb to more surprises..

But as he reached the peak he was dumb struck again by what he saw , as there was the burning mountain to his right , there was another to the left but he could only make out a vague shape of the mountain because it was inside a humongous tornado ... and the speed of the tornado was making him have shivers all over the body, thankfully it was not moving around, but only covered the mountain.

There was something even more terrifying than the tornado mountain, it was the pitch black mountain that was in front of him and his instincts were screaming that this black mountain was a thousand times more dangerous than the other two mountains . The black mountain was twice the size of the other three , and the other three were circling the black mountain . The peculiar thing about the black mountain was that it was distorting , some times it appeared to be real and some times it seemed like an illusion .

He also found something interesting on the peak ,there was a single tree growing on the peak , it had a golden brown luster to the whole tree ,even the leaves where golden brown and there was one single dark brown fruit hanging at center. As soon as Sam saw this fruit he had this uncontrollable craving to take that fruit and eat it, but he forcefully hold himself down.

[ This tree is really special ,its as if its calling me and my body also reacting to this call and is trying to go forward on instinct and eat that fruit... what should i do .. will it be a trap , like the man eating plant or something ... I can also figure out vague shapes of tree on the other mountains also.. I will observe for some time ]

After observing for while using his spiritual sens , he saw the root of the tree extended deep into the mountain, beyond his spiritual sens could reach. and a familiar energy was coursing through the roots and being fed into the tree and finally into the fruit. while observing with spiritual sens he felt like the tree and the mountain where all one entity, and the brown fruit appeared to be bright energy source which was birthed by this entity. Even though this bright energy source was blinding , unlike the golden sphere , the fruit gave a more warm energy feeling.

After probing for some more time , he decided to approach the tree...

[ hmm... after going through a near death experience and suffering unimaginable pain.. what am i afraid of and my instincts are not giving me any warning of danger ,so it must be safe ... even if its not , I will retreat at the first sign of danger ..]

Slowly he reached the tree, and as he reached to a close proximity , the call from the tree became much pleasant, he also had the feeling that the tree was hugging him as if meeting with a long lost kin. Then he saw the tree lowering its branch so that he could climb on it , he to as if it was the natural thing to do climbed on the branch . As he climbed on the branch it lifted him up and brought him towards the dark brown fruit, as if it wanted to give the fruit to him. Sam reached for the fruit and plucked it , he felt the fruit was emitting a calm energy which stilled everything as if the time has stopped, but all of a sudden he found that from the point where he plucked the fruit it started withering and turning into energy particle which were drifting away ,like dust particles in the wind.

He jumped down from the tree and watched this wonderful seen of the tree disappearing as if merging into the world it self .

For some reason he felt a little heavy in the heart, It was because after digging for more than a month in loneliness, this tree was the first living thing that he met and was affectionate to him... as the tree completely disappeared he gave long sigh and started looking at the fruit.


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